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  1. Wow thank you so much everyone! =) I'm definitely looking into the cards you guys suggested and will be heading off to the store real soon!
  2. Hey everyone! So I have a Tullys deck made from the preset deck suggestions from the LoW expansion. I like the expansion to my Stark Deck and I do want to keep using the Tullys as my main deck...but while I am playing, I realize that I lack a lot of deadly/stealth characters. I end up having my Tully characters decimated really fast when playing against my friends. What do I do to combat this? I know I can use cards to ignore their character's text boxes..but it's very hard when I'm playing against three other people and they all have stealth/deadly characters. Oh, and as a general sidenote, does anyone have any suggestions on how to alter the Tully deck suggestion? What I have done so far is remove Valar Morghulis because I felt it since I'm trying to get Blackfish out as soon as possible and setting up my cards around that card, I didn't want to have to kill them all off =S Please and thank you!
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