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  1. Hello, Does the Warhammer world have a calendar? If so, where can I find it… and on which date should I start the Eye for an Eye campaign?
  2. I don't really understand the explanation of a monster's CR… Do they have one? If so, how many boons does it take to activate it?
  3. And: In the First Aid check explanation there is a caviate that says "If the First Aid check is successful, the target character recovers from a number of normal wounds equal to the number of successes generated, up to the target’s Toughness rating. " However, this limit isn't specified in the section describing First Aid checks assisting resilience checks. Is it assumed or purposely removed?
  4. Also: 3) does assisting a Resilience check by attempting a First Aid check require 8 hours of attention? If so, then does doing the First Aid check on yourself when trying a Resilience check take 16 hours in total?
  5. So it's clearly written that each character can benefit from only one Healing Draught a day. But what about First Aid checks? How many per day/session/encounter do you allow? And does this include the First Aid check you do to a character that is attempting a resilience check?
  6. Here are a few questions I had about First aid: 1) Is a first aid check difficulty 1d for Slightly Wounded and 2d for Critically wounded? 2) When doing a first aid check, does the player first have to decide if it is to: a) Cure Wounds or b) temporarily ignore the effects of a critical wound?
  7. Am I right in assuming that when the player's turn comes around, he only gets to do a maneuvre right?
  8. I need a clarification on these Actions. Lets say a Beastman goes at the 2 success mark for initiative and gets a succesful attack. Can a player try to parry or block in response even though the Beastman hasn't completed the maneuvre?
  9. In the book it says "Weapons inflict critical wounds with a Sigmar’s Comet result on an attack " However, I can't find anywhere that explains how many Critical wounds are inflicted… or are all critical wounds?
  10. I'm reading the wounds section and I'm not grasping the idea of how they work. Does a player get a wound card for each damage he has suffered or for each attack that caused damage? In other words: John receives 10 damage from an attack. 5 of them go through (when you calculate armour + toughness). Are those 5 called wounds or are they still called damage? If they are called wounds… does John receive 5 face-down wound cards (assuming non of the damage was critical)?
  11. valvorik said: Yup, make them explain how though. Fighting, do you move round to flank/distract him so your buddy has a better chance? Social action, do you nod approvingly, look intimidating or are you the "wingman making him look good to her by comparison"? Spell action, do you know anything about spellcraft, can you chant in unison? Blessing, pray with me my son (there actually is something on the Faith book about group rituals boosting things). But make them justify it "in the fiction". Awesome - thank you very much!
  12. According to the book: "The assist maneuver allows an engaged ally to add a bonus fortune die to his next check. " What is considered a check? Is that anything we need to roll for? Do attacks, spells, using skills, etc count?
  13. Hello, Having my first WFRP 3rd Ed session on Friday and I'm troubleshooting some rules. And I was wondering: Can an action be replaced by a maneouvre? If so, how many without a fatigue penalty?
  14. Doc, the Weasel said: "Each fortune point spent adds one fortune die to the pool." Each point spent adds a fortune die to an existing die pool. So if you are putting a pool together to attack someone (for example), then spend 1 or more fortune points to add 1 or more fortune dice to that pool. It's not the only way to get fortune dice in a pool, but it's one of the few ways that the player has direct control of. "Spent fortune points are returned to the general supply" The "General Supply" is the pile of unused tokens. You basically discard them. Ahhhhhhhhhh - now I get it! Thanks!
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