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  1. Well, the rulebook only says that you cannot use Aragorn in campaign mode.
  2. Well, I don't play in campaign mode. Nonetheless, I always believed that Saruman wasn't scheming all the time in Orthanc (that's just elven propaganda), but I'd like to think he was peacefully hiking through the Ithilien woods, slaying orcs and Harad bandits on his way.
  3. Cool combo indeed! What buggers me about the scenario is that there are too many cards that force you to engage enemies in the encounter deck or to put them under the Black Gate. As for the strategy part, Bilbo did a good job in defending multiple attacks, but it still takes time to build him up, so you better draw some Mumaks at the start to give him some time. One card that helped me a lot is Saruman. His ability is able to keep one nasty enemy in the staging area for one more turn. In the meantime he helps you defating the remaing enemies. Funny thing: Today I built a rather decent Halbarad/Amarthiul/Bilbo deck. I managed to overcome all nine enemies (3 Mumaks (Olifants in German btw) being under the gate) and only had to make the 20 quest points plus exploring the gate. And then I drew that enocunter card that tells you to put one enemy that is engaged with you under the Black Gate or to reveal one of the enemies under the Crossroads card. Game over, just when I was about to win!And it was my own fault as I could have beaten that remaining enemy if I wanted to, but kept him - playing a Dunedain deck - out of habit, as he did pose no threat to my fellowship. Man, totally forgot about that card and screwed it!
  4. Very frustrating quest. I could beat it in my second try with a Dunedain deck with sheer luck. Noldor decks don't stand a chance at all. Most of the times I loose because there are too many enemies attacking me. If that's not the case, I loose beacuse there are too many locations in the staging area. Like it has been said already, it doesn't seem right that you have to reveal two cards each turn as a solo player - right from the start! The scaling is really bad for solo, not sure how you're supposed to beat this one all alone. I'm also not sure what you're supposed to do when you reveal these enemies with a surge effect. Often they surge in a second enemy, and that means game over. I played it as a single scenario, so I'd like to know if it does it get any better when you're playing it in campaign mode when you have some boons to pimp your heroes. Last thing I'm going to try now is a deck based on Bilbo as a defense bulwark. If anyone has other hero combo suggestions, please tell!
  5. He has to exhaust to use the ring, so you'd only get 1 defence out of him unless you ready him some other way. Ah, that's right. Looks like I was wrong, the ring seems to be ok in that case.
  6. Ok, so getting a resource icon is not enough to gather resources? * checks rules * You're right! The threat issue is almost neglectable with all the opportunities to lower your threat or to turn high threat into an advantage. 2 cost still seems to be too cheap. IMO ally Gandalf would help Dunedain decks quite a lot if he had that ring. He could block 2 enemies with 5 DEF all alone, and another defender could block 2 more attacks if neccessary.
  7. That ring seems to be somewhat overpowered. So I put in on ally Gandalf and I get a new leadership hero? Who can ready himself and one other ally for free? Who can boost stats? For only 2 resources? Seriously?
  8. tier 1: decks that are fun to play tier 2: decks that are boring
  9. I'm always happy when the designers give us more opportunities to build our decks. In that regard, A Good Harvest is a true blessing. It's thus quite understandable why you're so enthusiastic about this card.
  10. It's certainly a good card, but I'd hardly call it the best neutral card. Gandalf is still better in both versions as is Treebeard, who is almost an auto include for me in any non-tactics deck. But yeah, it is underrated. It's certainly more useful in power decks than in themed decks, and as I play the latter more often my opinion might be influenced by that. A Good Harvest might become even more useful with all these new cards that require to have two spheres.
  11. Now that's new - characters that actually fit to the quest they were released with! Really, this scenario looks very, very promising, as so the new cards. That Rohan scout looks like a beast and that 4 cost tactics ally could even be useful in solo play when using Mablung. Otherwise he seems to be too expensive. The idea of bulding an island with the location cards is definitely a 10/10. In theory. Hopefully it plays as well as I hope it does. And if that's the case, why not doing the same thing with treacheries or enemies? Oh, and let's hope that there is a hidden Goblin camp somewhere on that island, and everyone will be happy! Why is everyone in Middle Earth suddenly undead instead of green and dumb?
  12. Question: Favour of the Valor's card text says "1 per player". Does that mean one copy per deck or that only one copy can be attached by a player? I interpreted it as "1 per deck". As a solo player, Legolas doesn't work that good. I'm currently working with Tactigorn, Halbarad and Amarthiul.
  13. I think everyone here knows that you're great at deck building, Seastan. I hope I will be able to check out on your Frodo deck. However, atm I am too busy to build a Dunedain deck that is going to be strong enough to beat most of the quests. I think I made a huge step forwards by finally including these Valor cards together with Tactigorn.
  14. I wouldn't say that this quest is combat heavy. In fact most enemies have a threat level > 30, so with a low threat deck it's possible to avoid fighting them. I'm not sure about the theme. I think they did a good job with the mechanics of this quest, so I guess I can live with some enemies that never appeared in the original story.
