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  1. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Lots if things to try
  2. Hey guys, Anyone have any deck that runs gandalf, elrond, and a strong defense hero? I am thinking like beregond or grimbeorn? The friend I play with has a heavy willpower spirit deck so i tradionally play tatics with him but want to try some shenanigans. Any ideas? Doesnt have to be tatics.
  3. That is what I was expecting, I love side quests too, cant wait to get the pack.
  4. What do people think of Thalion? Seems cool. Havent picked the pack up yet.
  5. Yeah my blue deck would love to have her in it Not sure who I would drop for it at this point but that is a good problem to have, lol. I also dont have the Road Darkens and want Gandalf bad
  6. Saga expansions and Celebrimbor's Secret please, then I will be fairly happy lol
  7. If something says awaiting reprint what does that mean? Is there any sort of normal timeline or is it a meaningless status?
  8. I would welcome reprints. What is currently at the printer?
  9. I love the idea of this for waiqar. I actually think it is a miss by FFG to not olay up waiqar rezing more than they do. Hopefully in the future they up that element.
  10. Name the faction Winning faction Uthuk Most represented faction overall Uthuk Least represented faction overall Waiqar More or less - simply answer if you think there will be more or less than the number we have given Number of six tray archer blocks in the top 8 - 3. More Number of single tray siege units in the top 8 - 10. More Average number of heroes per list in the top 8 - 1.25. Less Number of units in the winning list - 5. Same Give us a number Number of uthuk in top 8. 4 Number of daqan in top 8 1 Number of Waiqar in top 8 1 Number of Latari in top 8 2 What do you think? Most common unit in top 8. Spinee Thresher Will a podcast host make the final. How many are there? Ye? Will Aliana be in every Latari list? No Will Ardus or Maro make a showing in the top 8? Yes
  11. Tarliyn


    Well completely off topic, what is your most successful heroless build. I have never run one, and I get so few games in it would be nice to have a baseline to start with.
  12. Tarliyn


    Thanks for the builds, I was thinking of trying martial a fdice next time but I will consider reaping. The problem I have is I have an incredibly hard time justifying her over Aliana and a double hero list is alot of points wrapped up in heroes. Do you guys find you miss Aliana even once you get used to using Maeghan?
  13. Tarliyn


    Hey guys, I can't get solo Maeghan to work. Advice? Army lists? I run martial magic on her whenever I have tried her and I have tried her with various army lists.
  14. This could work if the starter box had a new faction or newish units in it but if was just a latari/uthuk repackage than the current player base would have little to no reason to buy it and that would be a problem.
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