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  1. Firstly, Cheers to the Commisar Cain saying, made me laugh again Next. I think these homebrewed homeworlds work fine, my only question is this: Where to they fit in on the origin talbe, Which of the homeworlds do they replace? this is important as it changes which of the next origin traits you can take… Finally: Why shouldn't a Schola Progenium be able to take on Lineage, I understand he was an orphan whose parents are unkonwn, but the schola progenium is known to take care of it's own, and in some cases who raised you can be just as powerful as any noble family, after all many Schola are trained by great heroes of the realms….I also feel like it could be a potential connection for your character to his dead family, a last will kind of a deal… still, very well done, seems fairly balanced, and true to the source material. nice job
  2. Under the Press Ganged rules it says with Unwitting acomplice that you gain 1 skill. You may also either select a single additional common lore or add a +10 to one you posses. question: does the you may either, mean you either get a skill or a common lore, or you get a skill, AND either a common lore or a +10 to one you have?? I feel kinda silly asking but I am really confused by this wording. maybe I am just over reading
  3. Hey, I made stats for Tyranids for Dark Heresy, although they are neither playtested or really finished they did cover the psyker powers... mind you these are the ones from the board game, not neccesarily what you are looking for, though i hope they help and here they are: Broodlord: Commanding gaze : 1/2 action, threshold 11, range Sight, Opposed WP test to target, if the broodlord wins the target may only make a 1/2 aciton next turn and may not make any attacking actions against any target. overbleed by 10 allows the broodlord to affect another target within 5 sq of the original target. touch of madness Hive Tyrant: psychic crush (malice grip), Warp howl, Inflict pain and healer mixed (deals 1d10 levels of fatiuge and heals the tyrant for that much hp) (leech essense), Compel, Sense Presence, Broodlords Commanding gaze (paroxyism) Tervigon: Catalyst: thrshold 16, focus 1/2 action, sustained, range 10m, grants target regen trait, overbleed 5, affect another target onslaught: threshold 19, focus 1/2 action, sustained range 10m, gives target hip shooting and frenzy as a free action as long as sustained healer and seal wounds and thats all the psyker, although the zoanthrope has a psychic lance, I counted it as a gun as the zoanthrope is built to not truly evoke psychich phenomena... with the following stats, using WP not balistic, also rolls one dice, on a 9 triggers phenomena Warp Blast(140m S/-/-, 1d10+8 E, Pen 2, Blast 4) Warp Lance (200m, S/-/-, 2d10+14 E, Pen 4 ) hope this helps.. In case you need justification to use less than all the beasties just say that it is a surviving hive fleet that is on planet and cannot aford to use biomass to create new creatures
  4. being a devoted and glorious devotee of the grandfather, I will add my 2 cents. Firstly, I really like this idea, as to Nurgle using music, well sure, but make sure that whoever looks at the musical score should be horrified as i see any song of nurgle being more of a gutteral discord, full of coughing and phlegmatic noises from the unfortunate singer, followed by vomiting and the sounds of bells, and other slime covered insturments..Yes the grandfather would use music....but not preety music...
  5. why not replace the mortar with a customised and repurposed Basilisk tank, something big and ponderous that the rebels can't easily move, and then have them bulked around it, have it be some kind of a wreck from earlier fighting. As for battle tipping moments, have the cultist make outflanking movements to set up heavy support guns that the pcs should work to take out, have a champion make a charge twards a building escorting a group of cultists carrying some kind of nefarious bomb. Effectivly most of the tide tipping moments should occur outside of the main carnage of battle, such that the guard/pdf can't really react to it accordingly or they don't see it, leaving the action up to our heroic players!! this usually works well
  6. interesting idea, don't know if you should use the names of modern religions though, maybe you should use the same practices but not the same name... prevents tension later...
  7. well for ships i let my players have a chase scene with hovercraft, and with a player piloting a ship while the others shot guns at a fleeing vessel it worked out rather well..... but yes piloting a space craft is rather big, but instead say he can 'command' the ships pilots to agree with him and then be able to 'pilot' through them...
