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  1. Oops you mean talents ok XD There are some good talents that can "emulate" those "classes", but yes,it can be pretty good idea. But remember that in Genesys initial class only means what initial class skills you got. Hope it helped
  2. Another doubt, do you have any idea about future updates or expansions? Thanks!
  3. Parasiting this post XD I'm trying to convert from Anima Beyond to Genesys/Star Wars. But due I haven't found any direct conversion, anyone here know any one? Or maybe a two step conversion Anima -> d20 -> Gen/SW.
  4. Thanks! And about materials like Thorium and other ones from old expansions? Take care and please and if its possible to aid you just say it
  5. I mean, if a tie laser shot deals 4x10 of damage, a +2 or +3 doesn't care so much XDDD Apart I'm a lucky GM and my players don't get jelous between them XD Everyone knows its role. Guys with blue lightsabers fights the ones with reds, the ones with blaster fight the white dressed ones and so on. When we create rules in our games we don't care about balance or "jealosy". We understand that the main goal in our games is to build a awesome collective story, that this isn't a confrontation between players an GM or who has more dices on X skill. As I said I'm a lucky master. Also we restrict talents to "scene justifications". We cannot take a talent in our games just because we got de XP. Are full consensus sessions. But as Donovan said, rules are not perfect, but try it first, they are pretty good, and feel free to houserule them if you need it.
  6. And always remember, with failure version is a do or don't, because if you faill the deflect you eat the entire damage XDD
  7. Its a good alternative and maybe it can be applied to a few good things. Also remember that the rule of reduce damage doesnt work in scenes like Ashoka against dwarf droids with laser naval scale weapons or some scenes that jedi deflect fire from destroyers. In rebels kanan do it too but not sure. Maybe from vehicles? Failures can work against naval scale damage. A minimum tie fighter with 4*10 laser damage ignores any personal damage absortion. And jedi seem that can deflect them even bigger fire. As I said my HR are focused on canon instead balance. Also consider deflect as an extension of ur lightsaber skill. Hope it helped 😉
  8. So, if the attacks is missed thanks to the added Failures, Improved Reflect can be activated. Nice
  9. Hi Wolf! Nope, with the houserule Improved Reflect has the same effect because it activates with Threats and Despairs, it doesn't care about Failures. And most deflected bolt go "nowhere" but a few one make a direct hit. Remember that and attacks is a consecution of blaster shots Hope it helped!
  10. Trying to back to post... XD One doubt, the main reason for your change what is exactly? And do you care about balance or just on "canon"?
  11. Hi there! Personally I like it and used not just for common encounters, also for background problems and sollutions with PC and NPC actions. It's a good reference to use when try to "autocalculate" some success or failures on missions and about out-of-screen conflicts.
  12. Greetings! In this post there are a few good reflexions. Here's my own method too. "In our games we made a change to Reflect (not to Parry). It gives Failures instead damage reduction, the rest of Reflect mechanics are the same. You can't Reflect a lot of time (unless you have some Talents or recover Strain of course)." Take care!
  13. Thank you so much for this! Question, in a future, will you expand material or craftman lists? Thanks and epic work! PS: Anyone knows about a SW to Genesys conversion? Thanks!
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