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  1. it is polish deck wich win torunament in Torun Rebel Alliance 2xDecoy at Dantooine 2xA Hero's Journey 2xIn You Must Go 2xForgotten Heroes 2xThe Secret of Yavin 4 Imperial Navy 2xImperial Command 2xThe Ultimate Power 2xFall of the Jedi 2xCounsel of the Sith 2xThe Emperor's Web as u see, it is not so different:P
  2. there will be really big tournament in Poland: Assault on Wroclaw 27-28/april/2013. as I know it is the biggest international tournament in the world. the info will be given soon, but if u think about coming to Poland for playing WHI, it is the best place and time.
  3. another tournament in Wroclaw 79 people results http://www.whinvasion.pl/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2031
  4. There were 47 payers in Torun on Regional Championship 25/FEB/2012. Won Filku with his control Dark Elves. In Wroclaw there will be much more players. My "Black Ark" is going to be there:P It is the best occasion for foreign players to meet (last year the biggest event in Poland was on 69 players!!!) if anybody need an information about tournament just write to me pbort@wp.pl
  5. yes it is similar to Staleck. I was there and I think that tounamets were in very good formats. and yes, the pairings in NTCBTD tournament will be modified:P
  6. one of the such a big tournaments starts 25/FEB/2012. http://www.whinvasion.pl/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=1758 I will be not an organizator, but I help as judge. the place is about 1,5h from Gdansk by car. if anybody needs transport from Gdansk, just write PM, i can help.
  7. I also think that 1 tournament for such an event it is not enought. there will be propably 3-4 tournaments in different format.
  8. It is so close to Germany that they cay come by car:)
  9. hello all There is a big interest, after European Championship, to organize an international tournament. most players know that tournaments in Poland are very big (the bigest was 69 players), thats why is it natural place to organize such an event. polish players encouraged me to coordinate it and I have some questions which could help me. what would encourage you to arrive to Poland for a big tournament? what do you expect from such a tournament? (good prizes? nice place?) which term is the best for you to arrive for such a tournament? I would be grateful for any opinion. even from players who doesn,t want to be on this tournament.
  10. Jaszczur, Darker I accept your challange:P The truth is that the Empire is the strongest fraction. the worst matchup for the empire is.... empire. i know also that EVERY other fraction can win with empire (even HE!!!), I've done it many, many times. there is very thin line which makes empire stronger, its name is derriksburg forge. without such a good economy the empire will be eaten for a breakfast:P
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