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  1. FN & Kylo won at least 4 nationals (US, Polish, Spain, Australian) and totally dominate the meta
  2. Polish Nationals 2017 (about 50 players) Top16 - 9x FN-2199 decks Top 8 - 6x FN-2199 decks (exceptions: ePhasma/Guavian/trooper and sabine/ePoe) Top4 - only FN-2199 decks (3 with Kylo [2P], 1 with Bala-Tik and sister) Winner: eKylo (2P)|eFN-2199 (SoR) Spain Nationals 2017 (about 85 players) Winner: Miguel Villaroya - eKylo (2P)|eFN-2199 (SoR) Runner Up: Alvaro Calvo - eKylo (2P)|eFN-2199 (SoR) Top 4: Christian Hidalgo - eKylo (2P)|eFN-2199 (SoR) US 2017 Nationals Winner: eKylo (2P)|eFN-2199 (SoR) Australian Nationals 2017 Winner: eKylo (2P)|eFN-2199 (SoR) FN & Kylo won at least 4 nationals (US, Polish, Spain, Australian) and totally dominate the meta so... WHERE IS ERRATA ???!!!
  3. the thing is about 3 main weaknessess of TLT y-wings after wave 8: 1) max 2 damage per turn, no crits, vs builds like 3 U-boats You need to deal 27 damage... starfighter can deal 3-4 damage with crits 2) no attack at range one, ships like jumpmasters PS3 can simply barrel roll to y-wing range 1 and deal 3 damage without retribution 3) alpha strikers, PS2 and 1 defense is a real weakness, there will be a lot of ships with higher PS and torpedos and missiles can kill y-wing fast ad. 2 and 3 - the same is true for starfighters BUT they have PS3, so it is possible to move after scouts/soldiers/etc, what can prevent such tactics what is funny (or not)? I have strong feeling that 4x JM5000 is just better than 4x TLT y-wings: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum%20and%20Villainy&d=v4!s!174:170,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;174:170,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;174:170,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;174:170,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:&sn=4%20scouts
  4. I think that good times for Y-wing thugs are over, 23p ruthless freelancer is cheaper and better jouster becouse of PS3 and also PS3 U-boats (torpedo scouts) can simply alpha strike PS2 y-wing and outmaneuver the rest. I suggest rather U-boat + Torkil/Palob for control and 2x rocket Soldiers (cluster missiles, glitterstim, chips) or 54p Dengar with 2xfreelancers
  5. Personaly I changed Dengar's load to 54 points and escort him with 2x ruthless freelancers 1) Dengar — JumpMaster 5000: Predator, Recon Specialist, R5-P8, Punishing One Ruthless Freelancer — G-1A Starfighter Ruthless Freelancer — G-1A Starfighter 2) Dengar — JumpMaster 5000: Predator, "Gonk", Unhinged Astromech, Experimental Interface, Punishing One Ruthless Freelancer — G-1A Starfighter Ruthless Freelancer — G-1A Starfighter
  6. If you take damage or not doesn't matter. You are defending any time an enemy ship attacks your ship and you roll defense dice. However, only the first one is the first time you defend each round. I would say that Greedo only causes the ship he's on to take damage faceup if that damage is applied in the first attack each round that the ship defends against, that seems to be RAW. He also wouldn't work e.g. on the second attack of cluster missiles, even if the first dealt no damage. If it was intended the other way it should have said 'the first damage card you receive each round is dealt faceup'. That's the thing I always playe as 'the first damage card you receive each round is dealt faceup' but now I noticed text "the first time You defend each round" and have doubts about it...
  7. Hello I have rules question about x-wing crew card GREEDO: "The first time you attack each round and the first time you defend each round, the first Damage card dealt is dealt faceup." When I don't get any dmg in FIRST defense in a round, but get dmg card the SECOND time I defended - Greedo triggers or not? I ask becouse of "the first time You defend" text and in example it is first time when ship with Greedo is dealt dmg but the second time when it defend. Waiting for answer
  8. Alex is design visionary and make this game balanced and awesome - I am very impressed by X-wing designers. Alex and FFG team - if you read this - You should know that You did a really great job! Creating 7th wave for x-wing with maximum diveristy, revitalising ships like tie adv - amazing work, I personaly wish such good and complex design for LCG games... congrats, You earn that ;-)
  9. Yeah I want Howlrunner and Dark Curse ;-)
  10. DID You noticed that Bossk’ Ship have 3-1-7-6 on the ship and 3-1-6-6 on the pilot cards ???
  11. I have noob question: when I have for example Howlrunner with Determination and Black Squadron with DtF at range 1 what is first? reveal crit dmg card or redirection from DtF?
