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  1. Mirith

    Revealing Provinces

    If you want to maximize the number of provinces you reveal use Chasing the Sun to hit more than one province in an attack.
  2. Mirith

    Glory Counts and ties

    Yeah I agree, however in general, a conflict or duel that resulted in a tie is due to the interactions between the players, so the results aren't "known" when you initiate. However, given the complete lack of player interaction during a glory count, it is harder to make that call, since you would know the state before hand. However, I expect "performing a glory count" will be considered a game state change, even if the results don't result in one. Its an interesting philosophical discussion about the possibility of cards existing in an environment versus what cards physically exist. Does a card have to know about what physically exists, or could possibly exist? But that also opens up a weird can of worms.
  3. Mirith

    Glory Counts and ties

    To answer your first question, neither wins nor loses. In the case of the Imperial Favor, it doesn't move and stays where it was. However, you bring up an interesting point. Can you play Severed from the stream if you know (which you should) that it will be a tie, and therefore no game state change besides you playing a card? My initial reaction to it is "yes" since there could be some sort of interrupt to affect the current standing glory, even if I don't think there are any printed cards that do that at this time. For example, they could print a card: "Interrupt: During a glory Count, give a character +2 Glory". I do not think the rules care if such a card exists, just that it could exist. This would be worth asking FFG.
  4. Display of power is a reaction, not an interrupt. So it resolves after you've done your calculations and have a final answer. For an example of the opposite example, look at Mr Headache: Kakita Toshimoko.
  5. You can have disguised conflict characters. I believe they mentioned them. I expect to see a number of "Disguised Shinobi" or "Disguised <Scorpion Mon>"
  6. Mirith

    Rules Backward Compatible?

    Some of the art is the same! The tokens/dials and such come as cardboard standard in the box, so you cannot buy separately, unless you find someone selling it like that on Ebay. If you want to ease into it, find a local store near you playing it, show up to a game night, and ask to be taught how to play.
  7. Mirith

    Kaiu Shuichi

  8. Ring is claimed as its state at conflict resolution. So if you switch it from political to military, it is claimed as a military ring. However, this is separate from what you declare. You can only declare One Military and One Political per turn, regardless of how the conflict resolves.
  9. Mirith

    Card Sleeves

    You can get Dragonshields in 50 packs. They are less common in stores, but if you look at the online sites you should be able to find them. My experience with art sleeves is that they don't hold up as well.
  10. So its all ashy and smells bad?
  11. I also like how the cover image for "Masters of the court" is someone in full armor. Very courtly.
  12. See https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/15/d4/15d4c95f-fdce-4208-a297-75d1035ae6e3/l5c01-online_rulesreference_v17-compressed.pdf Page 16 You might have gotten this answer, but the short answer is that you are searching for "A Card". For example, Secret Cache has you search the top 5. There are 5 cards on top of your deck, you found "A card" (or 5)! If you find something other than a card, let us know! Tongue in cheek aside, it would say if it required you to say "Name a card, search for the named card in the top X cards..." for #1 to be relevant.
  13. Mirith

    Carrying Cases

    I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Legend-Five-Rings-Emperor-Gempukku/dp/B00B1VE4XQ/
  14. From their parents/grandparents/etc. Sins of your Fathers is a big concept in this setting/culture.
  15. Mirith

    Province abilities

    The only inherent restrictions on actions and abilities you can do at any time are: 1) Cannot play (buy) characters from a province outside of the Dynasty phase 2) Cannot Attach attachments during the dynasty phase 3) Cannot play conflict characters from your hand during the dynasty phase. All other abilities/actions are valid and apply unless they say otherwise, such as "During a conflict".