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  1. What is the past? What is not the future?
  2. Atlanta Kotei

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/l5r-lcg/kotei/ Scroll down to Event Structures. They discuss this.
  3. Ancestral Daisho quick question

    Yes, it returns to it's owners hand: https://fiveringsdb.com/cards/search?q=ancestral daisho
  4. Calling in Favor + Watch Commander

    Calling in Favors will work as normal on Watch Commander or any "Character you control" attachment. You take control of it before it attaches. The reason for that clause is so that you don't attach it to your opponents best guy with 3 fate on it, forcing them to always lose honor while using that guy in a battle.
  5. About Embrace the Void

    It does not. Move is just "Remove from this card, Place on this card".
  6. About Embrace the Void

    It basically replaces the destination. Rather than removing it and putting it on Kazue's character, or into the common pool, it goes into your fate pool instead.
  7. "Look at" vs "Reveal"

    What game state has changed when you look at a face down province? You haven't revealed the province, as it is face down. Also, technically, the only requirement to trigger the ability is playing the character: "Reaction: After this character enters play – look at a facedown province." You aren't required to 'choose a facedown province', so you could use the ability despite there being no facedown provinces. I agree its a flaw in the rules. It is an ability that does nothing to the game state.
  8. I don't play this game for fun.
  9. Best L5R forum?

    Nope, this is the internet. Jokes are meant to be taken as trying to be offensive.
  10. Game Length

    I only went to time once out of 7 games at PAX. And we resolved it that turn. However, I had confidence in what I was doing with my deck. I would suggest that if you are going to tournaments and worried about going to time, you practice some first, so you are comfortable in your typical decisions. For example, going in I had a strategy mapped out in my head as to how much fate I'd put on people, as well as who to buy. But doing this saves a bit of time when you buy dudes, which I think is a common hold up for people, and can eat up a minute or two extra each round. I would also say have a general strategy for which rings you want to choose, but that is much much harder, since it really depends on the overall game state, though it does help if you can narrow it down to 2 rings, you then know which you want to choose. But knowing some basic guidelines before hand can help you speed up your own game. Also, if you try and play efficiently, often your opponent will try to match you.
  11. Philosophy is just a trait. Traits themselves mean nothing on their own, but other cards may trigger on them (See, Courtier, Bushi, Monk, Spell, Imperial, etc). Currently, nothing uses the philosophy trait. All events will do an effect and then are discarded. There is no permanence outside of its effect. For example, Way of the Crane honors a crane character. The honoring effect is permanent (lasts until something else changes it) but the card itself is one time use.
  12. Best L5R forum?

    Discord is an updated version of IRC that supports phone and voice chat, and serves a purpose for real time communication. I do actually agree there is some value to a standard forum for discussions, but people seem opposed. I agree on the lack of permanence (even though nothing is ever really deleted) since there is always scroll.
  13. Best L5R forum?

    If you are looking for specifically forums, each clan has a forum (you can find the list somewhere in this forum) and probably reddit? Though a lot of people hang out here. The best discussions I've seen though are on discord.
  14. Jigoku Toxicity

    Isn't that just the website behind the non-profit "Save the Shinomen Forest!"