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  1. johnc

    Arkham Horror Files

    The Arkham Horror LCG story cycles would make excellent campaigns
  2. These character portraits kill my interest in an other wise good looking game. Ill come back when there is new art.
  3. Sick job! These all look fantastic! I applaud your talent.
  4. I haven't picked which objective yet. Just checking to see if there is anything I should know regarding this story. If you have any advice, tips, stratigies, or even fond memories from Story 2 please share.
  5. As you play through the story you'll come across a card/event that will place the other end of the ladder on the game board. Till that time the investigators/keeper creatures cannot use it.
  6. My interpretation is all players need to get out. I could be wrong but i think the wording would be "if a player escapes" to show a single player escapes to be the winning condition. Besides, your description of the scenario points to all needing to get out.
  7. Thanks all for the responces. There were 2 printings, one in October of 2010 and one in March of 2011. I think they just fixed some of the typos from the release in the second version. More info here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/mansions-of-madness/support/mansions-faq-v-2.pdf That does sound like the scenario I hear about in the review. I forgot where I originally saw or read it. How do you put spoilers in the title?
  8. I read in a review that one of the scenarios was broken and was wondering if that is a first printing issue or in both. The errata pdf doesn't seem to mention it so I figured I'd check with you guys. PS: Going to introduce my wife to this game this weekend. She liked Elder Signs so I figure Ill give MoM a try. Thanks in advance for helping.
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