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  1. No you really don't.
  2. Have you tried looking at the end of the Rules Reference? Or did you try and stitch that together?
  3. I think the point is that the RRG is flawed/incomplete. You say you are using the RRG, but there are ambiguities, and our question to you is "Are you just making up your own ruling, then?" For example, are you playing Pit Trap as that it falls off when the conflict ends?
  4. A better way to look at cards is to think along the lines of "There is no restriction to use an ability unless it is listed on the card". There are no rulebook limits besides being in play and once per turn/round, unlike in the previous incarnation.
  5. Given that they've been doing developer rulings via email as well, I wouldn't describe it as "Sly" as much as just some disconnect within their communications policy. I'm guessing one of the Devs saw the mistake and wanted it fix, but isn't allowed to publicly announce anything. More likely someone dropped the ball.
  6. The only similarities are cosmetic. There are some really high level similarities you can make in terms of behavior (Things like "Aggro" and "Control"), but the execution of that behavior is pretty different. I've always felt like drawing comparisons between the two does a disservice to them. Given the example of checkers and chess (Which is pretty spot on, despite me not liking either game), where you can say both are board games, and use the same board, and have pieces that you move on the board in certain ways, but there the similarities end. You have cards, you draw them, you play them while trying to defeat your opponent. You have beings that do stuff for you (Creatures/Characters), and you have other stuff (Sorc/Instants/Events/etc), and you turn your cards sideways to indicate something important. That being said, when talking to laypeople, I usually say "Its like Magic" since that is the most likely point of reference they know (You buy cards that aren't a normal playing card deck, build a deck and play against people).
  7. Not sure then. Might be worded to avoid that intentionally. Specifically: This implies that the holding is the one adding to the glory count. Given that it isn't a character (or can participate), I would assume that it wouldn't add. But if it was some generic "Glory Count" it would work.
  8. Imperial Palace isn't a participating Character From Orator:
  9. Yep, I was mis-remembering an email.
  10. Bids 5 but only draws 1 card
  11. Its basically 2 separate resolutions of the same effect, with the second one being optional and having an additional cost. So if you cancel the second one, you only cancel the second one, first one still has already finished resolving. If you cancel the first one, you don't get the chance to pay 1 honor to resolve it again.
  12. The rules reference is confusing in this aspect. The phrasing you are probably looking at is to say Province Cards (IE Pilgrimage) are considered in play. Characters IN provinces are not in play.
  13. Same thing works with Rebuild and various holdings, as well as Guidance of the ancestors. The basic idea is that the ability gets reset when it goes from In Play to out of play. So with rebuild/Storehouse, you can sac, draw a card, then rebuild, and do it again since it went from Province->discard. However with guidance vs Kisada, if your first action is to trigger Guidance, it is already spent that you can't do it again until next turn (or you cycle it somehow with non-existing cards currently).
  14. No, this is not how it works at all. Only holdings in provinces are considered "in Play" Characters are explicitly out of play. Page 9, Rules Reference "In Play and Out of Play". First paragraph is confusing since they are saying"Face-up Province Cards" which is not "Face-up cards in provinces".
  15. Way of the Cryskl;jdfl;asghadfag;sdf;s?