  8. Help me connect these dots please! so first some background, as some may know my players originally played Rouge Trader, but after royally screwing that up (they bombed malfi), then attempting to escape inquisitorial jurisdiction, they all were killed by the inquisition. Now for this new game i have them each controlling a small band of acolytes, and following different inquisitors are acting as a cleanup crew for the events that unfolded in the previous game. now i thought it wold be awesome if my players would encounter and then either kill or resolve issues involving their old characters and the crew that followed them. here is a list of characters and the demise they experienced (to my players knowledge all these people are dead without a doubt)... My players characters (mixture of dark heresy and rouge trader characters): -Space marine initiate (male sister of battle): died when the players main ship was gutted by inquisitorial flames, had both a jump pack and helmet. wasn't specifically corrupt but i though he might become a pentient vigilante, -Explorator, head tech priest: was never really there, acted in the shadows of events and had very little impact on events, died in ship gutting. -Imperial psyker: Did very little that was 'evil' but was a questionable psyker who was investigating xeno tech a little to close for comfort, died in ship's burning as well, but was a pyromancer -Duskworld assasin, body guard: very sneaky killy guy, did very little other than the assasination of evil things, but collected the skulls and ears of aliens, heretics and the like, was left marroned on a forbidden world (suprisingly by accident, didn't have a microbead) -Main Ships captian and leader- Forge world missionary: maintained a close creedance with imperial rules, however she allowed tech heresy to continue aboard her ship and pardoned some preety big heretics and allowed them passage aboard her vessel. died in ships burning. -ships original captain- nobel rouge trader: installed a tech heretic to guide his ship and act as navigator, went insane and set himself adrift in a small attack craft in search of his archnemisis, never heard from again (had no rations though). -Voidborn assasin, security officer: personally bombed malfi, commanded the gun batteries, attacked the ships crew, persecuted 'heretics' and planned to kill everyone, died in ships fire. - and the arch heretic the ex ship captian: once commanded a great space hulk, but allowed a heretek savant to build a giant sprawling monster of a maze inside his ship, then lured his fellow players into it with the intent of killing them, made 2 contacts with deamons, rebelled against the mechanicus, allowed a deamon to enter his body, killed hundreds if not thousands of imperial citizens, and then was pardoned and allowed on board the players vessel. after the party learned of his deamonic pact they killed him in a holocaust spell, with his deamon. NPC's: -Mira Inez, xeno smuggler, and merchant extrodinarre: not a member of the ship crew, but the arch nemisis of the original captain, intended as ally to players: not deceased -Zolla winter, navigator, tech heretic: was installed in replacement of the ships machine spirit to navigate and controll ship, was initiating factor for the turn to heresy. taken away by mechanicus. -Bones, planetary leison and gunsmuggler: a scum who convinced the captain to pay him as a trading class and conducted merchantile buisness aboard the ship, worked for the beast guild as well as other dark orginizations, saved the life of the arch heretic in exchange for 1 billion thrones, was killed by psyker and arch heretic to avoid paying fees, died from fire, and exploding ammo on person. -Wraith: unsancitoned psyker found living in the underdecks of the arch heretics ship, contacted deamons, and also was killed by ship fire -Lazerous Havelok, ship historian and archivist: acted as chief historian aboard the arch heretics vessel, stayed loyal to the emporer and was rescued by players, commited suicide when arch heretic was saved, also burned the histories he kept. -Dr. Regis Maccabe: not sure who he really is, is a master of subterfuge with a unsafe addiction to human blood, works as fake doctor. steals the blood and other limbs of his patients. operated on the arch heretic to make him appear mutated so as to avoid