  12. Hi when everyone is waiting for new expansions and meta is dominated by super jedi and sith decks, I propose a new fresh alternative tournament format to have fun and explore SW LCG in new way - VEHICLES & DROIDS !!! the rule is ne and simple: decks for both sides can be made only with sets with at least 1 vehicle or droid card - enjoy and have fun ;-) DARKSIDE - Total Cards: (165) Objective: (33) 1x Black Squadron Assault (Core 21-1) 1x The Heart of the Empire (Core 22-1) 1x Cruel Interrogations (Core 24-1) 1x Kuat Reinforcements (Core 27-1) 1x Death and Despayre (Core 29-1) 1x Defense Protocol (Core 30-1) 1x The Endor Gambit (Core 31-1) 1x Looking for Droids (Core 34-1) 1x Reconnaissance Mission (Core 36-1) 1x Lord Vader's Command (The Desolation of Hoth 41-1) 1x Deploy the Fleet (The Search for Skywalker 46-1) 1x Jabba's Orders (The Search for Skywalker 47-1) 1x A Dark Time for the Rebellion (A Dark Time 51-1) 1x The Hunt for Han Solo (A Dark Time 52-1) 1x The General's Imperative (Assault on Echo Base 56-1) 1x Lucrative Contract (Assault on Echo Base 57-1) 1x Unstoppable Advance (The Battle of Hoth 63-1) 1x The Executor Arrives (Escape from Hoth 66-1) 1x Hunt Them Down (Escape from Hoth 67-1) 1x Jabba's Reach (Edge of Darkness 81-1) 1x The Tatooine Crash (Edge of Darkness 82-1) 1x The Shadow of Nar Shaddaa (Edge of Darkness 83-1) 1x Carbonite Transport (Edge of Darkness 84-1) 1x Imperial Blockade (Edge of Darkness 88-1) 1x Asteroid Pursuit (Edge of Darkness 90-1) 1x Repair and Refurbish (Balance of the Force 95-1) 1x Mercenary Support (Balance of the Force 96-1) 1x The Dark Trooper Project (Heroes and Legends 101-1) 1x Victory or Death (Lure of the Dark Side 105-1) 1x The Findsman's Intuition (Lure of the Dark Side 106-1) 1x The Second Phase (Join Us or Die 114-1) 1x The Droid’s Task (It Binds All Things 121-1) 1x Superior Numbers (Darkness and Light 125-1) LIGHTSIDE - Total Cards: (140) Objective: (28) 1x A Journey to Dagobah (Core 4-1) 1x The Secret of Yavin 4 (Core 5-1) 1x Last Minute Rescue (Core 6-1) 1x The Defense of Yavin 4 (Core 8-1) 1x Mission Briefing (Core 9-1) 1x The Rebel Fleet (Core 11-1) 1x Draw Their Fire (Core 12-1) 1x Mobilize the Squadrons (Core 13-1) 1x Hoth Operations (The Desolation of Hoth 38-1) 1x Renegade Squadron Mobilization (The Search for Skywalker 44-1) 1x Preparation for Battle (The Search for Skywalker 45-1) 1x Prepare for Evacuation (A Dark Time 49-1) 1x Last Defense of Hoth (Assault on Echo Base 54-1) 1x Frozen Refuge (Assault on Echo Base 55-1) 1x Attack Pattern Delta (The Battle of Hoth 59-1) 1x A Hero's Resolve (Escape from Hoth 64-1) 1x Evacuation Procedure (Escape from Hoth 65-1) 1x Raise the Stakes (Edge of Darkness 70-1) 1x Asteroid Sanctuary (Edge of Darkness 72-1) 1x Across the Anoat Sector (Edge of Darkness 74-1) 1x Escape from Ord Mantell (Edge of Darkness 75-1) 1x Alderaan's Promise (Edge of Darkness 77-1) 1x Blue Squadron Support (Balance of the Force 92-1) 1x The Flight of the Crow (Knowledge and Defense 107-1) 1x Along the Gamor Run (Knowledge and Defense 109-1) 1x Green Squadron Deployment (It Binds All Things 118-1) 1x A Deep Commitment (Darkness and Light 122-1) 1x Impersonating a Deity (Darkness and Light 123-1)
  13. TIPS? 1. do not fly Echo until You muster basic phantom 2. start with Whisper, I suggest on the beginning full loaded one: Whisper + IV + ACD + FCS + gunner if You are in arc of enemy or turret range as action take evade then use gunner + fcs to deal damage 3. try also basic phantom I suggest for example: Shadow + adv sensors + accelerator + recon 4. try defensive build on Shadows or Whisper, that means combinations of: sensor jammer, ACD, rebel captive, tacticians and Carnor Jax ;-) 5. If opponents often block Your decloak (with swarm for example) use enchanted scopes or adv sensors 6. You can try ECHO if You like, but that pilot needs more space for decloaking maneuvers and is hard to play
  14. Howl was late too. It would have arrived sooner if not for this issue. Stuff is moving but it is slow moving. With the current back log lots of products are expected to be in short supply or arrive late. Seriously just go play. We are still playing and having a great time. Next week we are doing a 2 v 2 winter tournament. Lots of fun to be had without BtS yeah I got your point, but tell that all players, which left the game... and probably will not come back
  15. also we have local polish distributor here, which couldn't sell cards before offcicial realese... so the issue also hurts them, becouse they have the product for months, cannot sell it and the number of customers is dropping
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