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  1. GorFrag

    Ion Cannon Paper Model?

    Please add question marks to question topics. Thank you
  2. GorFrag

    What are these cards?

    Thank you!
  3. I'm hosting an X-wing tourney today and found 2 mini cards in my tourney set. they have a set of letters and numbers on them and no pictures other than the FF logo. What are they?
  4. Apologies if this is the wrong place for this, but I'm looking for a spare lazer Grenadier, just one , and not the Werfer. Anyone have one?
  5. I might be a lowsy speller, but I tryed a search for how to get replacement parts for a model that's missing one. What Email / phone number do I use?
  6. GorFrag

    Red Devils are old men?!

    A lot of Soldiers i know that are around 25ish have a lot of grey hair. Comes with the turf.
  7. GorFrag

    Points change on Zombies?

    Ok, good to know. Is that the norm then? The card trumps all?
  8. GorFrag

    Points change on Zombies?

    I did a scan of the forums and didn't see this. I just got a pack of Zombies and their points are 31, else where I've seen them at 29, what gives? Which is right?
  9. GorFrag

    Missing pieces

    I got a response Email.
  10. If nothing else it would be a great source book!
  11. GW has Out riders, Malifaux has minions, do you guys have something like that?
  12. It looks like 10 points for starting your first post in a forum, and 5 for commenting on a topic once.
  13. GorFrag

    If 1/144...

    If the scale of these fighter is 1/144 then we have a perfect Falcon model ready to roll! and on sale. www.hlj.com/product/fnmsw-11