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  1. I live in the PST zone.e I have played Rogue Trader countless times and am currently GMing a pretty enjoyable campaign. I've been playing RPGs for the last 8 years and been avidly involved in Rogue Trader, Shadowrun, Dungeons and Dragons, and an RPG of my own. I have been playing warhammer 40k tabletop for about 5 years and I know the lore pretty extensively. I know all about how the inquisition works, so playing an acolyte should be very easy.
  2. Hello, everyone. I am looking for an online game to join. Anyone willing to take in another Acolyte?
  3. We run a game every friday at 8pm PST via skype and we are in search of a Rogue Trader. Anyone interested? Email me at roguetraderant@gmail.com.
  4. We run a game every friday at 8pm PST via skype and we are in search of a Rogue Trader. Anyone interested? Email me at roguetraderant@gmail.com.
  5. You are always more than welcome to join haha
  6. We hold a RT game via skype chat every friday at 8 pm PST. We have 6 players, but are always welcome to add more. Classes available are: Void-Master Navigator Missionary Kroot Mercenary email me at roguetraderant@gmail.com
  7. I don't have all that much access to the source books. However, on a separate note, I wouldnt worry about your guy hindering the group. Unless you go insane from constant psychic resist failure then you are one of the most valuable members.
  8. I personally do not have the book, but I am certain one of the other players has it. Also, I don't think your Space Wolf will be an issue, unless you would rather change in which case I would prefer it done as soon as possible to avoid complication in the story. But I have some things planned for your wolf if you wanna stick with him.
  9. Name a time and a place. Skype or Vent and I will be there today.
  10. I am ok with you changing to GM. Would we be able to play today still?
  11. For those of you that don't know, we changed the xp total gained per session to 500 instead of 400.
  12. Here is the campaign forum. Discuss anything that you would like.
  13. Niles_Draconia said: DrPersons said: I am GMing a Rogue Trader game that starts this upcoming Friday at 8pm PST via Skype. I think it would be very interesting to add a Dark Heresy character into the mix. Anyone interested? I wouldn't mind playing either I've got almost no experince with the system and would love to learn it as I love 40k's universe. email me at roguetraderant@gmail.com...if you would rather play a Deathwatch character, you may.
  14. Any and all deathwatch fans that wish to have their marine journey into the Koronus Expanse aboard a rogue trader vessel, now is your chance. Tomorrow we will commence are first mission of the Rogue Trader campaign and if anyone wishes to have a space marine join the crew then feel free to email me at roguetraderant@gmail.com. We will be playing Friday (tomorrow) via skype at 8pm PST. I will be checking for emails tonight and tomorrow so late straglers can still join.
  15. Any and all Acolytes who wish to take part into a marvelous journey into the Koronus Expanse, this is your final call to join the crew. We will begin our first game tomorrow at 8pm PST via skype. Email me at roguetraderant@gmail.com.
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