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  1. per this thread http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=212&efcid=3&efidt=462968 and the guys at FFG it would be a typo I think.
  2. the only group that I am aware of that has Storm Bolters attached to their arms as standard gear (no extra requisition required) are the Grey Knights so that they can hold their two handed Nemisis weapons,
  3. I got the answer from FFG about if it is a free or half action! "- this should be a Free Action. Tim Huckelbery RPG Producer Fantasy Flight Games thuckelbery@fantasyflightgames.com Visit us at http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ "Rule Question: In Deathwatch I am going to be playing a Grey Knight and I want to get the power Nemesis Hammerhand, however both my GM and I have a question about it. In the Dark Heresy book Daemon Hunter. In Table 5-1: Daemon Hunter Powers on page 128, it states that Focus Time for Nemesis Hammerhand is a Free Action, however on Page 129 under the description of the power it states Focus Time as Half, which is it? Thank you for your time." " hope this helps.
  4. The answer is if they get enough overbleed and if they have the right talents then yes you could have 1 or maybe 2 of the Grey Knights with +20 to their strength They would all need to have both Focus of the Justicar and Brotherhood of psykers, to make it happen, which they get both by rank 3, also at that time they do get Tactical Dreadnought Armor. aka terminator armor. On the good side of things there is no overbleed in both Deathwatch and Black Crusade so a whole group of +20 strength grey knights would be out of the question. however FFG has not to my knowledge done anything for overbleed so we are safe for now. For reference grey knight combining of powers (Daemon Hunter page 119, Brotherhood of Psykers and Focus of the Justicar page 120).
  5. For the most part Force Fields do stop physical psyic power, except were noted by the power, however, there is a "force field" in DH that only works on psyic powers, i don't have my books with me, but it is in the daemon hunter book, if you want to look it up.
  6. I would agree to that, it sometimes seem very hard to follow which set of rules you are using, when using multiple sets of books to have various rules, for the most part our group is using a mix of rules (it is also hard when you have to follow two different forums and merge the ideas). However to the Thunder Hammer Drama questions, Dark Heresy Deamon Hunter states on page 70 under Thunder Hammer "This weapon requires two hands to use and doubles the users strength bonus when calculating damage (or increases the users Unnatural Strength multiplier by 1)." So I would go with the two handed unless in TDA and call it good.
  7. OK, I can see your point for DW, however we as a group have moved to BC rules for both swift attack and lightning attack, sorry I should have been clearer on that. So after reading BC's swift attack it reads "When a character makes a melee attack, he scores one hit on the initial degree of success on his WS, plus one additional hit for every two additional degrees of success" and lightning attack reads "The attacker makes a WS test with a -10 bonus. Success indicates he has hit his target with his melee weapon once for every degree of Success." So if we conclude that it is similar to Semi-Auto Burst and Full Auto, since they are the ranged equivalences then you would only need to roll your force field ONCE, to nullify the lightning or swift attack? Am I seeing that correctly?
  8. I am sorry if this has already been talked about. But I could not find it on the forum search, so anyway. RAW for force fields "When a character wearing a active field is attacked, roll 1d100. If the result is less than or equal to the field’s protection rating, the attack is nullified and has no effect on the protected character ... (deathwatch core book #166)." So to me that say no matter how many times you "hit" the target that whole attack gets nullified by the force field. So then when you have an Wolf Priest or Chaplin with their Wolf Amulet/Rosarius and their 50% chance of absorbing the attack. It seems to me that it would nullified an swift attack or even an lighting attack regardless on how many times it hit, right? Now has FFG done errata on this? I have checked the living errata and did not see anything about force fields, I also checked Black Crusade and it says the exact same thing (p. 178). So if you have seen or heard anything about this will you please post a link or the clarification here. Thank you.
  9. Normally we gain somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 exp per mission, which is enough to keep things going at a steady pace while not over powering the characters any more then normal. Our group sticks with the standard exp given in the book per objective which seems to work for our group. My best advice is to try out several missions with the standard exp awards and go from there.
  10. While I know that for the most part a Space Marine would rather not contemplate blowing themselves up to take a target out, but let us for sake of argument, say that the unarmed (no weapons/grenades) Space Marine must take out target A, and it is immune to his punches/teeth/yelling, but he is carting around a fusion generator on his back. How much damage would it do, if he let it go critical and exploding? I would think that it would at least be the equivalent to a 40-50 mega ton nuclear warhead, seeing that it would last for centuries or longer depending on which novel you read. While I profess that I am NOT planning on using this for my character (Nathiel), I might have it come up in an adventure that I am running. So I would like to hear what you guys think that the damage should be and any other effects that you think would be appropriate.
  11. While for the most part I do agree that the most personable Ultramarines were Uriel Ventris and his Captain Lucius Ideaus both did not stick completely to the Codex, they both seemed to understand that they were still humans and that the Codex while did guide them to victory time and again, sometimes they needed to break with it. As I play an Ultramarine Tactaical Marine, with a Blood Angel Librarian, Space Wolf Assault Marine, Space Wolf Techmarine, and a Storm Warden Apothecary. It sometimes falls to me to deal with the non-Astartes NPCs. Looking at the role that the Ultramarines play in the TT game, which is the most new gamer friendly Space Marine army, it would reason to say that they would have the most range of Character archetypes, all of them however would value the Codex Astartes as the greatest tool in the kit, besides their brains. Remember the best weapon that ANY marine has is his brain. The adherence to the Codex Astartes allows the Ultramarines to have a lot of planning done before they even step out of training. while +5 to any two stats is awesome, it is not broken in anyway, it more goes to the you can find any kind of Marine that you want to play within the Ultramarine, if you want someone who is really good at command, you put the +5 into fellowship and then something else, or if you want someone good at melee fighting then put +5 into weapon skill. It seems that a lot of people forget that the Ultramarines are just good at doing everything, while another Chapter, say the Blood Angels are specialized in fast assault, so it would go to reason that they would get bonuses to those stats when it comes to character generation, while the Ultramarines would have more vanilla stat bonues. Also remember that people are people, while some Ultramarines would be "I am superior to you" attitude towards other Chapters and the Imperium as a whole, they would also have some of the "I am not superior to you, but I am also not your equal." while you do find in the writting that the Ultramarines seem to have more of the former and few of the latter, they do happen.
  12. In the description of the talent crack shot, it states "when the character's ranged damage causes Critical Damage, add +2 to the Damage." is that to the Critical Damage or to the damage of the weapon? I would read that as to apply to the Critical Damage. Am I reading that correctly?
  13. Does the experience point cost for the advance specialties count towards the experience points spent for leveling to the next rank? I did not see anywhere in Rites of Battle one way or the other.
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