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    So I played StarCraft for about 15 hours yesterday. Had two games (non of them finished but we had new players in both of them, and the second game was with 5 players).I think we did a lot of mistakes, most having to do with combat. I feel most other things are pretty easy (except I'm still to build Archon/Dark Archon). I can't seem to get combat fully down and I don't know where to read. Can I ignore Brood War rulebook when it comes to combat? With limited plays (I might have played a total of 20 games ever, most of them 6 years ago) take what I say with a grain of salt (a HUGE grain). First of, Kerrigan choice of leadership cards for stage 1 feels really strong. Both the Z-axis but maybe even more getting 2 bases feels really powerful. Maybe you just have to jump her early? 2nd, is there anyone who would be willing to go through numerous combats so I can really understand how combat cards/reinforcement, but even more so how Assist/support units work. Can these be killed other than by splash damage? Does assist units and support units stay even if you kill the FLU or do they stay to defend so that I as attack has retreat? I have so many questions, and also I lot of stuff I don't know so I cant't actually ask them. Thanks in advance
  2. I think many of the Villains are overpriced, while this is fine, I still think it sucks a little bit. Was FFG to careful with them? I'm VERY weary of house ruling stuff so I don't know how to approach it. Might talk with my friend whom I play the game if we can change something.
  3. That's one of my concerns with the new Leah piece. She locks down activations, and that's, in my thinking, equivalent to subversive tactics. I think you need to read her card more closely. She doesn't exhaust deployment cards, she exhausts imperial class cards. Otherwise she would be way overpowered http://boardwars.eu/wave-5-ally-pack-leia-organa/ http://boardwars.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Leia-Organa-Campaign.jpg That means, if she starts each round she can exhaust 2 class cards before the IP even has a chance of acting? As the IP player, I would be so sad to see that happen through a whole campaign.
  4. I couldn't guarantee that I can test it for you but I would love to get my hands on this at some point.
  5. Do you think there is a risk we won't see any expansions?
  6. Right now I have been running two different decks solo (1-handed) Glorfindel/Elladan/Elrohir (attachment heavy) Thorin/Dain/Ori Looking for a second Dwarf deck for playing 2-handed to beat Nightmare quests. I do have some unique allies in the Dwarf deck but these can easily be switched out if needed. Thanks in advance
  7. After doing a side-mission am I allowed to look at the next Story Mission (since it's already decided) before buying Agenda/XP cards?
  8. For example there is this one encounter card Gildor Inglorian. It doesn't belong to an encounter set, how do I know if I should put it in the encounter deck?
  9. Basically, which cards are?: - Optional (events...) - Forced (Frodo Baggins...) - Special event (Boons/Burdens...)
  10. I want to start a saga journey (campaign mode). There are a couple of different cards that come with the Saga expansions (excluding the Hobbit saga since they cannot be played as part of the campaign). Can all cards from the saga expansions be used with all the others. For example can I use Frodo Baggins from The Road Darkens directly?
  11. @Dimile If you had 3 cores what would you change?
  12. Gonna try this together with Glaurungs deck (Dain, Thorin and Nori).
  13. Thanks for answering. Been playing it wrong, I should have known it was too strong
  14. Hi! Playing Nightmare quests so using a dwarf deck with Longbeard Elder. When I tap the Elder can I immediately (before committing more characters) look at the top card? This is the way I have been playing it and it feels super powerful knowing what is coming (when playing solo). Thanks in advance Mårten
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