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  1. Southern Cross Garrison, Australia. Quite a few of us down here play FFG's SW games.
  2. I think you could make it fit, but will have to wait until I've got the expansion to confirm.
  3. Doesn't the crossed lightsabers stand for Tactics though? I read it as the Imperial player can't use tactics cards to stop damage when this card is played.
  4. Definitely hoping the expansion is modular. Love the idea of more units and faction specific tactics card. Not really keen on adding characters as leaders that don't really fit.
  5. 100% agree with this. Extreme lack of support, and simply just being excluded from the Massing at Sullust event, has been really disheartening. It's great to hear the game is still going well in many places, but lack of support and delay of Wave 2 has made the game a bit scarce in my area unfortunately.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I definitely used the pegs they came with, so will try the paper or glue trick.
  7. So I finally got around to getting the Imperial Raider, and ended up grabbing the Assault Carrier at the same time. The epic ships are great, really happy with them. But both Tie Fighters and the Tie Advanced are all loose when you put them into the pegs. The peg holder on the base of every ship just won't hold anything tightly. They all fall off the ship holders that connect to the Assault Carrier, as well as all existing pegs that I have from my other ships. Has anyone had this problem and know of a way to possibly fix it? I have sent a request to FFG advising of the situation, but not sure if they will replace products with this problem.
  8. I always just put together the basic list shown in the Learn to Play book. Simple enough and small enough to get people into the game, without overwhelming them for their first game.
  9. Probably worth getting an MC-30. That gives you a new ship to try, plus all of the cards that go with it
  10. Really FFG, no tournament kits for Australia? That's pretty shite.
  11. Placed an order because of this thread
  12. I always assumed they were modular, and generally containers full of important Rebel cargo. These guys are always on the run, so it makes sense!
  13. Thanks for the tips everyone. I did try to wriggle the piece to see if I could loosen it and re-glue, but even applying a fair amount of pressure it wouldn't budge. Any more pressure and I'm worried it would snap. Have contacted customer service, so fingers crossed. The guy putting these ones together must have been hungover that day haha.
  14. So I finally received my Wave 1 stuff. Opened it all up and went through it all like a kid on Christmas day. But then I got to the Assault Frigates. Both of my miniatures have the bottom tower leaning to the left. Both touch the stand, and one is angled so much is actually applies pressure to the stand. Poor phone camera image below. Has anyone else had this problem?
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