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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, it's very helpful. 2 things I want to bring up in response. 1: I don't mind bringing up fluff problems after, but the rest of my group know more than the GM too, and they bring stuff up as soon as they see it. His response is usually "this is my planet, eat a weiner." I'm trying to think of a way to keep it all from getting to the GM too much. 2: My character (the interrogator) can't actually declare exterminatus himself, but he is more or less their Inquisitor's right-hand man (and the closest thing to a son the inquisitor has). If he tell the boss-man that a planet has to burn, the boss would likely be onboard with it. We don't use the influence mechanic, as we aren't at ascention levels yet, so it becomes more of a narrative tool at this point. As for the interrogator starting his own cells, his faction kinda prevents it. The GM is using my framework so the other players can keep their characters, so the Inquisitor is a Radican Ordo Chronos. Publicly, he's Ordo Herecticus. Being a powerful Seer, and being so close to the interrogator, the interrogator can't even drop a deuce without the boss knowing when he'll do it. (as an aside, at some point I'll tell my players that they get the ****-jobs because their presence causes an explosion of possible futures, so they get sent where anyone else would fail. This manifests mechanically as fate-points)
  2. So after a few years of being the GM for my group, one of my players has asked to try running an adventure. And so far, he's better at it than me. He allow more freedom, more options, doesn't bog us down with useless information (I like to do that because, not every lead will be real or truthful) and tracks combat better too. But….he doesn't know 1/4 of what I do about the setting. He starts us off in transit to a location, on a large, warp-capable merchant ship with a crew of 400, and a security force of 5 men, that will take 6 months to reach our destination. (problems already) And it seems at every turn he manages to screw something up. I don't know what to do here, usually I'm playing god and can tell him "no, a ship that size would have a crew of 10,000's" or "stasis shell is stationary RELATIVE to something, not a point in space, otherwise i could wreck ships and maybe even planets with it" but he's GM and I'm not. Anyone got any advice here? Also, my character is an Interrogator and he was fine with that, but doesn't seem to understand the kind of authority that comes with it, neither do the other players. For example, i blew out all the windows in a town first time i used a power, now the blunter sticks to me like glue so i can't "wreck the nice things" wherever we go, despite direct orders to bugger off and let me do some magic. Last thing, I need some opinions about a course of action taken in-campaign. A very powerful psyker burgled my character's mind (the interrogator who know's stuff even the current GM doesn't) [by powerful, i mean psy-rating 14 and WP of 90, might be a demon, he hasn't said yet] and by burgled, i mean copied all my memories, and gave me some of his own back, then fled in the most terrifying way ever. In reponse I sealed the planet, for once they let me use that interrogator authority. My question is, is sealing the planet enough, or would a psyker that strong, who may or may not be friendly towards the imperium (haven't nailed that down yet) with a copy of an interrogator's brain, as well as numerous other known heretics on the planet and a small, unfriendly xenos race, be warrant for Exterminatus?
  3. Gloomy Sunday, nice. Also, I kinda think noise marines would be hard to sneak onto the capitol world of a sector.
  4. Hi guys, got another question for ya. Originally this adventure was to be played by ear, but I find myself wanting to add things that are relevant to the greater plot I'm weaving. One of these things will be the "Slenderman." I haven't decided what it will be yet, but the thing creeped me out and I think it would add to the horror of the setting. (you can read about it here: www.mythicalcreaturesguide.com/page/Slender+Man ) I think it would be fun to have this thing follow them around for 2 reasons 1: it's kinda scary 2: I don't have to make it do anything right away (my players know that I will throw useless info at them, and that they have a destiny of sorts in which big things happen) Should I add this in? or do you think it would take away from the feel that this was supposed to be a "make-work" job for them?
  5. I feel like adding a little something here. You say that you think the player enjoys the setting, but it disturbs him? and that he's had issues with it for a while? To me that just sounds like you're presenting the 41st millenium properly. It is supposed to be disturbing and dark and in many ways just unpleasant for someone living in this day and age (or that has at least been my take on it). My players never seem to grasp this.
  6. BrotherKane, for Tzeentch to really love it the change would need to be constant and futile (like in real life). Accelerating the need for change in your game would likely get this point across. I kinda like this idea, I might run with it a bit myself.
