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  1. What I find intriguing is that they even recommend getting "Worlds of Android" in the SotB book. I think that makes for an even stronger argument for selling a PDF version of it ... *hint* 😉
  2. "And my sword!" Well, my vote for PDF anyways ...
  3. Got my copy today (here in Germany). Unfortunately it has some severe issues... dents and scratches (that someone tried to "repair" by covering them with black marker), pages that got folded before being printed on and cut, color spots. And now it's sold out everywhere so that I won't be able to get a replacement... *sigh*
  4. Interface Zero/ Savage Worlds sounds like a solid option ... but I'll go for Fate Accelerated. My system of choice these days.
  5. Yup. Same here. Got the hardcopy - albeit with some printer issues - but I'd like to get a PDF for portability. Even though I love physical books.
  6. Beautiful! Now I only need images that come close to how my players want to look ...
  7. Quick question: Is there an example of a lightsaber fight somewhere in F&D (β)? Or someplace else? In general I get the rules but a nice example would help a lot ... especially when it comes to making the fight more interesting with Force abilities etc. Thanks for the info! Daniel.
  8. Basically the other two rule books. Will be cool to play full fledged Jedi in two years. Will also be cool to play rebel spies/scouts in one year. Apart from them stuff like villains sourcebook, more details on bounty hunters, maybe even era sourcebooks (yey for the Old Republic ) ...
  9. I think that it's anyway better to put down your thoughts about the PDF angst somewhere. Whoever takes up the discussion can point to this (or countless other forums) and show the public opinion. It's not as if only FFG employees can read posts here ...
  10. Well, I see where you're coming from, but the text n the FSE description is pretty ambiguous. "The FSE is not just any Force sensitive being; he is one who survived the purges. He may have been a young Padawan or even a minor Jedi who managed to flee (...)" (pg. 276, last paragraph) at least hints at my reading. Which is not to say that your way of reading it is wrong. Nevertheless the rules speak for themselves and I like the reduced power level that comes with them. As far as the reference to the EU ... meh, my Star Wars consists of 2 trilogies and a TV series. Maybe the odd computer game. But your mileage may vary.
  11. Just to have it on record somewhere: I'd like to get the PDF as well. I'd pay for it extra, even though I shell out about $70 for the physical stuff. Having a PDF makes sense from a GM's perspective. It makes sense from a player's perspective. And it makes sense from a business perspective. Dear NSA, please report this to Mr. Alexander, maybe he can do something about it ...
  12. It's so sad that business people don't act on reason but fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to ... suffering ... *sigh*
  13. Hi there! I totally agree with your reading of the rules ... but I wonder how this fits to the fluff of the FSE. I mean, by the rules you cannot have a straight path from what the backstory tells us about FSEs – survivors of Order 66 – into your character's present. (S)he must have forgotten her Jedi past with all skills and powers at some time, only to relearn that stuff later during play. Again, that might make sense from a rules or power perspective, but I would not be happy with it from a continuity point of view. Sure, you could be an amnesiac FSE ... but soon the Outer Rim will overflow with these types ...
  14. Dulahan said: That those Traitor Legions get some form of CG write up as well. That might be asking too much, but I can dream! Wouldn't that be a topic for Black Crusade?
  15. Watch-Captain Albus said: I have always been a fan of the Raven Guard. So I am looking forward to First Founding. Seconded. Obviously ... Story potential-wise I'd be even more interested in the Blood Ravens. But, alas, They're no first founding chapter, anyways.
  16. I do own the PDF version of the core rulebook that I've purchased via Drivethrurpg.com and so far it looks identical to the print version ... at least I haven't noticed any differences.
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