recognition, died in ship fire. -Lionus Zarkov master of ceremonies and standing armsman: loyal to the emporer, was taken form homeworld by the original captian to be saved from duty as imperial guardsmen, did very little and kept to himself, died in ship fire. -Eli serghan, sanctinite medicae: was a sanctioned psyker who was placed in medical bay to train, did very little but healed many patients, was loyal to emporer, died in ship fire. -Drustos Cortez, chief boson: in charge of the ships morale and order Drustos was used as a bodyguard for the captain, and often aided her in finding and killing heretics, he did however spend much time in battle against the forces of chaos, and also was always with the players. died in ship fire -Lupus Constantine, chief cleric of the ordo malleus and all around badass (player appointed): Lupus constantine was the much loved and respected radical cleric aboard the vessel, obsessed with the hunting and killing of deamons, Constantine spent great lengths of time studying the dark items used to bring deamons about, also he was the one to first observe the deamonic entity inside the ex captian. during the revolutin he went aboard a deamon vessel, was kidnaped by the ex captain, was exposed to the void for a time, and died in ship fire. -Lek Gendel, ogryn, bodyguard: with the intelligence of a child, this lumbering oaf was often seen acompanying the excaptain around the ship. He did not understand the idea of chaos and was convinced they were 4 emporers, he was confused in his religion, but was happy to still be able to kill things. he was best friends with bones, and was the one to find his body, he lamented his death for 2 days, then constantine became his new friend. died in ship fire. -Zaktan: a crazed tech heretek, was allowed to enter the ex captain's ship and experiment, created numerous freaks of nature and then discovered an ancient iorn warriors ship in the space hulk, brought about catastrophic damage to the players, was killed by the captains witch lance after killing hundreds of crewmembers, but created a copy of himself inside the iorn warrriors ship, his body returned to the ship and then was desposed of, but his copy remains inside the ships deamonic entity. not deceased -the Iornforge: a iorn warriors vessel lost to the warp, used Zaktan to create a body for itself, then began to wrek the ship, was brought down and killed by the ex captain, but the ship itself, then fled the area by detaching itself from the original ship and fleeing the area. not deceased this is all the characters. as of now i have the players searching for a artifact that may have corrupted the original captain to initiate all this depravity.. any ideas on who/how i incorperate into this story?? thanks for any imput!
  9. don't know if this is super helpful, but i know that gamesworkshop posted a downloadable map for the board game Spacehulk, which took place on a space hulk... i have no idea where it is though.....
  10. also you can use a trade to justify your actions!! one of my players favorite sayings is "trust me I'm a doctor" because he has trade (apothecary), my parties psyker has on numerous occasions used his merchant trade to have pleasant dealings with people, and sell of the excess items in his inventory from body looting... but unless you apply them, and give your players some leeway.. then yes they are useless..
  11. lovely!! look like just the sort of thing that a noble NPC may keep on hand.. nice work..
  12. this has taken me way way to long, but here should be the Sunborn basic stat.. how am i doing?? Sunborn basic stats WS: 35 BS:36 S:31 T:31 AG:37 INT:42 PER: 44 WP: 58 FEL:56 wounds:15 skills: awareness, pilot (wings) +30, common lore (all), Forbidden lore (all), command +10 talents: Air of authority, iorn discipline, psy rating 4, power well, traits: natural armor (3), multiple arms, quadraped, alien anatomy gear: sunmantle (psyfocus, adds +1 to manifesting rolls, grants the mental fortress abiltiy), forsmiter (1d10+7, pen 4, power weapon), foebiter pistol, best quality ornate gem studded robes, flask of pheremones (functions as amnesec to the nose, esp. heightened sense smell), sunstones (gernade, smoke, blind), 2 clips foebiter ammo Sunborn psychic powers gain inspiring aura, inspire fear, healer, wall walk, biolightning, inflict pain and -Godwrath (threshold 30, time : full action, rng 10m, sustained: yes, effect: the sunborn recieves +30 to make attacks against the target of this spell, he also gains the tearing quality on all weapons against this target, and gains an additional attack against the target for every 2 degrees of succes when he hits in mele, addtional attacks do not grant addtional attacks, the Sunborn must attack this target whenever possible, also for every turn this power is sustained the sunborn recieves 1 level of fatuige) - Sunstorm (threshold 15, time: full action, rng: 100m, sustained:yes, effect: the Sunborn chooses a number of different points equal to the number overbleed 10's +1, each of these spots is the target of one of the following abilites (chosen individually) 1- 1d5 +2 E dmg, ignores armor, flame, blast 2. 2- blast 5 test or be blinded 3- individual in the square recovers d5 wounds. each round the sunborn chooses a new number of squares to be targeted as long as he takes a full action to readjust his focus)
  13. The darkborn are next on my list.... Darkborn, the crazed engineers of the weltran, they are utterly depraved, creating diabolical machines and devices to be sold to other Weltran castes, in this way the Darkborn have thier hold on Weltran society, they alone have the ability to create, for they have innate biological abilities to put a techpriest to shame, along the sides of thier odd mutanted spindly forms grow numerous static hairs, which serve as electrical batteries, which can be channeled along the side of the Darkborn and then suddenly with a violent quiver they will emit a charged burst of energy, ideal for powering thier creations with bioelectric pulses. these creations are then loosed on the populations of slaves, blackborn and other living 'subjects' the darkborn have captured in thier missions. on the battlefield the Darkborn act as warmaster, eagerly putting to work the grand dark mechinations which they use with glee, sometimes deliberatly alowing them to 'misfire' in order to fight back against the society that hates them.... because of this Darkborn are known as loose cannons among the other weltran, and are begrudgingly used, often with little or no support from thier fellow weltran, however the darkborn are not all crazed scientists, they also can be warmaster and leader of thier own small splinter fleets, if they have built something especially usefull for the sunborn... otherwise Darkborn have been known to lead splinters of rebeling Weltran out away from the hellhive in search of better raiding grounds. These parties are short lived and almost always come back to the hellhive eventualy, and as such the Darkborn are encouraged by the sunborn to lauch thier own raids.. The Darkborn created thier own subcastes and supporting castes in order to balance out the lack of support from thier fellows. each caste carries some of their own inventions on them, so feel free to create items on darkborn to your hearts content. Darkborn basic stats WS:33 BS:31 S:35 T:41 AG:40 INT:50 (10) PER:49 WP:51 FEL:10 wounds: 12, skills: awareness, pilot (wings) +30, common lore (one), Forbidden lore (all), Tech-use, climb, Trade (technomat, armor, scrimshaw, any others), Demolition Talents: Basic weapon training (Weltran), Lumen charge, lumen blast, Traits: natural armor (3), multiple arms, quadraped, alien anatomy. unnatural intelligence (x2) Gear: alien tools, weltran energy-location matrix (functions as auspex for technological signals), foebiter pistol (30m, S/-/-, 2d5 +1, pen 1, clip 5, 1/2 rld, forearm mounted, reliable, wing compatable), Darksmiter staff(1d10+4R, pen 2, powerfield, inbuilt foerender rifle with 1/3 range), 2 Darkblast charges (gernade, 2d5 +3, Pen d5, blast 3), 2 clips of foebiter pistol ammo, and any other needed ammo Darkborn casterolls: becuase of thier specialization Darkborn take on a casteroll from the day of thier birth Darkborn Sadist: the basic solider of the Darkborn, carry a foesnatcher gun sidearm, and also carry a foerender rifle (see rustborn entry) and have 4 Kitin swarm gernades Sadist Mark 2: some Sadists have modified thier foerender rifles into Darkcasters, well known among the Weltran as a unstable and dangerous piece of work, replace the foerender with a Darkcaster (45m, 2/4/6, 1d10+1 E, Pen Special**, clip 18, rld full) **a darkcaster has a