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  1. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    Asohka and Anakin with Giant Dwarf Droids also deflected big fire on CW, do you consider that them also have that level of reduction?
  2. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    Hmm... but as seen on Rebels, a Tie doing 5 or 6 damage (x10) even reducing 3 or 4 points still deal 10 or 20 wounds or more. In that case for example the rule fits well.
  3. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    Hmm... that's right, I'm probably still influenced by d20 XD. Edge tempos are strongly different, build by "scenes". A "round" can be easily a few seconds up to 5 minutes (from Sam in a ask developers answers). Maybe I would reconsider the concept. Ans also from Sam itself, Wounds aren't "real Wounds" just a mixture of "energy and bruises" (strain apart). Real damage on Edge are Criticals.
  4. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    Yes, I use 2+ formula. I based on the idea that even a "low level reflecter" can easily deflect them with not so much problems. Maybe 2+ it's a bit excesive but, till the moment we hacent got so much problems in our games. Apart that I restrict access to those talents I wanted to emulate that at last, until you have some area, explosive or dare to melee/stun/disarm a "Jedi", you will have lots of problems with them. The main idea of the modification was to confront the "vs vehicle fire" problem but in general therms, if someone have a line in the script on the movies or TV show, it seems pretty hard to kill with blasters XD I'm open to any suggestions of course but what we have tested until now a group of "not so lucky" minion or a 2 Y 2 G Rival shooting at still can score a hit or 2 on a Reflect 4 char with no amor bonuses but Sense x2 upgrade. Really difficult but not impossible.
  5. Yep I'm aware that is just an assumption, but in general cases I use to create things more "player friendly". But yes, still considering it because Conflict rules doesn't necessarrely means that you "fall to the dark side" just that you can be "tempted" by it rolling a d100. So probably you are right, that's because we haven't fully implmented it yet. After watching the tables of pip probability I'm still trying to discover how probable is for a FR6 character with a pair of full power trees ahieve the desired results. By the way, thanks
  6. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    Hmm... interesting. I would discuss it with my players. I still believe that gives more advantages than disavantages but we will consider it, thanks
  7. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    Yep, I'm aware that FU can be beaten but everyone BUT you are considering that (probably) the best Bounty Hunter against not so renamed Jedis, Windu had not so much problems with no-head Jango XD About Clone Troopers vs Jedi, well, tons of teories there but surprise/traition + big number is a good ally yes XD About autofire, yes, you are absolutelly right, I forgot that option, but well, I want them more resistant, not invulnerable as I said. Also explosives and snipers, as Bane in person said "there is no merit on taking a Jedi out with a Sniper, do it melee" XD And also we seen in so many moments that Jedi can be beaten with melee (not only for elite bounties), also by "normal slavers" and so on. So, Jedi seem to have really good advanteges gainst low, mid and mid - high ranged level, but "nothing special" (apart that his weapon is almost unstoppable on melee XD) at close combat. About the last part of your exposition I don't get it, Can you try to explain it a bit different please? Thanks!
  8. Josep Maria

    Mass Combat checks for things other than combat.

