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  1. I read the new rulebook and I am worried. I may end up sticking to the awesome original.
  2. Actually, I incorrectly said MAD DASH was used in the story. MAD DASH doubles your movement, POWER RUN uses your life points for movement.
  3. I am very excited about this re-release. I have been playing this game with my friends for 27 years. It is by far our favorite game to play when we get together. It is always unpredictable and very flexible. I hope the new version doesn’t change it too much. Upon reading the new game description, the “schools of magic” is a big addition. In the original, the game is won by either dropping 2 of your opponents treasures on your home base, or by killing all the opponent wizards (15 life points). Your turn is made up of a base movement of 3 spaces (number cards are needed for additional movement), one attack, and any number of neutral cards. Spells are either Line Of Sight (LOS) or not. When you attack, your opponent has the option to cast a counteraction spell if they can. You can manipulate the game board in any way that the cards allow, which makes every game different. At the end of each turn you draw 2 cards into your hand (7 max). An example of a game already in play: Blue Wizard moves 1, casts a DESTROY WALL on a nearby wall making an opening to Green’s treasure, Blue moves his remaining 2 moves through the new opening and picks up Green’s treasure. Turn’s over and draws 2 cards. Green moves 7 spaces (base 3 movement + NUMBER 4 card) and he is now in LOS of Blue and attacks with LOCK IN PLACE for 3 turns. Blue counters with FULL REFLECTION and the spell is now going towards Green. Green counters with ABSORB SPELL and the attack spell is put into Green’s hand. Since Green cannot attack again, he plays CREATE WALL and places a wall where Blue destroyed one. Green plays REUSE SPELL and uses the CREATE WALL again to place a wall in front BLUE, boxing him in on 4 sides. Green can do nothing more, so his turn is over and he draws 2 cards. Blue casts a SUDDEN DEATH (10pts damage) with AMPLIFY (x2 damage) on the wall behind him and destroys it again. This time since he is standing directly next to the wall so he takes 4 points of physical damage bringing his life points to 11. He can only use his base 3 movement. Turn’s over, draw 2 cards. Green realizing he is about to loose (Blue already has 1 treasure on his home base) plays MAD DASH using his life points as movement travels 12 spaces to Blue’s home base and picks up the first Green treasure that Blue possesses. Turn’s over, draw 2 cards. Blue finally has enough movement to get home, stands next to the Green wizard and casts DROP OBJECT. Green counters with FULL SHIELD, but Blue counters again with ANTI-ANTI causing the shield to have no effect. The DROP OBJECT attack has full effect and Blue declares that Green drop the treasure. Blue moves one more space dropping the treasure he was carrying and wins the game with 2 of Green’s treasures.
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