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  1. Also the Final Fantasy TCG is almost 3 and a half years old. So it seems to have some legs.
  2. Well we are all entitled to our own opinions....and I highly disagree with you on KeyForge. I like the fact it's an unchangeable deck. Makes weaker decks fun to play. Also the game is fantastic. Fixes the issues that plague Magic the Gathering, i.e. lands! Just because you don't play cards on the other person's turn doesn't make it a "solo" game. I do agree with you though that I don't think KeyForge will still be printed 5 years from now. I think it's already lost a lot of it's popularity. I love the game but it seems the hype has died down in a big way. While it did fix Magic, I think most people didn't want Magic fixed. So there you go. As far as Destiny goes, while an LCG sounds great I think it would have been too expensive to do that way. Sets would have cost an arm and a leg and people would have jumped on the old wagon of 'FFG gouges me with multiple core set' complaints. Destiny shot itself in the foot early on with under printing. I don't blame FFG for that, it was a risk. Especially with all the complaints I heard when it was announced. They probably worried the game wouldn't sell well. FFG were playing the odds. But with the underprinting, the game was not available and it killed the initial hype. I don't think it ever truly recovered. And here we are with a dead game. One that is still worth playing. But it undersold in the long run. And now it's gone.
  3. Have you tried Barnes and Noble? As of today you can get Captain America. And actually all the other packs as well. Free shipping if you spend $35(?).
  4. I agree with you. But there are a few more who seem to still be trucking on. Force of Will. Final Fantasy. Transformers. Each of them have a few years on them. Will minus Transformers. That's still newer.
  5. Well put! I don't know if MTG would even survive if it started up this year. So many companies are just in a hurry to make a quick buck. Which that's fine. They need to make money. But they prematurely kill too many games. Sad really. Some of their most profitable games never will be because they don't give them enough time. Or faith either.
  6. Honestly even though they announced the Vault Warrior tour for KeyForge, I can't help but wonder when FFG will kill that game. It's not nearly as popular as when it first started. It got a bit of a rise with World's Collide. But the game is way less popular than when it started. And from what we've seen here, I don't have much faith in FFG to stick with a game unless it is making them a bunch of money. Making me rethink how much I get into FFG "collecting" games. Maybe I will just stick with their board games. Although I still do like Marvel Champions.
  7. Wow. It seems if you play a game from FFG that isn't hot at the moment, prepare for it to be canceled. Hope Marvel Champions doesn't ever hit a lull or we will probably lose that game too......
  8. I'd say there is probably no one who can answer this, but here goes. Since FFG won't be releasing hardly anything for this game once the current cycle is done, will they keep doing re-prints on the old stuff? I would assume they will because they still have the license. But I was wondering if anyone has heard anything. I still need stuff to complete my collection, a lot of stuff, and I'd hate to pay scalper prices. I'd rather wait for re-prints. Thanks!
  9. Wow! I didn't even realize the Premium box won't come with keys. Thanks for the heads up on that one! I might just upgrade to some nice metal keys instead of throwing my money on the box then. After all I bought a Broken Token wooden chain tracker and have been pretty happy with that.
  10. I honestly think it comes down to how many good movies there are versus bad ones. Iron Man was an amazing movie. Iron Man 3, not so much. But since the MCU has more good movies than bad it's good for now. I can see the popularity dropping if the quality of the movies dips. I think the "quality" of the characters has no baring on it. Like @Abyss said, how top tier were Guardians of the Galaxy? I had never read an issue of it in my life. But the movie won me over. So I really don't see it as inevitable, superhero fatigue. But it is possible. Nothing seems to stay popular forever.
