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  1. all italian players quote BigV and Stormer..
  2. @Vitamin T: you said hekarti is a good card and I agree with you..but, if empire plays 1 church of sigmar (maximum 2)..in order to use DE quest the opponent have to pay 1-2 additional resources..how can he do this? It's impossible, DE couldn't get enough resources..all DE cards (and chaos card) target opponent's units, DE must pay +1 resource for each card..unconceivable! Empire needs only 1 card (the church) to slow DE deck. Empire has enough card to handle every situation. -Church of sigmar/discipline: in order to defend units from opponent's target effects -Rodrick (combo with elite, call the reserves), -VERENA: in order to take supports control - Skinck of soteck, elite, VERENA: in order to take units control and also he has DERRICKSBURG Forge, zoo, warpstone, contested village, hunters: every card is useful for a powerful start "Against empire you cannot play"..draw 1 card (ONLY 1..EMPIRE TAKE HARD CONTROL OF QZ) and take 4 (maximun 5) resources each turn(USELESS BECAUSE YOU DRAW JUST 1!)..and when opponent has unlocked that situation..Verena arrives! And at this point the only words you can say are: "bye bye, nice game..let’s go to next battle, please". Will of elector combed with ORDER IN CAOS could move a lot of developments..and moving 7-8 developments become easy..very easy. Verena + long winter in the second turn? powerful? Rodrik in the second turn? the opponent game restart? Derricksburg + Derricksburg + Contested village(or the hunter..or warpstone) at first turn? (in this way Empire starts with at least 3 cards in first turn) Empire dominates.. italian players are bored by this situation..please FFG..do something
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