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  1. Haha, you know, it's odd- I started doing the unibrow, but they looked wrong somehow, lol. Thanks for the kind words .
  2. I've finally managed to get my entire starter box painted, plus a few of the expansions! Ok, so full disclosure- these ones are actually for a customer (I'm a commission painter) but I did my own at the same time, otherwise they'd never get done! What makes an already awesome game better? Painted miniatures, that's what! Sadly we played most of our first campaign with them unpainted, and are now going to wait for Twin Shadows before our next campaign, but in the meantime: Skirmishhhh!!!!! . Hope you liked 'em!
  3. Mertaal

    Owned. Help?

    My best advice to all war gamers (including and especially myself) is to learn to enjoy bad dice. Sometimes the odds kicking your ass can be really funny, and explaining what those idiotic dice rolls represent (Luke and Wedge clearly went on a bender the night before THIS battle, etc) can also be quite fun. I hate it when my genius (or so I like to think) tactics are messed up by "against the odds" dice. But it's all part of the game. Learn to love it.
  4. I'm not a hugely experienced player, but I think you learn a lot from trying to manoeuvre a formation of 4 or 5 Tie's. I also think, if you're starting off, and teaching your son to play, sticking to one ship type each as you try out new upgrade cards and profiles is great to begin with, as you don't have to worry about different movement dials and ship stats. I think it also focuses your attention on important considerations such as properly choosing evade vs focus, the importance of pilot skill, etc. Some of those details can be lost if you're excited about ion turrets, 360 degree firing arcs and ships that can K-turn without getting stressed. Once you have the ability to fly in formation without crashing your ships in to each other or asteroids it's time to bust out the new toys .
  5. Isn't the "Patrol Cutter" just a CR-90 Corvette at the wrong scale? Love the TYies. I'd also be interested in knowing the material you had these printed in. I've been considering an order of Gosric stuff from Shapeways. His designs are the best of the ones I've seen on there.
  6. Mertaal

    Pilot cards

    I understand what your saying. But would the ship that has more dice for attack be worth more thus compensating. Wedge in an A-Wing would be less points than Wedge in an X-Wing cause they only have 2 attack not 3 respectively. Backstabber in an Interceptor is worth 6 points more than in a TIE. No. With respect, you've missed the point a little. An X-Wing is *already* worth more than a Tie because it has better stats. In this example, the important part is that it rolls more dice (and has better defence so Han will be more survivable). But Han would cost the same extra points, in either ship. However, clearly you've got much better value by paying his (let's just say) 7 points by putting him in an X-Wing than you would had you put him in a Tie. The value of the special rule increases exponentially, but the cost remains the same. That's a very simple example. It gets much more complicated when you start talking about clever synergies that you'd potentially be able to benefit from, as some of the posters above have outlined.
  7. Mertaal

    Pilot cards

    I think the major problem with that, because of card synergy, some pilot abilities are simply worth more points on some ships than on others. A very simple example: Han can re-roll all his dice. Obviously that's of greater worth on a ship that rolls more dice than on a ship which rolls less dice.
  8. I find your lack of taste disturbing. *force chokes*
  9. I do hope that for now at least, they stick to Rebellion Era ships. Which means no E-wing sadly, but keeps the general continuity. But i can see them moving the timeline along a bit once they've exhausted the rebellion era options.
  10. I'd rather they stuck within the same timeline. I really don't want to see droid fighters vs Tie Avengers. Pirates would be great. Bounty Hunters Guild. Black Sun. Corporate Sector Authority. Hutt Cartel. Smugglers Alliance. Too many possibilities.
  11. TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine. Referring to a Tie twin engine is like referring to an ATM machine .
  12. Sterling work! Nice to see someone with a bit of creative flair and attention to detail. Keep up the good work!
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