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  1. On the expansion page, you must have a 'Restore purchase' button. Click on it, et voilà !
  2. Hi! I never had this problem on my SGS… Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app ?
  3. Hello, A friend have gotten this bug too. He have uninstalled/reinstalled and it worked Hope this help.
  4. I didn't have read before today the full description in the android market. It says : "Can you stand against the impending arrival of Azathoth? [...] Arguably the most powerful Ancient One in Lovecraft’s Mythos, Azathoth’s awesome power is indisputable. This infinitely destructive deity is therefore the focal point of Elder Sign: Omens, and the only available Ancient One." So, I couldn't say if Azathoth will be the only AO or is the only AO at this time.
  5. According to the description in the market : " *Please note that Elder Sign: Omens requires an additional download after starting the app for the first time. Additional assets must be downloaded and installed via a WiFi connection. Approximately 150 MB of space is needed. Some devices may not be supported. "
  6. I didn't think about that... and I think your right. Your ideas are good, but for a quick update, you can do the opposite as the actual scoring system : the best score will be the lowest you can have. With few modifications like dead investigators give points instead of decreasing the score, Doom token increase it...
  7. Win/fail end game videos are playing on my Galaxy Tab 10.1", but none of the tutorial.
  8. I have bought Elder Signe : Omens for Android and having fun while playing a few hours with. I wish there will be a version for Android of Arkham Tool Kit soon.
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