  7. Noctivagent, I like your idea a lot. I think I'll have my players come in at its' first introduction to the public, and use it in their torture (the addictive sound). Although I wonder if I could make the sound more? perhaps it is not only addictive, but it can alter their brains. Perhaps listening will give a temporary beneficial effect at the cost of corruption and/or insanity points? And another idea came to me. There are almost no "good" warp entities, but what if this craze and the new addictive music spawned a neutral warp beast of sound? a beast that isn't a threat at first, but exposure to men corrupts it and transforms it into a daemon? Perhaps this exposure is exactly what a certain group of heretics is banking on…
  8. So I had a new idea for this adventure. First though, an update on play: my characters have witnessed a pound gathering in the middle hive, and beat up skrillex. They then stole his show the next night (they kept him under) and got invited to play at bigger event, being put on by Siprit Daneen and Elsergy Krin. All of my players bought the performer skill, and only one of them is in disguise (because only one of them met Krin before). They are set to enter the middle ranks of the pound scene (slumming nobles and the middle class) and all the insanity that comes with it.. My new ideas are: Drugs in the effects & Narcotic Interrogation Drugs in the effects: Someone showed me pictures of a "foam party" once, which immediately made me think "they should put LSD in that stuff." I'm also thinking smoke machines should be drugged too. I lost my handy spreadsheet with all the drugs and poisons in it, so I want to know what you guys would suggest I use here Narcotic Interrogation: Torture is painful, but what if it wasn't? I got this idea from watching an episode of "the unit," where one of them was tortured for information by being shot up with heroin. I'm thinking of subjecting one of my players to this, as getting kidnapped in the confusion of a party being destroyed by the police and tortured after seems like another good idea. What is a good drug to use here? Preferably one that isn't too rare or debilitating. Also, which player should I have go through the drug hell? options are: A) the newly awakened psyker (was/is a guardsmen) with no disorders or malignancies, and is the best role-player B) The shooty assassin who has a special torture in store for him at a later date, has the best understanding of the 41st millenium C) The voidmaster that has an intense fear of fruit. Also the newest player and a 40k newb. FYI: I have the Farcosia in circulation for this campaign, it's hard to find and being cracked down on by the arbites and inquisition
  9. If they dodge too much, don't give them the option. Feint is awesome for this (not sure if that rule is in BC) as are grenades and missiles that have a large radius (hallucinogen is a favourite of mine).
  10. Hey guys, got an update on this. I've been typing out the mission briefing that I will give my players and I want to know what you guys think. More specifically: Does any of it not fit with the 41st millenium (speech patterns or terms), does it appropriately set the tone (which is "it's probably nothing, but better play it safe and get a bit of positive PR") and do the redactions and errors make it too difficult to follow? or do they add appropriate mystery and secrecy? anyhow, here it is (minus the planetary data, which is straight from the book) CLASSIFICATION: Dark Zeta DATE: 5301593.M41 SUBJECT: ‘Disturbing’ Trends on Scintilla My loyal Acolytes, Contained herein this astropathic message is a brief report on the state of Scintilla, as reviewed and edit my mine self after recieval from the Tricorn Palace in Hive Sibellus and relevant planetary data. The majority of your cell should be familiar with the customs and culture of Hive Sibellus, after their investigation of The Joyous Choir and the origins of the drug Farcosia, which is still in circulation in the lower hives despite Arbite and Ordo efforts. You may be aware that such matters as those you are to investigate are normally below the attention of the Holy Ordos, however there has been a dramatic increase in pressure from the resident Nobility and Mercantile cartels to “do something” about the situation. Also, should unrest on the capitol world increase, it may leave us weak to outside attack and lower our political effectiveness outside the sector. This action is entirely voluntary on my part, as the Tricorn would not insult any of our number by assigning them such a menial task. This matter concerns me only by the fact that my @~~@REDACTED@~~@ @~~@ERROR@~~@ seem to be blocked, for which there are two probable explanations. The first of which is a planet-wide null field, such as that being developed by @~~@REDACTED@~~~@ and @~~@REDACTED@~~~@ at the @~~@REDACTED@~~~@. The second is active blocking by those beholden to the dark powers. The first matter is being investigated by my Interrogator, Xarl. As such you are to investigate the second matter for no more than two Scintillan standard months. Infiltrate the growing sub-culture and determine if there is indeed a @~@ERROR@~@ cult at the heart of it. I recommend establishing yourself as performers yourself, to more quickly ascend the ranks and reach the powers behind the pound. After such time, if you believe further action is needed we shall convene at the Tricorn to decide what action, if any, is necessary. You shall not be issued the rosette for this assignment; however you may retain your Ordo identification credentials should the authorities detain you. Go with my blessing, HEIDRICH KRAUHAUSEN +++ ORDO SUMMATION REPORT SOURCE: @~~@CLASSIFIED@~~@ SUBJECT: Civil Unrest on Scintilla SUMMARY: A subculture, first confirmed on 3301593.M41, began emerging in the underhives of Scintilla. This group was based around a form of primitive music called “Pound” that was little more than an assortment of vox and percussion devices. Approximately 10 segmentum standard years ago, a prominent string player in the Sibellus Hive Orchestra was kidnapped while walking the streets in the evening. 3 months after the incident, pound music, before confined to the underhive, slowly moved to the low hive of Sibellus. Pound was confirmed to now include crude string instruments in addition to the ludicrous amounts of percussion. This so called music did not extol the virtues of the Imperium and its saints, but rather endorses personal freedom and responsibility, as well as romanticizing the relations between men and women well beyond approved auditory listening standards. This initial wave only moderately affected the work force, and due to the sub-primal location, was largely ignored. Soon after the trend reached the middle hive, changing again by adding yet more strings and reducing the percussions. This second wave became entrenched in the middle hive, greatly affecting the work force; they began cutting their generously short 14 hour work days even shorter to attend pound gatherings, some even stopped reporting altogether. The nobility and mercantile cartels began having the Magistratum (local policing force) break these gathering up and imprison any found organizing such a gathering. But despite this the music would not be stopped, and soon the Arbites were employed to assist. Even the noble Adeptus Arbites could not stamp out the pound. Excited by the danger, young noble scions began slumming in the middle hive more often, becoming a part of this heinous movement. There were two consequences of the young nobles becoming embroiled with the pound scene: The pound scene now had access to more resources and began building more elaborate, better hidden haunts; and the Nobility began sending their personal forces to combat the pound. The Nobles actions lead to a vast increase in the deaths of pound affiliates, and the righteous enforcement of the law and decency only galvanized them further and drove them to greater heights of rebellion. Groups of pound players began cropping up, each with distinct sound profiles and identities, calling themselves “bands” in mockery of proper musical ensembles. The pound, while still united, now has multiple factions that are fanatically loyal to their band, and will risk even death to protect and hear their sound.
