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  1. Actually I think that Empire will be soon similiar to green decks from MTG where you have ability to put more lands before your opponent (the best economy). I really like this idea, but empire has already too good cards to make it work. Cards cost and loyality is already really low, why giving empire strong economy? Where are some drawbacks of Empire? I don't see any. Low cards cost, units with great abilities and 3HP for 3 hammers... Com'on. What's the point of this? Faction that should have great economy should be High Elves, or card prices and loyalities of HE should be switched with Empire. That will make much more sense. WHI designers, in my opinion you really made a big fail here. I think that nothing can be done now. The only really good solution will be redesign of game in some points (reprint I guess) but we all know its not gonna happen (or not gonna happen soon). Now we can just fight for bans or restrictions for some cards, but soon we will have almost all Empire economy related cards on this list... What's the point of that? You will just lose money that way. Unbalanced game will not last long, and we all don't wanna see this happening. You made big mistake from begiining when you put this strange "pseudo rarity" system to core set, ulthuan and first battlepack. Many players just said "not thanks" to this game becouse they don't want to buy 3x of every product. This game could be so much more popular if core set will be full product not 1/3 as it's now. Please at least be fair to customers who bought your game and fix all what need to big fixed. --- Your new forum troll
  2. I wonder why Rodrik's Riders and Osterknacht Elite don't have "in coresponding zone" entry on them? Isn't this too powerfull?
  3. My two cents about Judgement of Verena. Please FFG do something with this card. Maybe this card isn't overpowered, but definitly is very strong and make meta very dull. Almost all empire decks on tourneys have this card on board. All decks are made to counter Verena, or you need to spam developments and cross your fingers that your opponen don't have Long Winter and Will of Electors to punish you either way. The main problem with JoV is that this is the only card in game that can reset opponent to zero, giving too easy win to empire decks. Killing units isn't bad (Troll Vomit is fine, Flames of Phoenix is fine too), but destroying support cards maki this card very annoying and game changing. We all learned that economy is main issue in WHI. Verena definitly is very strong in it's current form. Maybe change it so it only destroys units? It will be comparable in power to Troll Vomit and Flames of Phoenix. We have card like Manaan Take You! with is uselles compared to Verena at the moment, but could be very strong if Verena will be changed in some way. I think restriction will not resolve the problem completly. Second thing, please look at loyality cost of older cards and don't be affraid to do some changes. Also look at cards that have abilities that give some bonuses or can do much in game and try to limit it uses to once per turn in some cases (Garden of Morr for example don't have this limit).
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