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  1. Though if you enjoy 4e (The final AEG edition) FFG is selling all of the books as PDFs on Drive Thru RPG, and there are a lot of them. There are reasons for playing either edition. The new edition feels more story-telling focused than crunchy, while maintaining a level of crunchiness. However, you have to buy/use custom dice, which can be a hard pass for people. The approaches system is cool (there are no longer physical/mental stats). For note, there was an official way to handle court scenes in the old game, in Emerald Empire or Great Clans, I believe, but not in the core book. However, its a little more like the mass-combat system than the skirmish system.
  2. Fun Fact: 11 of the 17 cards on the restricted list are "Evergreen" (Core + Clan packs) and most of them in the core set. Additionally, 3 of the 4 errata nerfed cards are Evergreen! I think a lot of this also comes from the fact there have been 3 different lead designers on this game since FFG took over the IP. Each of them had different priorities in what they think of as healthy for a game.
  3. Same basic setting, completely new system. FFG reboot the story when the bought/rereleased the IP, however it still feels the same.
  4. We can supply feedback and express ourselves yes, but my point is that they are under no obligation to do more. There are reasons for them to do more, just they aren't obligated. They aren't even obligated to have a forum or read them, it is just as a courtesy to the players. The OP is declaring that FFG has violated some sort of implied contract between the player by changing how cards work. I'm just countering that point.
  5. There is no implied contract with this game. FFG sold a pack of cards, as is. We bought it and received said pack of cards. If you don't like it now, don't buy more. However, I would like to bring up this. If, for example, they had banned Tadaka instead of errata'ing him, would you be having this argument? Would you be demanding that you get your 50-75 cents (Assuming US $ and a couple other things) back? This is FFG's effort to maintain value in the product they sold you, both on the individual card level as well as maintaining the health overall of all of the L5R LCG Products. I don't disagree that the Tadaka change isn't obnoxious to work around, however it allows players to continue playing a card that banning him would not.
  6. As an old player (though maybe not that old), you are not wrong, a lot of the old cards are hideous. They definitely evolved the art style over time. At least the font is legible on that card.
  7. The Topaz Armor is traditionally that color. It is not a color associated with any of the clans. Crane is much lighter, Crab is more grey and/or darker. So any clan could be the topaz champion with the same color armor, just with a different mon on their helmet (or in old L5R, no mon)
  8. I'm kind of expecting the Topaz Champ card to an attachment. Either the Topaz Armor itself, or a "Topaz Champion" Condition.
  9. Some Lion Clams https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lions-Paw-Orange-Scallop-Half-Shell-5-Clam-Pecten-Seashell-Craft-1-2-Pcs-/332222590142
  10. I don't know that they have officially announced the rotation plan yet though. I think they've been intentionally silent on the fact so they don't get stuck in any particular situation.
  11. We will have to see some massively environment warping/defining cards for a card to actually be banned. It has, at least from my observations, always been something that FFG has avoided at nearly all costs.
  12. They seek enlightenment via studying the sword. Excerpt from 4e Taoist Swordsman:
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