penetration value equal to the number of Darkcaster shots the target has already been struck with this turn, so if a target is hit 2 times the first shot will have pen 0, and the second pen1, this bonus only applies to a single gun, the first hit always has pen 0. Darkborn Charioteer: Insane creators who make large constructs to ride into the frays of battle, the most loose cannon of all Darkborn, gain the pilot (chariot) +10 skill, and adds a chariot to his inventory: Chariot (hulking vehicle, Cover 5 to rider, Integrity 20, base speed: 2d10m, inflicts 1d10+6 I dmg to any target charged by the charioteer, can be dodged) Darkborn Overseer: these Darkborn lords oversee many battlefields, and although thier orders and not always obeyed they are always respected by thier peers. gains the command +10 skill, and makes thier Darksmiter staff best quality. Darkborn blaster: the heavy support of the darkborn, these diabolical Darkborn wear bulky Charaprace blasters on thier sholders which fire scores of juvinille blackborn, which are described above in my original posts (360m, S/2/-, 2d10+5 R, Pen 1, clip 4, rld 4 full, blast 2), gains 2 more darkblast charges Darkborn energizer: these Darkborn stalk the battlefield with great energy storage units on thier backs, so heavy they cannot fly, but instead thier movement charges the great drum to expell blasts of energy as if it were psychic force. gains 2 Darkblast charges, and exchanges it's darksmiter and foebiter pistol for a Energy tank ( 50m, S/-/-, 2d10+2, Pen2, Clip 20, rld 5 full, shocking, recharge, unstable, looses the ability to fly as long as it wears it's energy tank) and a channeling rod (1d10+1, pen 0, shocking), has photovisors, and a gas mask.. is the energy tank explodes the area is bathed in vile green smoke and counts as though a virus gernade had been thrown in the area as bolts of electricy jump into living targets in the area..
  14. picking fights with NPC's is a bad use of time, but i agree with the others, you should not give your players COMPLETE dead ends, unless they have another lead to immediatly pick up on... it never feels satisfying to end a mission with 'and nothing bad happened, and everything was ok.' the players want to be the heroes, and go in and rip evil a new one somehow, giving them a dead end mission to convey realism sounds like a great idea to me, but players just aren't interested in realism when it comes to relevant plot things, but the instant you begin making your own technology they expect realism..still sounded like a cool mission..
  15. whew, thanks guys, i didn't realize it was that bad, with that warning, i would like to say that my party is currently running a mission using these rules, but the players seem to be happy with it, they had some fun with the cloak and dagger politics of building characters without knowing who thier teammates and potential enemies would be, plus they really liked adding hidden things about their inquisitors, like taking the psyker carrer, or a special skill on an acolyte.. all in all looks to be doing preety well, will continue to update as we go
  16. as an added thought, rooms should have elaborate hangings, tapestries, skulls, and other trophies should litter rooms, as a way to show off the kabals power, also rooms full of prolonged suffering and pain are a must, and the tools to do this can be as sadistic as possible, from body dehydrators, to simple but very efficient flayers, have a crazed homoculous or 2 wandering the base looking for a test subject or two to give the players some sense of urgency (if the foreboding webway portals don't do that)
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    just looked on the new preview and they look pretty big, but no humans in the images, i am not super familiar with the old game, so is there a possibility they won't be included?
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    hah, that would be cool robotfan, i really hope it is in a nice scale for the details to show up well, any idea how it will shape up against other ffg board games, it's clearly smaller than the gears board game, how bout it's other miniature games??
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    Release Data?

    still no permanent date announced?? should be like another week right!! man i am sooooo looking foreword to this!
