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  1. Yea I'm fine with that. The best formats I've played in nearly every ccg have been fan made. Though it'd be the right play to get ahead of that and not cut off half the potential fanbase (if not more). Please note, nowhere am I saying that it needs to be some big sanctioning tournament thing, I just want to know that every aspect of an obvious potential future is accounted for.
  2. No, I want an alternative that scratches the same itches and this is a fart away from it.
  3. But it is a ccg They're just selling us 35 cards for $10 instead of 15 cards for $4 I'm not disappointed at all. The entire structure is brilliant.
  4. More houses would be a mistake. The only question they have to answer is "how do people use their old cards." The answer to that isn't "let's wait and see," they 100% have an actual answer already and for a ccg of any sort it should be part of the pitch.
  5. Pretty sure it's going to be blown up with the first expansion. New decks will either be all new cards (great!) and a legacy deckbuilding format will exist that will let you make decks with all sets or expansions will be old cards with some new cards (dumb, stupid) and you're just buying the same stuff over and over. Theoretically, it's simply in their best interest to have deckbuilding be ALL the cards and standard to be their latest full sets. Edit: the more I think about this the more I want answers before release
  6. I'm not going to need to hold my breath. Corporations can't dictate how someone plays card games. If FFG doesn't deliver a deckbuilding framework, the players will.
  7. I used to play Magic and still have like five themed cubes. It's really not. I look forward to the inevitable deckbuilding ruleset.
  8. I guarantee, assuming Garfield finally managed to rebottle lightning, that a deckbuilding format will exist within three months of release. If said lightning were bottled, singles would have value and FFG would have to take sanctioned play seriously in a way they never have. I'd say odds are 50/50 on success given much of the game is Magic, but super streamlined. Introduce instants and we've really got something here.
  9. I, uh, already ordered 5 boxes. So 70 decks I guess. So far.
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