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  1. Kotei were a single vote by all participants. However from the article: The elemental roles chosen at the Winter Court World Champion will be drafted by each clan's top finisher in the event. The roles chosen after the Elemental Championship phases will be decided by the votes cast by the top performers in those events.
  2. I personally generally agree with your sentiments, I was just trying to argue the possible merits of the system, since you had asked. I think the primary "merit" in terms of the problem it solves is it allows for FFG to, to some extent, create a changing meta that doesn't involve removing cards from the pool permanently, instead letting them shift around as to who has access to them. Whether or not this does a good job of that, I can't say. As pointed out, some people like it, some don't. I know Brad Andres has expressed his full support of this system.
  3. Mirith

    Support of the X

    Depends if the best cards are role locked. One of the reasons to splash Unicorn is Talisman of the Sun. Its keeper only. However, there are other good cards in Unicorn that could make it worth while (Spyglass, Iuchi Wayfinder, Gaijin Customs, Captive Audience). Also, the added fate from Seeker is very real, as are the added bodies from Keeper.
  4. Mirith

    About the young harrier

    They could have chosen better words/phrases
  5. Oh good, you aren't a troll. I think the argument for role locking is, to summarize, It is an artificial rotation/card pool change imposed on the card pool to make it more dynamic, as it can change reasonably quickly (Once a year, or more often). It is still basically a way of saying "Clan X will Lose A, B and C cards, but gain D, E, and F". Additionally, since players get to make the decision, there is the aspect of player's directly impacting the game. I do not support this argument, mainly as there is a "feels bad" aspect of seeing the cards you don't get to play. If we did not know what they were, it would be more okay (But a logistical nightmare for FFG). See Pathfinder's blade, which crab will basically never play, because Iron Mine is a stronger card (Restricted list), and crab hasn't had a seeker role. Additionally, since the decision is player based, there is still the 'feels bad' of some person somewhere else who made the decision, and perhaps you don't agree, so you fee like there is a lack of control. I think some part of the population against it might be significantly more okay with it if it wasn't a player choice, but a Dev choice. Mainly as the Devs should have a better idea of the balance and future, where I know that the player choices change significantly as cards come out. There were rumors of what Fight On! was going to be for crab, and that it was water only. People who believed the rumors were all for Keeper of Water as the new crab role via the vote. Other than that, there were strong arguments for keeper of fire. Additionally, since its limited to 1 Clan each currently, you also get bad blood of "Well since Scorpion got Seeker of Void, Crane Couldn't!" or some such. There is a significant enough penalty to not doing well, that then makes it feel like "winners win more". Perhaps if it was a reverse draft (Might be the wrong term, but like what sports teams do, worst team picks first) , that would help.
  6. I would like to point out, that 5 pages later, the OP has not said a peep.
  7. I sort of feel like this might be a troll post. But if it isn't, as pointed out, if you don't interact with your opponent, you lose. This game enforces interaction better than almost any other game I've seen. I'm not sure if you played the old CCG, but there were definitely decks where one player's goal was basically to shut down and prevent interaction between each other. This game does not do that.
  8. Actually if my clan doesn't get the role I want for the next season, I will probably choose and play the non-standard role. Some of the clans got some good element specific cards , and I would be disappointed not to get the chance to play with them. I know that at least some of the local tournaments don't enforce official role choices (Not that we don't usually play them), so it appeals to me to play the interesting cards. The big issue with the role stuff is really that people aren't getting to play their clan's cards, or cards that work well for their clans. Crab really wants to play with Fight On, and Crane really wants to play with Soul Beyond Reproach. The fact that another clan could actually deny either clan good cards just by making choices that might not matter to them (or by choosing something decently good for themselves) is a little disconcerting. I agree that it is a massive balance issue if everyone ends up choosing seeker of fire, but the problem isn't then with seeker of fire, but the individual cards being too good. Then just saying "this one clan" can use these cards doesn't get rid of the balance issue, it just powers up that one particular clan.
  9. They don't have to, its up to the TO.
  10. I think most people agree that role locked cards are fine. It is an interesting deck building choice, since you only get access to particular cards (Example choice of Keeper Initiate over Pathfinder's blade for crab). However, then restricting roles for competitive play based on something basically arbitrary is where a lot of people getting held up. The discord server has a strong "#FreeTheRoles" movement going on. As pointed out, it doesn't matter for casual play and only really is a restriction based on your local TO, or if you want to go to a Kotei.
  11. Mirith

    Borderlands Defender + For Shame

    Correct. For an action to be legal, the results must be able to change the game state. So you can't Admit Defeat or Doji Gift Giver a solo Borderlands Defender. As long as some part of the results can happen, it is still legal. For example, with For Shame, if the borderlands defender is not dishonored, then the crab player must choose the dishonor option. Or if you hit borderlands defender with Maze of Illusion, the dishonor goes off, but not the bow.
  12. Mirith

    Elements Unbound

    Yoshi isn't allowed to touch a sword, or the Kakita family will fall. Instead he cuts people with his razor wit and personal style.
  13. FFG acknowledges that Iron mine is overly efficient, as that was the explanation for why it is on the restricted list in the announcement article.
  14. Mirith

    Defend The Wall - Multiple Triggers

    Actions on cards by default are once per turn. They will say otherwise if not (See intimidating hida for an example of one that you can use twice a turn). This applies to all cards. However, you can reuse it once per turn on other turns once its been revealed.