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  1. I love this chart and have used it to explain cover several times. The only problem I see is the 50% line at the top for the Airspeeder includes the base and flying stand and as I understand it minis with flying stand do not include base or stand for the purposes of LOF so should probably not include them for percentage of cover.
  2. Hi All This is not my project but I do know the creator and I can assure you that it is being designed to suit the Legion scale. I am not sure what items in this kickstarter there are that the couple of millimeters would make a difference but if anybody would like some measurements to be confirmed I think I can make that happen. The Dish Tower is not in true scale to the miniatures because it would not fit in anybodys house so it was made in a scale to work well on a table top. The landing pad was similar and scales well with the wizards AT-AT in the pictures however should FFG produce an AT-AT that doesn't fit under the pad it has been designed do that it can be placed on a taller support (not included) I have not frequented these boards since I the first few years of X-wing but I will try to check back if anybody wants anything answered otherwise Battle Kiwi is on facebook and pretty good and communication.
  3. I am really hoping to see RPG releases for L5R from FFG but also other products. Personally I have always thought that Rokugan would be a great setting for a miniatures game. I know there was clan wars some time ago and something like that would be cool but I really want to see a more skirmish scale game with a handful of miniatures each. Imagine a Phoenix shugenja with his samurai bodyguard leading some archers against a Lion samurai general and his swordmen or the unicorn cavalry charge and a sneaky scorpion assasin. I would be equally happy with a nice board game.
  4. Thanks for this. I stopped collecting at the end of clan wars so very much to catch up on.
  5. Try these, It is what I used for my repaints. http://www.modelermagic.com/?p=5958 Repaints here http://www.afewmaneuvers.com/topic/129-red-squadron-reporting-for-duty-3-ships-added-large-images/
  6. It only works for x-wing because star wars uses non newton physics unlike b5 especially which uses a more realistic approach to space combat.
  7. FrutigerSans said: Garven Dreis said: In-universe I believe the B-Wings were slower and less maneuverable than even Y-Wings. However IIRC they can still take a beating. Maybe male the 3 Straight forward white and It'd be golden. I swear they must have retconned the B-wing to be inferior in maneuverability than the Y-Wing. In X-wing and X-Wing Alliance Games, B-wings were faster than Y-Wings, had about 90% of the speed and maneuverability of an X-Wing. After all the whole point of the Gyroscope system was to increase the kind of attack maneuvers the ship could make. Why go design that system if it results in a slower craft? Perhaps this will help it is from the return of the Jedi Sketchbook from original production notes for the effects team.
  8. These are really nice, I am pretty keen to get some but not sure if the post to NZ would be worth it. BTW not going to be tournament legal unfortunatly.
  9. Check out my red leader repaint over on AFM www.afewmaneuvers.com/forums/viewtopic.php
  10. After deleting the old dead links i had i managed to find some new another website with studio model images. chech out my post on AFM here for this and other painting reference links. afewmaneuvers.yuku.com/topic/53/Repaint-References#.UGFnIlFafi4 Also Pay close attention to the battle of yavin most of the clear shots of an x wing it clearly has 2 stripes so is infact red 2 even when the action shoul be happening to red 5 On a similar note does anybody have references for red 6?
  11. My thoughts on this subject: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp
  12. Rogue Kiwi

    Campain System

    It stated with a thought: "Wouldn't it be cool……" you know the kind of thought. I am thinking you start with a Rookie pilot for every sucessful game he earns "commendations" x=commendations earns a new rank (imperial or rebel) at each new rank you get a new piece of kit ie Astromech, Targeting computer, Proton torps that kind of thing (hopefully mostly represented by the cards but may need to come up with other ones too) Also Each confirmed "kill" you get expierence X=experience earns new Reputation eg Experienced, vereran, Ace, legend and such. at each new Reputation you can get increased stats or skills/abilities (once again hopefully there will be cards for these) So you can make up a pilot name him and trach his career, I like the Idea of a Tie pilot earning acess to a Tie advanced when he gets to a certain rankyou could have imperial Captain Needa the verteran withe a custom pained ship with kill markings painted on if you were thus inclined. What do you think? Does anybody have good references for the rank system of the Rebel Alliance and/or the Empire I remember one of the X-wing novels gave a number of kills that made a pilot an ace any body remember what the number is or which one of the novels? (i'll probably reread them all in the near future but i am ancle deep in George RR Martin at the moment.)
  13. Hamlet23 said: I think the Imperial Shuttle would be a good choice for a sooner release. Not much of a dogfighter, but it does have front and rear guns, and makes a perfect objective for escort/ HVT missions. I concur perhaps release the rebel meduim transport at the same time, ( I know that it is no good in combat but would be another cool mission target)
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