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  1. All I am saying is I wouldnt give up 7 attack for much. And if the hero has 15 cards in his set that make it worth it to give up 7 attack those are going to be very powerful cards. You could give me goku and 15 blank cards and I would still use the hero as you have him written Your set though. And I will leave the post on positive note, your mock ups look really nice
  2. Even with cards removing counters I could get him to 7 attack on like turn 5 and then I would just never use one of the cards that remove counters, cause why would I need to. And if those other cards are good enough to be better than 7 attack that has its own set of problems
  3. Seems really powerful. I would reduce the rate at which he gains counter, bring his base attack to 2 and make his hero ability consume the counters when it is used So something like: Alter ego: when you heal with recover give 1 counter Hero: action: when goku attacks spend all counters on goku. Goku gains plus one attach for each counter spent
  4. But 200 games! Thats like 2 games a day since the game out. I am jealous of your free time, lol
  5. I didnt pay that much attention. Is he not? Huge miss
  6. Would be cool, would love to see pictures. If this was 5 years ago I would be all over this idea, unfortunately my life now is about speed set up and quick play time vs immersion But if you do this please post pics
  7. Not really obscure but I want Spider-Gwen (Ghost Spider).... And I want her now, lol. I was really hoping the teaser silloutte that ended up being Black Widow was Spider-Gwen
  8. I have all my heroes sleeved and then one deck for each aspect made and sleeved. That way I just grab a hero, grab an aspect, shuffle and play. For some heroes, I have a side board written to tailor the aspect to that hero
  9. You mentioned a discord in your episode. Is that a public discord?
  10. Imagine the difficulty if every minion drew a boost, lol
  11. Do you have a link to the deck?
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