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  1. Ich habe mir auch den Sieger des Samstag Turnieres geschnappt um ihn mit ein paar Fragen zu löchern. Klick mich I also asked the winner of the saturday tournament Reiga some questions. Click Me English Version is included!
  2. Ich habe einen Hatamoto des Einhorn-Klans geschnappt und ihn ein bisschen ausgequetscht. Interview mit Dodgepong (english version included) http://wp.me/p8FUJ1-p4
  3. Will there be a stream for the Gen Con Panels? Or a video afterwards? since not everybody can attent to Gen Con and i think all ppl in the world want to hear about these L5R Panels.
  4. And despite of all of this there is http://l5rlcg.de/ . Even though we are the german community fanpage you can still read the website with the translation button. We try to make interesting content and give players old and new a home with all informations about the game
  5. Haha Shiro i really hope that the community helps us make the site better and better over the course of time. If anyone has critic or ideas how to improve send us an email at Kummerkasten@l5rlcg.de and we see what we can do
  6. I would like to introduce to you all our german fansite project: http://l5rlcg.de/ The main purpose is the give german players with no or insufficent english skills informations about the game. At the moment we translate the official news with our own words, but in the future there will be more content created by us. The rest of the website functions as nexus for old and new players who want informations about the game itself. And even thou the translation is made with the google translator i hope some ppl will enjoy the informations and news you find on our website. Since the L5R community is one. - ForceNine
  7. Signed. But also this program should be working for all LCG system out there including their tournament rules. For example in netrunner u get prestige points for win, tie and double win games and they are importent.
  8. For people who dont know us or got us on facebook here the interview. http://www.wyldside.de/asking-the-champ-interview-mit-dem-weltmeister/2012/629/ thanks to Jeremy
  9. wiptag said: Thank you for posting your Corp deck. Will you be posting your Runner deck as well? I saw an acrylic identity card while watching the streams. Do you know who got those or how one can get them? Their were part of the participation. I would like to buy them and also the playmat
  10. I dont think that this deck is supposed to do the "Tag´n Scorch" combo or? Because with only one SE its not very sustainfull^^ So what was the tactic? Fastadvance with some dmg output?
  11. Kid Gruesome said: 41 Netrunner players, 57 AGOT melee and 81 AGOT joust are the numbers I know. John Bruno and I were the other players to make top 4 cut for Netrunner. John played HB/Crim and I played NBN/Anarch. Decklist pls from NBN
  12. Gratulations to both for the nice 3 matches and to Jeremy for winning the first title. In fact of that i would like to take an interview with him for www.Wyldside.de. So if anyone can tell him this pls or maybe he watches this thread by himself contact me per PM pls.
  13. First of all i like to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Thomas, coming from germany (hoho how unexpected) and i am 28 years old. Playing TCGs since the age of 14 starting with Doomtrooper, then Magic, then WoW TCG, The Spoils, Behind and now finally found the best cardgame (in my humble opinion). But lets talk about business- The german nationals were a great tournament with very good and mannered players. The total amount of 18 players from 20 qualified people arrived sunday morning at 11am at the Games Fair Essen. The factions breakdown are Empire Chaos Dwarfs Darkelves i cant determine the total number of decks sorted by factions but the empire decks are overall Verena based, 2 Kairos and 1 Chaosrushdeck with the new card Call the Breyheard, Dwarf King Kazador / Tunnelfighters / Stand your Ground Deck, Darkelves Control as far is i can imagine. But here are the feedback: Good The 2 Hosts of the tournament and the Judge The pricesupport for the participation At least all qualified players have arrived, thats really good to show the strenght of the community Needs to be improved More promotion for the Championships. No Banner, no Poster nothing that would show the visitors that we play a tournament for the "Iron" Throne FFG should at least fill the whole tables with playmats, spend more promotionmaterial like a giant banner or something A better protection from visitors. There was at least NO protection for us the players and the background noise was very high... -.- people sit down near you and talking loudly that was very bad! Negative - The Tournemant Rules (in germany) The good and understandable wording of the original english cards was not allowed. In a very high challenging tournament u cant play with the very bad translated cards. The timelimit from 50 minutes is way to short. Nobody from us plays slow but u need at least sometimes 3-4 minutes to check your next actions especially with control against rush. The Overtimerule is total ****, sorry i cant say it friendly. U cant cut a game instantly when u are about to win? 2 or 3 matches are "lost" because of this ruling. Where could be at least 3-5 overtime turns and then u can check the total dmg on the zones and determine a winner.
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