  20. So here is the stats for the Rustborn and moon born, sorry no darkborn stats today, decided to cover the 2 'lower classes' today then get around to the psykers and creators later this week... wish me luck on that. without further ado the rust born The rustborn are the fighting class of the Weltran race, this class operates on a strict regime system, and works very closely with the sunborn caste, recieveing standing orders at each shift change from the sunborn. From birth to death these welt'ran learn the sacred art of balistical fighting, weapon fighting through sparring, where weltran practice in giant mock combat against entire companies of experienced soliders (picture the battles in enders game). During this training a few gifted weltran are selected for alternative weapon training. Standing about the height of a regular weltran the rustborn cut an imposing figure from thier wide and heavily armored frames, also from thier heads sprout 2 large imposing tusks (a byproduct of the hormonal doctirne imposed upon hatchlings). The rust born view the priviledge to carry a gun as a godly gift, given down from the sunborn themselves, as most of the rustborn growth is caused and monitered by hormones distributed by the sunborn, so they often look down upon any 'lesser' castling being alowed to partake in the glorious heavenly art of war. On the battlefield Rustborn carry simple rifles that simply act as enlarged foebiter pistols, but they also carry a kitin swarm gernade, simple shards of kitin (a material made by darkborn) composed around a small generator, upon activation the generator begins charging a field that slowly polarizes the kitin plates, after a few seconds the charge reaches a maximum point, then releases, causing the kitin to repel at great speeds, in all directions, cutting through even the strongest cover. While on the battlefield rustborn break first descend from the sky onto a battlefield, using thier kitin swarm gernades before landing to take advantage of thier hieght to take out batteries of dangerous weaponry, then once on the ground, they break into small brood swarms, then proceed to move throught the area, picking off targets with foerenders, and disposing of anything that is especially armorer or hiding in cover with a kitin swarm gernade. Rustborn boarder (simple millitary fighter) WS:43 BS:42 S:37 T:45 Agi:30 Int: 29 Per: 32 WP: 28 Fel: 22 wounds: 18, skills: intimidate, awareness, pilot (wings) +10, common lore (War) +20 talents: bulging biceps, basic and pistol weapon training (wel'tran), Iorn jaw traits: natural armor (4), multiple arms, quadreped, natural weapon Armor: Some rustborn are othewise none(4 all round) weapons: Foerender rifle (90M, S/2/-, 1d10+ 3, Pen 1, clip 6, full rld, toxic, tearing), kitin swarm gernade (1d10 +3, Pen 6, blast (4)) x2, Rustborn tusks (1d10 +3, prim) includes str bonus gear: 1d6 tusk rings, 1 rust flare (to communicate to the ships in orbit about a drop site), 3 clips of foerender ammo Prestigous titles: because of class structure of the rustborn they are all trained in the same ways, leading to a single 'true' ability distribution, however there are rustborn who have shown promise with other weapons, and who have been found spiritually deserving of the ability and responsibility to carry alternative relic gear (although not relics the rustborn do not have many and cannot make more, so do not lightly carry these tools of battle into the fray), usually a fragment fleet will have 10 or 15 different specialist weapons in the group, and these fighters are guarded by blocks of boarders, and the objects are protected with as many lives as necesary, the titles of prestige and the weapons and skill changes assosiated are listed below. --foehewer: allowed to carry rustshot rifle (60m, S/-/-, 2d10+ 2, Pen 0, clip 4, 2 full rld, blast (2)), gain the heavy weapon training (welt'ran) --sadist: very rare, but a few brutal rustborn are allowed to carry a foesnatcher blaster (50m, S/-/-, 1d10-5 (min 0), clip 3, rld full, snare, flame (without chance to catch fire)), +5 to intimidate given thier brutal appearance, carries shards of bone, skin and other parts as a tatty robe. --Tactician: granted 2 foebiter pistols (see blackborn entry), also gains +10 to int, the command (using INT, rather than fel, the rustborn only really value sound tactics rather than fellowship) skill +10, also recieves another 1d6 tusk rings, and increases S by 10, gains a roughly drawn map, and a farseer (effectivly a small telescope). --Torcher: granted an extra 3 kitin swarm gernades (for later redistribution) and 1 demo pack, also recieves the demolition skill +20 --Guardian: given a caraprace husk shield (grants +2 armor to 1 arm and body, can be used as 3 points of cover), a foeslicer (mele, 1d10 +5R, pen 1, 2 handed) includes str bonus, and a foebiter pistol Now on to the moon born, really simple guys. the moonborn caste is the builder caste, and they are hardly ever seen on a battlefield, feel free if they are found to use the black born stats for them as they effectivly preform about as well in combat. however sometimes the caste prepares it's forces for battle and then they are somewhat usefull. the moonborn caste is simple, teaching a life of work, and little attachment to material possesions, the only thing a moonborn truly owns are his tools, and they are gloriously engraved with all manner of etchings of day to day life, combat experiences, and crafts built by the worker (any tools owned by a moonborn are always best quality). the buiders found in the caste are thoughtful and dilligent in whatever task is assigned to them, moreoften than not they are part of an invasion force to act as a mapmaker, or a building analyzer to plan future