    Maybe you can also it for bis scale confrontations like company battles, political influence or argumentation during a rising or elections or governoment change. Big scale thinks that if you translate them to a personal scala would be an simple check with Charm, "Combat", Negotiation...
  9. First thanks for all the efforts In our games we have a houserule for "really avanced force users" (not necessarelly Jedi but something near). We are aware that you can succumb to dark side and Flip a Destiny point to exchange pips (paying also strain cost and earning Conflict? Not sure) but we still created something to empower a bit force using characters. Force Focus/Mastery/Insert cool name here XD (Incidental, Out of turn): Let you exchange FP (LS ↔ DS) paying 1 Strain per pip limited by Ranks on Discipline. In movies or TV Shows high skilled Force users doesn't seem to fail checks (just when confronting another one) and apparently without falling to the Dark Side. Some scenes we watch can be explained as a "cinematic moment" or a "really lucky roll", but when it happens so usually we considered to create this option (not Talent) as one possible idea. Maybe you can consider a 3+ FR or just a "scenic Master grade" of Force Domain, not sure, but seems to work pretty fine. It's a really overpowered option in general cases, but for high level games and characters like the ones on my games (More than 2600XP) is not so powerful as it seems.
  10. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    About balance, well, I hope and wish some maturity from my players (I don't always achieve it XD). So my players doesn't use to bother just because one of them is stronger. In our games we focus on building a story, a cooperative story, between players and me. We aren't doing any competition. In one of my last games one 2600 XP player played with another 780XP one. The higher level player eventually was a Jedi XD We don't use to care about if you can kill a rancor with one hit or twenty, just in the construction of the story. Off course, there are scenes where while "Padme confronts de stupid battle droids, Qui-Gon and Obi fights the Sith". Everyone has a role on the game, no need to have the same amount of XP or Talents. Balance is betwen focus on tempos and their stories, not for how many wampas can beat before die XD About Reflect the idea is, if as a consequence of the Failures you reduce Success to 0, then it fails, if not, it fully hits (I always forgot that part sorry XD). About "fairness and balance" as said. Reflect on movies is REALLY powerful (and apparently easy and intuitive) but not infalible. This way also you can Reflect fire from Vehicles like in Rebels and CW. As I said, personally I don't care (in general therms) about balance between players. First goal, create and epic story, second one, mantain universe "coherence". And yes, tell your players that "Force users USE to be better" XD If I had a strong FU in my group I would be happy as a player, but also worried for the Inquisitor that is coming to hunt him/us XD
  11. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    I used this houserule to emule SW universe as much as I can. When I houserule I don't take balance as consideration. Force uses to be better. You still spend lots of Strain, and with our version it's a "all or nothing" compared with the normal Reflect. If you don't evade you receive full damage, and blasters and gunnery do lot of damage XD
  12. Greetings! Any suggestions for rishii? Thanks!
  13. Josep Maria

    Reflect and Parry

    In our games we made a change to Reflect (not to Parry). It gives Failures instead damage reduction, the rest of Reflect mechanics are the same. You can't Reflect a lot of time (unless you have some Talents or recover Strain of course).
  14. Happy New Year to everyone!
  15. Hi Groggy! As I use to coment in other posts, my houserules don't pretend to be balanced, just to reflect Star Wars Canon universo more effectively, so yes, high level Jedi masters, as we see in movies and tv shows are unbeatabble from low level ranks or bunch of troopers when they aren't surprised of course (in that case cannot use Reflect efectively). In game therms, well, each Reflect implies that your are loosing at first stages 3 Strain per round (plus Dodges and other options) so you can probably achieve that for about 4 or 5 rounds (considering that you roll a few Advantages). About people who whants to focus on balance instead canon, your idea of just apply it on vehicle scale is a really good one about Sil restriction, well, at clone Wars and Rebels too (not sure about this one), we saw Jedi using Reflect against big ships fire (maybe those where just laser canons or light turbolasers without any extra difficulty, cost or fatigue, so again, ok if its a balance thing but, it doesn't clearly fit with Star Wars universo. Also and in general therms, remember that you can always block acces to those talents (or only let them stack 2 or 3 of them) as a way of balance it because those Jedi techniques were lost long time ago and players cant Access to them. We tested it in our games about 2 years and a half and well, the results were so "StarWars". Awesome but not indestructible. A PC with Reflect 3 and another with Reflect 4 are still hit by a bunch of lucky Stormtroopers or even a lucky Agi 4 and 3 Ranged Light Rival Bounty hunter. But enemies use to choose for another options like grenade or área damage and melee fight those who are brave who confront the lightsaber. So powerful and SW feel, a lot, but not inmortals. Hope it helped