  11. Thanks for the feedback and ideas guys. As for the choice of music, I was thinking of having them investigate several different groups that are popular in the hive, and each group would have a distinct sound. To represent this I was thinking of playing just one band's music to represent each in-game band. I'm hoping if my players get into it I won't even have to tell them where they are, they can just listen and figure it out.
  12. I'll admit, this idea hit me about halfway through "rock of ages." Pound sounds like a good starting point for the rock I'm thinking of, and seeing how it grew from the low and underhive culture it would almost assuredly be something the ruling classes would be against. And on the note of becoming "rock gods," I was aiming more for infamy than fame, the kind of twisted allure that makes people attracted to serial killers and criminals. And some help from Slaanesh would sure help the odds of the first few cultists who hijacked the craze and took it to the middlehive.
  13. Vandegraffe, what a clever one you are. Caught red-handed I may be, but the tradition is in fact older than the VIII legion. If I recall correctly, it was a gang tradition on Nostramo for quite a while before even the coming of Curze. In service to Him, is it not results that are all that matters? Do we not sacrifice droves our psykers of weak body and mind to His glory daily? Do we not stamp out dissent with the hammer of the guard or the spear of the Astartes? Is it not a trifling matter to resurrect the tradition of a dead world? Killed by it's own sons, yet another casualty of the Heresy, should it not live on in memory and tradition?
  14. While watching a new movie the other day, I had an idea for a campaign strike me right there in the theatre: Rock & Roll on Scintilla Taking a scene from history, I'm thinking a new craze of music starts to run rampant through the under, lower, and middle classes of the sector's capitol. The Nobility are demanding action as their children seem to have all taken to slumming to get in on this, the administratum and ministorum are strongly against this as it seems to be inducing all sorts of odd thoughts and actions in the populace. Attempts to stop it are useless, as every bust and massacre only drives it deeper in the hives, only to reappear shortly after with even more attitude. Due to mounting pressure, the Inquisition has finally deigned to do something, in the form of allowing throne agents to volunteer to root out this "filth." While no Inquisitor takes this threat seriously enough to investigate themselves, some have sent agents (for various reasons) to investigate. My groups Inquisitor sends them because his far-seering has not revealed anything relating to this, and as such they will have 3 months to determine if this is a threat warranting the Inquisition's attention, while he tends to real heresy elsewhere. Little does anyone suspect that at the heart of the scene is actually a Slanneshi pleasure cult dedicated to three of the prince of pleasure's favourite things: sex, drugs and rock & roll. The questions of "will this work" hinges on two things 1: What is music like in the 41st millenium? Or at least, what is it like on Scintilla? I kinda assumed it was all opera, orchestras and gregorian chant choirs. If this isn't the case, then Rock & Roll might not be different enough. (If it isn't, would techno or dubstep be as heretical in the future as it is now? ) 2: Does an undercover investigative campaign as a Rock and Roll superstar sound like fun? (including the full range of groupies: hot to dangerous. a stunning array of drugs, I intend to use EVERY noncombat drug, and invent a few more. making heavy use of the performer and charm skills - carouse as well. and as many bar fights as my parents remember being normal back in the 80's)
  15. I like to have connections through my adventures. The first few I did were unrelated, as I was just getting a feel for being a GM. After that, I started throwing things in. For example, since the Serrated Query was introduced through Purge the Unclean, I did something with that and tied it to all adventures after, even while running the Harlock Legacy. My something, For those that want to know, was adding a splinter cult of the Query that believe in using the warp, that it is neither good or bad, it just is. As such they have special wierds in their ranks due to a pact with a demon. To make this even cooler, since the original Query dislikes deamons and these offshoots left the organization, I had my players caught between 2 pact holders and their Heretek Query executioner (who infiltrated their group to get closer to his marks)
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