  15. The main problem is that Loragorn is so much better than him, and that tactics itself offers better alternatives. I guess that Tactigorn works better in multiplayer decks, but in solo mode I only once used him successfully in my last deck (so he is not that bad) against Dread Realm. Just for interest, could you tell me the other heroes of your Scorpio deck? The idea of it sounds great!
  16. Well, thanks for naming some of the examples. You forgot to mention Blood of Numenor and Gondorian Fire though. As I said, I play with one core set only. It makes deckbuilding way more interesting, but it doesn't allow for stuff like three copies of Celebrian's Stone or Feint or Steward of Gondor etc. The few decks of Seastan I have seen mostly rely on combos that I am not able use, as they rely on certain cards that I have only one or two copies of. So far that hasn't (and shouldn't!) been a problem, but with the last few quests it turned out to be a pain in the ass. But thanks anyway for ignoring the part that all of the sudden a lot of players are complaining about Carn Dum, which empirically means that there is probably something wrong woith the game design. But hey, selective perception is a great way to improve life quality.
  17. Is there still an easy mode? I don't see any golden cards anymore in my encounter decks.
  18. And a lot of people are complaining that this quest is badly designed, so you better stop doing maths when you clearly have no idea of how statistics work. Yes, it is possible to beat this quest with combos that are broken, but that's not the sense of deckbuilding. If some people prefer to play with broken decks, it's their particular taste and I don't think the designers should cater that. Get over yourself, play nightmare mode, which is designed for players like you and for those who prefer to make the game a ton easier by using more than one core set. IMO the game is going in a totally wrong direction ATM. I already said this in another thread, but I am seriously considering to stop investing money into this.
  19. My thoughts? This has probably the worst cycle so far. Noldor has been good, but not as good as Silvan. Dunedain has been unsatisfying. Player cards in general were not as good as I expected. Mostly because they often didn't help againts the new quests. And has there been any good tactics card instead of Ents? 3 quests have been good, 2 not so good (Mount Gram, Dread Realm), 1 crap (Carn Dum). Heroes have been ok, but also not as good as usual. Again, tactics got the short end here. Plenty of new ideas, a lot of which didn't work. I'm thinking of Honor Cards, Mount Gram scenario, Northern Ranger and Dunedain in general. Side quests have been a good idea, but IMO there have been too many encounter side quests. Another good idea was the addition of Amarthiul as anobjective ally, but why in hell did the took him away for the two hardest quests? All in all my disappointment weighs more than my excitement about this cycle. I wasn't too happy about the story/theme either (way too many ghosts and fighting Thaurdir all the time). And as the next cycle looks even worse themewise, I am not sure if I am going to continue to buy the next AP's.
  20. We complain, because we pay a good amount of money to have some fun. And not to skip a quest. (If you're searching for impossible challenges, simply play nightmare mode.) We complain, because this quest is badly designed. I complain, because I want to use the new cards instead of locking them away in a box.
  21. It is a matter of taste. The cool thing about fiction, to me, is the worlds that exist outside my mind, and the joy of discovering them. Tolkien is my favorite precisely because it seems to reveal a fully existing world with real history, mythology, and language that I had never known. Tolkien is merely the historian giving us some small state of this world, which exists in objective form outside my imagination and has so many wonders still unlearnt and undreamed of in my imagination. Even in less developed fictional worlds, I'm not sure exactly how I can excise "canonical" material I don't like. I'd prefer there be no Jar-Jar Binks, but I don't really believe I have the power to reject Lucas' reality and substitute my own. In your middle earth, how did Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas get to Minas Tirith? No ships envolved!
  22. I guess it's all a matter of taste. Each one of us has a different Middle Earth existing in their minds, which is the cool thing about fiction, you know? In my Middle Earth there are no ships and oceans and pirates. It's all Orcs and monsters and Gollum.
  23. I still have to build a good deck for solo play. I am currently trying Amarthiul/Amarthiul/Aragorn against The Lost Realm scenarios, but so far it's far from being exciting. I do win, but I also loose very often. Amarthiul'sability to play Feint is a step forward, but so far I don't thinkt that being engaged with an enemy gives me more profit than trouble. Perhaps Dunedain would have worked better in the early cycles, where enemies were less threatening and shadow effects more tolerable.
  24. Not sea-going vessels AFAIK, but that's probably a function of need rather than any special aversion to the water. In both the first and third ages the Orcs were on the same land mass as their enemies, and in the second age Sauron went to Mordor *because* he couldn't compete with the sea strength of the Numenor (at least that's the implication I draw from Appendix B tale of years). Orcs *did* use boats within the Lord of the Rings. Faramir's messenger in "The Siege of Gondor" reports "It is now seen that in secret they have long been building floats and barges in great numbers in East Osgiliath. They swarmed across like beetles." Orcs also took the island Cair Andros. That's cool to know, thank you. So no sea vessels, but perhaps we could get at least a boat that is manned wih humans but has some orc troops on it. And am i the only one who desperatly wants to engage a ghost ship?
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