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  1. Btw, are weights on weapons and armour more akin to modern weapons (as they, IMO, should be) or are weapons still made of lead and cast iron? (2,5 kgs for a pistol? seriously?) Don't get me started on the weights of melee weapons and armour....
  2. I will also use the base stats + 100p buy system when I start my campaign.
  3. Aren't they Rival/Enemy of basically every other imperial faction? No one likes the Space Marine internal affairs officers Three +5 stats is shyte compared to the drawbacks, IMO.
  4. They haven't announced any upcoming books, so we don't know. I'd like to see an overhaul of the rules in a DH 2. It'd be great if it was in GURPS, but another if a DH 2 would happen, it would probably use the skills and talent system from Only War. Not too shabby either.
  5. Not that the character would actually hit anything, but the fire can scare enemies (unless you play strictly by RAW in which case it doesn't have any impact what so ever and enemies and players alike act totally rational despite potentially being shot if they stay in the open).
  6. Nope, you're right. It doesn't make sense. Suggested changes (pick the ones you like ): DV is removed altogether. DV only effect one enemy, while PD effects all hostiles. PD works against all incoming attacks. DVs obfuscating effect is weakened to -10. The effect of DV is immediatly broken if he attacks, while PD isn't. PD lasts for Psy rating x0.5-1 rounds (rounded up) PD can be cast on others. PD increases Dodge by +30 instead of decreasing the BS of the attackers (or maybe the minor power should increase the casters ability and the major power should lower the ability of the enemies).
  7. Myliel said: About Cortex Implants, it says that common quality ones give a 1d10 penalty to WS / BS / Int, but what about Good or Best Quality one ? What's the point of getting Unnatural Intelligence if you get reduced Intelligence from the Implants themselves ? It's kinda like shooting yourself in the foot. Oh and earlier someone said he had as much as 78 Intelligence, how do you do that in RT ? Most I can see is like 70 (25 base + 20 roll + 5 background + 20 XP). Good quality CIs do not reduce stats. It gives Unnatural Intelligence (x2) and the recipient gets 1d10 IPs. The WS/BS/Int modifiers only apply to normal CIs. The RAW does not say anything about Best quality, but a houserule could be to remove the added IP and even reduce the total IPs accumlated and/or Unnatural Intelligence (x3).
  8. So I don't double my Successes on Int-based skills with Unnatural Int? Man, I should read up on those Unnatural stats.
  9. I think they're called escutcheons. Rink en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escutcheon_%28heraldry%29
  10. Very well written. It really captures the atmosphere of the setting. I'll link the texts to people when I introduce them to DH.
  11. Slaanesh zombies: how about they have some sort of aura that make humans actually WANT to be eaten? Slaanesh, extreme sensations, perversions and all that. The urge can be resisted with WP rolls. Maybe it shouldn't be too hard for PCs to resist, but as a GM you can scare the players when you describe uninfected humans breaking cover, making their way TOWARDS the zombies, letting themselves be consumed while letting out ecstatic screams
  12. vehzeel

    Peer Talents

    Do you find them useful? Which ones are most useful? I ask both players and DMs alike.
  13. Yep, I really liked it as well.
  14. So, The Signal, basically? www.imdb.com/title/tt0780607/
  15. What level is the Tech-Priest? I'd say he'd be at least 6-8 to be able to get that upgrade, and then ONLY if he has done something to further the cause of the Mechanicum and/or been orthodox in his ways and/or pure enough in body and mind. Maybe set a cap at 10-20 CP and 30-40 IP?
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