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  1. Dracon stowed Oliver's gear in the Hauler, yanking the activator key out of its slot and activated the crude security measures the vehicle employed. Hopping down into the dust, he moved away from the vehicle and towards the commotion in what he could assume was the town square, but rather than moving out into the open, he stuck close to the buildings, slipping into the shadows between the prefab blocks. {Perception test to locate suitable disguises / new outfits: (39) roll: 24} A grin split his face as he spotted a small pile of clothing stacked neatly to one side on a balcony one level up. He leapt up and gripped his finger around the edge of the platform, straining to drag his body up and over the railing. {Agility (33) and Strength (30) rolls to climb up. Assumed difficulty at -10. Rolls: Ag (17)[pass] S (22)[fail]} He pulled himself up, swinging a foot up beside him and he reached up for the railing, but his other hand gave way and he fell, slamming to the ground. [1d10 fall damage: 6+2 (+1 per meter fallen)] Gasping, Dracon wheezed as his own weight forced the air out of his lungs and he felt something crunch. Struggling to his feet, he looked up at the clothes again and sighed.
  2. Dracon listened as the others spoke, responding once Oliver had finished. "Nothing wrong with a little skulking my dear Arbite, in fact I based most of my career on it!" He finished the Lho stick, flicking the glowing butt at the ground and grinding it into the gravel and dust with his boot heel before looking back at the other members if his small group. "While I would normally approve of some cloak and dagger action, I imagine our purposes would be better served if we kept a low profile without trying to hide. Anything suspicious will only draw more attention, so we need to do this quickly and quietly, while they're distracted with whatever That is." He gestured over his shoulder at 'that', his thumb pointing towards the noise they could hear. "Oliver, I imagine you have experience dealing with large crowds and the like, why don't you and Harlocke take a wander round and see if you can't find out a bit more about what's going on here? Jaspar should probably quiet his stomach, I could almost hear it over the Hauler for Emperor's sake, see if you can't find us somewhere to stay while you're at it. I'll do what I can to secure us some more... local attire, so long as there are no objections?"
  3. Dracon hopped down from the lumbering loader, the slowly settling dust cloud it had accumulated behind it sticking in his throat as he landed and a cough escaped him. He stretched his back and shoulders, the journey in the bulk hauler had made him stiff and he was glad be able to move around freely again. He turned and watched the others disembark from the vehicle and to see if he could get an idea what was causing the cacophony of raised voices, all the while raising his last Lho stick to his lips and lighting it. "At last we arrive! Emperor knows I'm glad to get off that rattling death trap and to have my own boots on solid ground again." He took a long draw on the small white stick between his lips and gestured in the direction of the noise. "Sounds like something is going on, we should probably keep a low profile until we get set up and a feel for the locals." {Awareness test to discern the tone of the voices, i.e:Angry shouting or jubilant cheers. Per:39 (-20) Roll: 7 [1 DoS] }
  4. Relief crossed Dracon's face like a shadow, happy the strange Tech-Priest had understood their plight and was sympathetic to the cause. "Good, I'm glad we'll be able to count on you, maybe we'll even call each other friend before this is all over." Dracon stood and removed the data slate bearing his copy of the directions Naveen had given them and presented them to Harlocke, a question on his lips. "This is where we were headed before we got lost in the underforge, our navigator apparently not as good at reading written directions as we had hoped. Perhaps you know how to get there? Or perhaps even a shortcut?"
  5. Dracon nodded to Harlocke, a smile on his face. "A chance I would greatly appreciate." he said, before continuing. "Our investigation was not initiated by the Legio, or even the Tech-hierarchy of this world, rather an independent, friendly party. Our inquiries are at the request of another of your order, who contacted our employer with a request for aid in the Legio's time of need. There are worries that the death of the Princeps, and the subsequent investigation is not as it seems and to properly honour the Legio and indeed the Princeps, we are here to ensure justice is served." Dracon looked at Harlocke, studying the mans reaction to this new information as he spoke.
  6. Dracon lingered near the doorway, his hands moved from the handles of his weapons now, one hand occupied with his icon of the Emperor, the other held in front of his face as he looked at the small token the serf had given him. It seemed to be a necklace of some kind, so he pulled it over his head and made sure it could be seen resting atop his clothing. The others seemed to have introduced themselves, the tech-priest they had been introduced to a welcone addition to the assets at their disposal for the completion of their mission. He noticed Jaspar glance over at him as the introductions were completed and he decided that it would be a good idea for him to introduce himself aswell. Stepping forward, he pocketed his icon and spoke. "Dracon Sylvanto, a pleasure to meet you. I must agree with Oliver, you have some wonderful pieces in your collection. I would appreciate an opportunity to view some of your other works if time allows once our investigation is completed."
  7. Still here, I assumed we were waiting for Asym, he seemed to be taking the lead for this bit
  8. Dracon watched the filth covered serf carefully as they were led away from the forge proper to an area with less heat and noise. His hands remained on his weapons, something was niggling at him and he couldn't shake the feeling that something important was about to happen. They were lead to a small workshop, a sign hanging outside and noise issueing from the other side of the door. They entered and found themselves in what looked like a junk yard sales office, partially deconstructed machinary and tools scattered all over the work surfaces. A dark skinned tech-priest came out of another room at the rear of the shop and Jaspar greeted him. Wary after thier close call with the Magos in the forge, Dracon stopped with his back to the door of the store and waited.
  9. Dracon's eyes widened with surprise as the Tech-priest dismissed then and the filthy serf stepped forward and introduced himself. His eyes widened further as Oliver introduced himself with his true name, and he nudged the Arbite with his elbow and spoke softly in the hopes that only Oliver would hear him. "What are you doing? Jaspar just proved they think we are other people, and this guy could literally be anyone. I don't think it's wise we tell anyone our names until we find out our cover identities from Bron." Side stepping slightly away from the Arbite, he looked at the newcomer suspiciously. The sheer bulk of the man was impressive, and the enormous wrench he carried was more so.
  10. Posted a test, not sure how much it'll help though as I was pretty much just parroting Jaspars comments XD
  11. Dracon looked around. They were beginning to draw a lot more than 7.6% of the attention away from the assigned tasks the tech priest was overseeing, and he knew they were pushing thier luck as is. {Deceive test. Fel:39. Roll: 9. 3DoS.} "We beg forgiveness for the interruption holy Magos, this area of the forge is unfamiliar to us and we simply lost our way. We will be on our way promptly if you would point us the correct direction." Hands still resting on the grips of his weapons, Dracon crossed his fingers and hoped the preist was more interested in his duties than investigating them.
  12. We do actually, though you need to speak to JJJetplane before you join in. He'll help you get set up and find a suitable place for you to jump in. Have you read the rest of the thread? We mentioned a few things, here and in the IC thread, so if you haven't already checked that out then you should. Other than that, glad you showed interest, and hopefully welcome aboard!
  13. Dracon listened to Oliver, the accordion chilling to his ears. He walked in silence through the forest of pipes and machinery, thier plight weighing on his thoughts as they plunged further and further into the heart of the forge. Before long they were stopped, an ancient servo-skull, painful tech-screech pouring from the speaker clutched in it's bony teeth. Jaspar stepped forward and spoke to it, his manner different from before as he communicated with the tech-priest glaring at them from a metallic balcony away from them. His hands fell to his waist, as they had when Oliver had entered the weapon smith Bron's shop. His fists closed round the well worn grips of his weapons and he sidled closer to Oliver. "I hope he's got this, this could get messy quickly if that cog-boy doesn't buy his story. Even if it is the truth." An ironic grin twisted his face as he looked around, assessing his surroundings.
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