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  1. SPOILERish *********************** The forced travel effect on the Objective Locations - travel to the next stage A or C, whichever it is. Is it that the next Stage A or C in the quest deck, as you go down through the cards. For example you are at Stage 2A and the forced effect says the next Stage C, and the next Stage C card in the quest deck is Stage 2C, so you put that in play? Or is it the next Stage A / C up? As in, you are at Stage 2A. The travel forced effect says next Stage C, so you go to Stage 3C. cheers
  2. Staging area had Twilight Hall (no resources) 2 threat. Active location is a gentle Old Forest Road. Questing for about 16 to look for a way out of here. The way is clear for a cheeky Necklace of Girion to be played. Then all **** breaks loose. Revealed Abandoned Village (Objective Location), goes to staging area. Correct? Then draw Twilight Hall to guard the necklace. Reveal Overgrown Path (Objective Location) to guard Abondoned Village, goes to staging area. Reveal Forest Gate to guard Abondoned Village. Reveal Bare Hilltop (Objective Location) to guard the Overgrown Path, goes to staging area. Reveal Dark Black Woods to guard the Overgrown Path. Reveal Mirkwood Patrol to guard the Bare Hilltop. 2 threat in staging area, play Necklace of Girion. 13 threat in staging area when finished. Have I messed up and should I carry on?
  3. Does Dangerous crossing surge of there is no active location. Threat is 0, so obvs less than 3.
  4. Got to be travelling to Egypt soon I reckon. I wonder when the big C will be showing up though. They are spoilt for choice on where to go with this game really and its probably pointless guessing.
  5. Killed!!!! Holy moly. I'll wear the brown trousers then. This game just keeps that tension cranking up. Next will be 'draw a chaos token from one of two glasses of clear liquid. One is acid the other is scalding hot water'
  6. Alright, not just me then. I have ordered a pack from a seller on eBay from Australia, £18 or so and free postage! How does that work? Still waiting for it to arrive. Conspiracy theory still stands though, lets wait for the final Mythos Pack from the Path to Carcosa cycle and see if happens again. Could be little flaw in FFG's campaign style of expansions for this game that certain people may exploit. Awesomeclaw, quite right. Imagine never knowing or getting to the end of the campaign! It's hard enough avoiding the spoilers, but you'd just have to know eventually. I'm holding back on the scenarios... but its difficult.
  7. Hi all, I’ve got a crazy conspiracy theory, or is it? I’ve recently picked up the game and gone all in on the first campaign cycle, the Dunwich Legacy. Deluxe Box and Mythos Packs easy enough to find, except for the last pack, Lost in Time and Space. I travel a lot through work and know a fair few FLGS around the north and midlands of England. This pack is nowhere to be found. Amazon, though I try to avoid it, you know got to support the stores, has not had it available for a while now. I was even starting to think it was a joke FFG where playing. It appears to be literally lost to time and space. Last resort was EBay today. There it is, a seller in Manchester with free postage, how generous. Buy it now only £59!!! Am I being cynical to think the final pack of the campaign cycle has been bought up to sell for 4 times the RRP by this guy? Ive sent him a message through EBay calling him (just assuming there) a robbing piece of Sh1t and a tw*t. Hopefully I get reported so I can call him a bell3nd too.
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