attacks. truly sucessful moonborn may have an ancient cover projector somewhere in thier archives that may be brought out to war, but usually not. Note that the moonrotter is actually a moonborn that is sent out to destroy buildings, and isn't treated as a moonborn anymore, but rather as a rustborn solider. moonborn artisen WS:33 BS:22 S:38 T:33 Ag:37 INT:29 PER:31 WP:29 FEL:22 wounds:15 Skills: awareness, pilot (wings) +20, trade (cartographer, mason, artist, scrimshawer) +10, scrutiny, climb +10 talents: basic weapon training (welt'ran), foresight traits: natural armor (3), multiple arms, quadraped armor: none (3 all around) weapons: riviter pistol (20m, S/3/6, 1d10 -1I, pen 0, clip 6, rld 1/2, primitive) gear: moonborn tools, cartography kit, 2 clips of rivits additional jobs (and the objects found for each) these are the true militiant moonborn --sapper: gains mele weapon training (prim), and a weltran structurefell (2d10 +6, Pen 8, 2h, unwieldy, +10 to dodge), as well as a Kitin swarm gernade --tactical engineer: gains a cover projector gun (10m, S/-/-, -, clip 10, rld 4 ful, holocover) holocover is effectivly ghostly fields that produce cover (worth 2 points) that can be maintained as long as the gun is fired until the clip must be changed, if the target is changed then the original cover fades away and a new piece appears. and 1 extra battery clip, plus a farseer and replaces the riviter with a foebiter --sabotour/ moonrotter: gains demolition (places remote explosives to bring down buildings), 3 sabotour charges (2d10+4x, Pen 6), a camoline cloak, and a remote detonator. There it is, how does it look?? these guys are built for relativly mobile quick battles, with them streaming in from all around and then leaving. but do they achomplish that?
  21. Till then though heres a tidbit about the Fallen.. The Sunborn control a special resource in the Weltran race, and that is a chemical that can be used to influence the births of the Weltran, it is viewed as a holy substance given to the sunborn by thier Gods (which form a parthenon similar to the Greek parthenon for dieties) however this gift is not to be used heavily, as it is heavily guarded, and after the last civil war, given in small quantities to the solider and builder castes as well, this chemical (when placed in the birthing chamber) causes the weltran born in that cycle to be of a different caste than normal, each chemical forms a different caste (effectivly there are 3 chemicals, one for each 'good' caste). This chemical was agreed to only be used in the direst of circumstances when a caste was about to die off..however the Sunborn control far more of this chemical than any other, as they didn't give away the bulk of this great gift. Upon birth into the Sunborn caste, a hatchling is expected to help stir the great vats of chemicals, which ocupy the inner sanctum of the Sunborn Citadel on thier home world (effectily the sunborn right of passage) and this unique exposure to brain altering chemical fumes mixed with the radiation from the sun of thier birth results in the development of thier psychic ability, however it also triggers something far worse. The Sunborn cells become radiated and saturated with chemicals that cause thier function to be changed for the better, allowing for powerful psychic potential, however over time as the body of a sunborn ages this chemical saturation begins to change thier structure, the golden skin of the sunborn begins to flake off, thier body visibly shrinks, and withers, as more and more skin flakes off, the sunborn call this process the calling, as they view it as the call of the gods to leave thier sunborn vestments and join the parthenon, so most sunborn upon reaching this stage commit a form of ritual suicide to join the gods, however as sunborn were given command over raiding parties that went further and further away from the homeworld this calling was ignored in a few individuals, who decided to endure the calling to keep power, as thier bodies shrank and thier forms twisted, they found thier psychic abilties multiplied tenfold, and thier minds raced with brilliant theroums and ideas that had never occured to them before, ideas that pushed the very bounds of weltran society. To thier fellow Weltran these individuals became increasingly sadistic, forgoing the normal guiding wisdom of the sunborn and embracing the headon insanity of the darkborn, many of these sunborn gained a heavy following of the brutish and the cruel... Effectivly the Fallen are sunborn who have long outlived thier calling, thier forms are twisted and small, they look more like a darkborn than a sunborn, however they maintain their power and authority, and thier psychic potential becomes more and more powerful... They mostly turn rouge, leave the weltran society, become pirates and created hatching chambers on the outskirts of imperial space... They are incapable of producing anything but one caste in any one location and so are perpetually moving thier ships to new orbits searching for a birthing place where they can gain new caste members to continue the old ones. as such they often give the blackborn a unparraleled degree of power...not by want but by neccesity
  22. Dear goodness, i can't seem to get enough time into a day, so sorry about the wait on stats, but i should have the entire race finished by the end of the week... i am now working on another project, where i take the D and D 4.0 monster manual and transpose it's beasties into dark heresy monsters, because i want some wierd pskyers in the game and also my cults could use some xeno filth my players can cut through.. but the weltran should be done by friday, tommorow i should have the stats for the Blackborn and Rustborn posted... Cheers to that!
