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  1. 4wallz

    Dwarrowdelf cycle soon!

    Yay! I'm about to go broke....and I love it! Thanks FFG!
  2. Oh man! Yeah I would love for them to release some of the old cycles in big boxes. Take my money!
  3. 4wallz


    The problem with some of us is we are completionists. So it drives me nuts I can't get the Dwarrowdelf cycle. That's a fun one with tons of cool player cards. Been out of print for over a year now.
  4. 4wallz


    Considering how angry the LOTR community gets when they mention a second edition I highly doubt it. I think FFG is slowly trying to cut down on the physical version. After all, if you play Arkham instead of this they don't have to pay royalties to anyone. Stinks though. I really wish they would bring the old stuff back in stock. Got a lot of holes in my collection I'd love to fix. But I'm slowly losing hope for any reprints. Especially of any old APs.
  5. Yeah that's a good point about the older sets. It just affects us completionists. lol
  6. Yes I know they are releasing new stuff for it. But the reprint time on the old packs keep stretching out longer and longer. The Dwarrowdelf cycle has been out of stock for a year. The new stuff keeps the old player base excited. But it stifles new players coming in because they can't get some of the key fun cards from the older sets. Is that FFG's goal? They don't care about new players to the game? Just keep the old ones happy until the license runs out. Makes me suspicious about what's going on behind the curtain. Then again, maybe they are just so busy with Keyforge, SW Legion, the Digital game, etc, that LOTR isn't high on the agenda. I don't know. What do you guys think?
  7. 4wallz

    What Were the Words!?

    Oh I will most definitely keep it if I pull one!
  8. 4wallz

    Reprint of Saga?

    Yeah that could be a good sign for sure. Still though, we are over a year now on the APs for Dwarrowdelf cycle being out of stock (at least Watcher and Shadow and Flame). I hope you're right though. And when they reprint them, I know I better grab them quick. Because they will go fast!
  9. 4wallz

    Reprint of Saga?

    No joke. I'm beginning to wonder if they truly are planning on doing some reprints. Seems like they got so many irons in the fire they are ignoring anything older in this game. It's a bummer too!
  10. I don't know. Just because it has slowed down doesn't mean it's about to die. But I do think FFG is not supporting it like they should. Too many products. Too many irons in the fire. They are all about X-Wing and Keyforge right now. I'm excited about Keyforge too. But they are really selling Destiny short right now.
  11. Wow. That really reduces the effectiveness of Blackguard. I had a friend run it against my Weyland deck, and it wasn't a problem because I gained so much money. The only issue was Archer. Now I don't even care about that!
  12. 4wallz

    Any players in the Knoxville, TN area?

    I live about two hours west of Knoxville. I play with one friend (who is too cheap to buy his own cards lol). But I have to order all my cards online. Everyone here just plays Magic.
  13. 4wallz

    Don't Get Cocky

    The card is sometimes great and other times terrible. I think it suffers because of the objective set it comes from doesn't really help you much in the way in winning edge battles. :/
  14. Amen. I have to have all the current playsets and as many copies as I'm allowed! And while EoD does require two copies purchased to get all the cards allowable, it's still cheaper than any of the other LCGs. Actually it is pretty much the cheapest of all Fantasy Flight games. The ones that keep having releases at least.
  15. 4wallz

    The Trench Run - Rules Question

    Good job on summarizing it. This isn't as difficult to understand as everyone keeps making it. Talk about overthinking something! lol