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  1. I'm pretty confident that the staff and most players will make sure that everyone feels at ease. And I suppose that side events will be organized to keep busy players who won't make the cut. However, according to the Tournament Regulations document, it is definitly going to be a premier event : "Premier events are the highest level of competition for Fantasy Flight Games tournaments. At this top level of tournaments, players are expected to have a moderate amount of experience. Players should be familiar with not only the game rules, but also the Rules Reference and tournament regulations. The focus is on a competitive and fair environment." Long story short, don't be afraid, we are going to play 5/7 rounds with a bunch of nice guys on our first day and enjoy a unique immersion into Rokugan the rest of the time.
  2. Hey there ! Grand Kotei Paris ! Who's coming ? What would you like to see to call it a great L5R week end ? What do you think should be prevented in order not to spoil it ? Cheers !
  3. Hey guys ! Has the FFG Team planned to broadcast the event? On Twitch? On Facebook live? Any other platform? How shall we manage to find the links for d-day? Has any participant planned to post vieos, pics, comments of the event somewhere? I'll be glad to follow anyone doing so. Cheers !!
  4. Thank you AtoMaki ! I also came across this source : http://www.kazenoshiro.com/2015/07/12/the-story-so-far-from-dawn-of-the-empire-to-a-brothers-destiny/ People at kazenoshiro seem to do a great job. If I succeed in finding a sum up for each clan, I will post it here.
  5. Sorry for the erratic spelling and spam words. My cell phone won't let me write anything correctly.
  6. Hey there ! It s been suite à long time i have lost contact with L5R storyline. After the war against Kali-Ma I think... Could anyone give me a link to a sum up of the storyline around evil portenys ? Does it still evolbes officially somewhere ? What are the threats to the Empire ? To the major clans ? Thanks guys !
  7. Hey there ! Here is a little review of our Fellowship 2014 experience in Paris. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did. We wish organized play will keep up that way ! Cheers !
  8. Define "balanced" : is there any objective way to tell a balanced card from an unbalanced one ? How could you make sure a card will keep its balance after two archs or so are released and there are many more cards in the environment ? I forgot to congratulate you : Well done ! Your deck is a monster ! I like it for what it is : a deckbuilding piece of art. welcome to castle Frankenstein : It's alive ! ALIVE !
  9. I do agree with neighbourTrololo. There's no point in nerfing cards in a coop game. In the end, if FFG's designers ever create a popular competitive set of a rules for an optionnal competitive mode, it would still be possible to restrict or ban some of the cards implied in heavy combos, only for this mode. And they lived happily ever after....
  10. Thanks Glaurung, Unfortunately, the event was limited to 24 players so I only played the first game in order to replace two players whom overslept. We were lucky enought to empty our Encounter Deck even if a new treachery card worked fiercely against it. As for the two other scenarii, the general feeling was the one depicted by Alogos as much as I can recall.
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