  23. I would wholly agree with Zillaprime, when building the deamon host, be sure to look at what you can add to make it more fun/dangerous for my players, I built a deamon host for my players, but made sure that it would give them a hardy fight, the regeneration trait is a good choice, or even as they damage it have it become bigger and scaryier (as they blast away flesh the warp itself boils over, causing the deamon to get stronger while the host itself becomes weaker). also maybe give it a few deamon cohorts who want it free from the host itself, but are willing to stop and fight off the players.. just to ask what kind of deamon host are you making??
  24. alrighty, here we go, finnaly after some heavy aggrevation and hard work the rules for the simplest of the Welt'ran the black born The Black born are the unfortuate workers and slaves who make up the dominant portion of Welt'ran society, throught thier labor and sacrifice they have allowed the Welt'ran to excell... WS:23, BS: 32, S;23 T;34 AG;37 INT:29 PER:31 WP:28 FEL: 22, wounds: 13, skills: awareness, pilot (wings) +20, common lore (one) Talents: if applicable weapon training of any sort Traits: natural armor (3), multiple arms, quadraped, alien anatomy. Gear: alien tools, some lucky black born are allowed to carry a foebiter pistol (30m, S/-/-, 2d5 +1, pen 1, clip 5, 1/2 rld, forearm mounted, reliable, wing compatable) Any weapon with the wing compatable quality may be fired while the Welt'ran is flying/ hovering in the air without penalty, as it lacks considerable kick back or bracing requirements.
  25. The weltran have more than one 'ship' however, it only has ONE ship that the imperium would consider a ship, it's main vessel dubbed hellhive by many a governor and navy commanding officer, it serves as the commanding center for the weltran, this vessel is easily the size of a imperium cruiser, it is formed by all the resources taken off the main planet, however, once the weltran made a few movements around the galaxy the sunborn discovered a horrid revelation, thier newborn castlings were too weak to continue living efficiently in the hive, in short the weltran are so connected to the position to thier planet that once seperated before birth they are hideously malformed, even to put a darkborn to shame, and do not survive for long, so the weltran returned to thier dead world, rebuilt thier great birthing chambers, and retained numerous small bases on the planet while the ominous ship orbited around the planet, a defense staition and watching gaurdian. However, without resustainable resources the weltran needed an alternative means to sustain themselves and new building materials. Using a small portion of thier great hive ship the builder castes with the aid of slaves built a ramshakle fleet of splinter ships (literally fragments of materials with a few compartments burrowed into them, and a very fundemental engine added) that descended onto the next planet that thier homeworld appeared in orbit next to, raiding it for new materials and other goods, using these a new fleet was built, and set out to find new matierials, in this way the races power grows, they raid ships or planets to rebuild thier ships and send back amounts of goods to thier homeworld to be used to sustain the race. at the head of these raiding fleets is a sunborn who is appointed by the head council to lead a new fleet... so sorry about the lack of stats. i have been super busy. hope this clears up your question.
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