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  1. Speaking of the Koronus Bestiary, I kind of hope the Navis Primer's section on adversaries has some kind of random means to create nameless, unaligned warp spawn of varied sort (Although, as I type, one could say that DH Demon Hunter provided that with its demon creation charts…).
  2. Hello...I was wondering if anyone could let me know (if anyone can) when the Rogue Trader Xenos Compendium is due to be released. I ask because Amazon shows a release of January, but the book isn't mentioned on the Fantasy Flight site under upcoming releases. Just curious.
  3. Hello, I was curious to if there were/are any plans to create a detailed Xenos creator/generator similar to the extensive Daemon creation rules in Dark Heresy-Daemonhunter. I know there is a small generator in the Dark Heresy GMs screen, but I was just curious...Chris
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