  11. She's not my favorite character, but I will still buy the pack. It looks pretty interesting to me. Of course I am a completionist so even if I didn't find the pack interesting at all I would still buy it to be honest. Lol
  12. I understand the worry that cash prizes will bring more toxicity to the game. But my personal opinion it honestly won't. At least not for the reason most people think. As someone who played a lot of Magic back in the day I can say that I have had amazing experiences with good people. And played with some of the biggest jerks I have ever met in my entire life. I think the Magic community is probably more toxic because there are more people. So same way with KeyForge. With the influx of more people there will be more toxic people. But there will also be more genuinely great people as well. I personally feel FFG needed to do something to keep the game's momentum going. It fixed so many issues a CCG (or even an LCG had), but that didn't seem to be the kicker in the long run. Last I checked Magic was still going strong. The first KeyForge set was super popular, but there seemed to be fatigue setting in with AOA. The cash announcement will get some people to re-join the community. And other people might check it out for the first time. It will add some legitimacy to the game for some. As mentioned earlier, some people will take it as a sign the game is not a flash in the pan but will be around for the foreseeable future. TLDR: Cash prizes don't really make a community more toxic. An influx of more people will probably add some toxicity to the environment. But not all new players will be jerks. And this is a small price to pay to help build a future for the game. Just my two cents.
  13. Personally I am not interested in it at all either. Not because of it being a miniatures game though. When I see that I have to paint and glue the miniatures...nope! I'm out. I got into one paint your own miniature game in my life (Ex-Illis). I still have nightmares trying to get the fallen angels put together right. *Shudder*
  14. I love Daredevil. Always have. I know we are getting him in the core set as an ally. But I would love a Hero version.
  15. In all fairness to the Star Wars LCG the thing that killed it wasn't the theme or mechanics. The issue there was power level honestly. The Hoth cycle was weak. And then Edge of Darkness was overpowered. Balance issues killed the game. That was a shame too because the game eventually came into it's own....years later. As far this game goes I am stoked! I loved LOTR LCG, but I like a superhero theme a little better so this is completely up my alley.
  16. Umm, Avengers Endgame is now the biggest grossing movie of all time. The movies still seem to have steam left in them. But if you are talking about a superhero fatigue I can understand that. For me personally I like the theme fine. But I am even more excited to get in on the ground level of a cooperative LCG! I didn't get into LOTR until later. So it was hard to collect. And I don't like the Arkham theme. So this was is a instabuy for me.
  17. Thanks for the write up! Enjoy seeing their are still fans of this awesome game!
  18. A Journey to Rhosgobel can be rough too with a smaller card pool. I beat my head so many times against that quest with only the core set and a few Mirkwood adventure packs. Hard set of quests to start with!
  19. Anyone else find it weird that most of the games packs don't show on the upcoming page at all anymore? No awaiting reprint like they used to be. Anyone else find that disturbing?
  20. Yay! I'm about to go broke....and I love it! Thanks FFG!
  21. Oh man! Yeah I would love for them to release some of the old cycles in big boxes. Take my money!
  22. The problem with some of us is we are completionists. So it drives me nuts I can't get the Dwarrowdelf cycle. That's a fun one with tons of cool player cards. Been out of print for over a year now.
  23. Considering how angry the LOTR community gets when they mention a second edition I highly doubt it. I think FFG is slowly trying to cut down on the physical version. After all, if you play Arkham instead of this they don't have to pay royalties to anyone. Stinks though. I really wish they would bring the old stuff back in stock. Got a lot of holes in my collection I'd love to fix. But I'm slowly losing hope for any reprints. Especially of any old APs.
  24. Yeah that's a good point about the older sets. It just affects us completionists. lol
  25. Yes I know they are releasing new stuff for it. But the reprint time on the old packs keep stretching out longer and longer. The Dwarrowdelf cycle has been out of stock for a year. The new stuff keeps the old player base excited. But it stifles new players coming in because they can't get some of the key fun cards from the older sets. Is that FFG's goal? They don't care about new players to the game? Just keep the old ones happy until the license runs out. Makes me suspicious about what's going on behind the curtain. Then again, maybe they are just so busy with Keyforge, SW Legion, the Digital game, etc, that LOTR isn't high on the agenda. I don't know. What do you guys think?
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