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  1. Nezime

    X-Wing sale

    It just showed in the cart when I added a couple ships I was going to get as a gift. I was thinking about picking up scum and villainy as a faction since I already have the rebels and there is some good overlap, but it it looks like some ships are excluded for no rhyme or reason. If you look at the ship and it says buy one get one 40% off, if you add them to your cart it should just show up as buy one get one free as long as you don't mix prices. Really finicky and it took me awhile to get everything to work right, but well worth it.
  2. Nezime

    X-Wing sale

    For anybody interested in picking up the new factions yet and hasn't, or those just looking to fill out a few things Barnes & Noble currently has X-Wing stuff buy one get one free. The bogo deal also stacks with their currently 10-15% off order totals off of $40-$60. You will have to make seperate orders if you buy things in a different price bracket, otherwise it will always give you the cheapest items free, and if you do an odd number of items it gives you 40% off your whole order instead. It's a bit of work to get everything right, but well worth the deal, especially with free shipping. They currently have a good selection of 1e stuff and all the 2e stuff in stock. I just used it to pick up a full seperatist set for myself for less than $100
  3. You're right. Biggs shouldn't have proton torpedoes.
  4. These are the two builds I'm considering taking to the kessel run. Any help would be appreciated. Rebel Dutch Vander r2-d2 ion cannon turret Wedge Antilles r5-k6 marksmanship proton torpedoes Biggs Darklighter r5-d8 proton torpedoes imperial: Darth Vader cluster missiles squad leader Mauler Mithel expert handling Dark Curse Backstabber Obsidian Squadron Pilot
  5. Anybody know of any stores in MN that regularly have X-Wing events? Or anyplace having the Kessel Run event?
  6. I first saw this game about a month from release and thought it looked cool. Fast forward to last week where after completely forgetting about it I saw it at a local game store. One of the employees there had actually purchased it recently and told me all about it. Of course then I had to pick up the starter. Fast forward a couple more days and now I've placed an order of 1 x-wing, 5 y-wing, 4 tie/x1, 2 tie, and 3 more starters sets(one of which will be a gift for a friend who's a big star wars fan and gamer, but never got into miniatures because he doesn't like ie is terrible at painting). My total was $180 with free shipping. Can't help but feel like I'm making off like a bandit and can't wait for everything to get here to play with my new ships. I also can't wait for the A-Wing. Definately my favorite ship from the OT.
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