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  1. RichardHS

    First Game Setup Newbie Question

    Oops. Sorry. Was writing from my phone and accidentally put this in the wrong forum. Apologies. But...thanks for the answer.
  2. In the First Game Setup, 'Find the scenario cards for "The Gathering", The encounter sets used in this scenario are The Gathering (cards 104-119)... ' Card numbers 116 - 119 have a specific back. #117, Lita Chantler, has a different back. I have no card #117 with a matching back. How do I use this card as part of the scenario deck?
  3. RichardHS

    Newbie Force Pack Question

    Never mind. I found the answer.
  4. I just started playing the game but have other LCGs so I'm not new to the mechanics per se. However, I just bought my first Force Pack, The Search for Skywalker, and have a question. Why are there two copies of each objective set? Can you double up on objectives when building a deck? Or is there something I'm missing regarding the duplications?