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  1. @Seastan I don’t post on these boards much at all for reasons I won’t get into. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you have done for the community through here, Ringsdb and the COTR podcast. I have been a listener since the very first episode and have enjoyed all the hosts. Having become a recent father and with all your educational and employment responsibilities, I am grateful for the time you invest into the game and the sharing of your inisights. I enjoy seeing your thought process for these various decks and the game in general. I play this game for fun and fun only. You have added to that immensely. Thank you.
  2. Large X-Wing Collection - US only I have everything through Wave VIII and multiples of many ships. Looking for collection(s) of the following LCG - LOTR; AGOT 2E; Android Netrunner; or, possibly SW. Here is a complete listing: Ships Owned and Pilots · A-Wing: 8 o Prototype Pilot x8 o Green Squadron Pilot x8 o Gemmer Sojan x2 o Arvel Crynyd x6 o Jake Farrell x2 o Tycho Celchu x6 · Attack Shuttle o “Zeb” Orrelios o Ezra Bridger o Sabine Wren o Hera Syndulla · B-Wing: 5 o Blue Squadron Pilot x5 o Dagger Squadron Pilot x5 o Nera Dantels x2 o Ibtisam x3 o Keyan Farlander x2 o Ten Numb x3 · E-Wing: 1 o Blackmoon Squadron Pilot x1 o Corran Horn x1 o Etahn A’Baht x1 o Knave Squadron Pilot x1 · G-1A Starfighter: 1 o Ruthless Freelancer x1 o Gand Findsman x1 o 4-LOM x1 o Zuckuss x1 · HWK-290: 2 o Rebel Operative x2 o Roark Garnet x2 o Kyle Katarn x2 o Jan Ors x2 o Spice Runner x1 o Torkil Mux x1 o Palob Godalhi x1 o Dace Bonearm x1 · JumpMaster 5000: 1 o Contracted Scout x1 o Manardo x1 o Tel Trevvura x1 o Dengar x1 · Kihraxz: 1 o Talonbane Cobra x1 o Graz the Hunter x1 o Black Sun Ace x1 o Cartel Marauder x1 · K-Wing: 1 o Warden Squadron Pilot x1 o Guardian Squadron Pilot x1 o Esege Tuket x1 o Miranda Doni x1 · M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor: 1 o Cartel Spacer x1 o Tansarii Point Veteran x1 o Laetin A’Shera x1 o Serissu x1 · StarViper: 1 o Black Sun Enforcer x1 o Black Sun Vigo x1 o Guri x1 o Prince Xizor x1 · TIE Advanced: 3 o Tempest Squadron Pilot x3 o Storm Squadron Pilot x3 o Lieutenant Colzet x1 o Commander Alozen x1 o Zertik Strom x1 o Juno Eclipse x1 o Maarek Stele x2 o Darth Vader (TIE Advance x1) x2 o Sienar Test Pilot (TIE Adv. Prototype) x1 o Baron of the Empire (TIE Adv. Prototype) x1 o Valen Rudor (TIE Adv. Prototype) x1 o The Inquisitor (TIE Adv. Prototype) x1 · TIE Bomber: 5 o Scimitar Squadron Pilot x5 o “Deathfire” x1 o Gamma Squadron Pilot x5 o Gamma Squadron Veteran x2 o Captain Jonus x5 o Tomax Bren x1 o Major Rhymer x5 · TIE Defender: 2 o Delta Squadron Pilot x1 o Onyx Squadron Pilot x1 o Countess Ryad x1 o Glaive Squadron Pilot x2 o Maarek Stele x1 o Colonel Vessery x1 o Rexler Brath x1 · TIE Fighter: 12 o Academy Pilot x12 o Obsidian Squadron Pilot x12 o Black Squadron Pilot x12 o “Chaser” x1 o “Wampa” x1 o “Night Beast” x5 o “Youngster” x1 o “Dark Curse” x5 o “Mauler Mithal” x5 o “Scourge” x1 · TIE Interceptor: 7 o Alpha Squadron Pilot x3 o Avenger Squadron Pilot x3 o Saber Squadron Pilot x7 o Royal Guard Pilot x4 o “Fel’s Wrath” x3 o Lieutenant Lorrir x2 o Kir Kanos x2 o Tetran Cowall x2 o Turr Phennir x3 o Carnor Jax x2 o Soontir Fel x3 · TIE Phantom: 1 o “Whisper” x1 o “Echo” x1 o Shadow Squadron Pilot x1 o Sigma Squadron Pilot x1 · TIE Punisher: 1 o “Redline” x1 o “Deathrain” x1 o Black Eight Sq. Pilot x1 o Cutlass Squadron Pilot x1 · X-Wing: 7 o Rookie Pilot x7 o Red Squadron Pilot x7 o Tarn Mison x1 o Biggs Darklighter x5 o “Hobbie” Klivian x1 o Garven Dreis x1 o Jek Porkins x1 o Luke Skywalker x5 o Wedge Antilles x1 o Wes Janson x1 · Y-Wing: 3 o Gold Squadron Pilot x2 o Gray Squadron Pilot x2 o “Dutch” Vander x2 o Horton Salm x2 o Syndicate Thug x2 o Hired Gun x2 o Drea Renthal x1 o Kavil x1 · Z-95 Headhunter: 2 o Bandit Squadron Pilot x1 o Tala Squadron Pilot x1 o Lieutenant Blount x1 o Airen Cracken x1 o Nashtash Pup Pilot x1 o Binayre Pirate x2 o Black Sun Soldier x2 o Kaa’to Leeachos x1 o N’dru Suhlak x1 · Aggressor: 1 o IG-88A x1 o IG-88B x1 o IG-88C x1 o IG-88D x1 · Firespray-31: 3 o Bounty Hunter x3 o Krassis Trelix x3 o Kath Scarlet x3 o Boba Fett x3 o Mandalorian Mercenary x1 o Emon Azzameen x1 o Kath Scarlet x1 o Boba Fett x1 · Lambda-Class Shuttle: 1 o Omicron Group Pilot x1 o Captain Yorr x1 o Colonel Jendon x1 o Captain Kagi x1 · VCX-100: 1 o Lothal Rebel x1 o “Chopper” x1 o Kanan Jarrus x1 o Hera Syndulla x1 · VT-49 Decimator: 1 o Captain Oicunn x1 o Commander Kenkirk x1 o Patrol Leader x1 o Rear Admiral Chiraneau x1 · YT-1300: 3 o Outer Rim Smuggler x3 o Chewbacca x3 o Lando Calrissian x3 o Han Solo x3 · YT-2400: 1 o Wild Space Fringer x1 o Eaden Vrill x1 o “Leebo” x1 o Dash Rendar x1 · YV-666: 1 o Bossk x1 o Moralo Eval x1 o Latts Razzi x1 o Trandoshan Slaver x1 · CR90 Corvette: 1 · Gozanti-class Cruiser: 1 · GR-75 Medium Transport: 1 · Raider-class Corvette: 1
  3. Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA has agreed to host the 2016 Fellowship Event on November 12, 2016 at 1:00 PM. There will be a cost associated with the event going toward the purchase of the play kit. Each attendee will receive a copy of the encounter deck, a play mat and an alternate art card. Let me know if you are interested in attending.
  4. Bay Area LOTR players. I am arranging a 2016 Fellowship Event at Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA for November 12th, at 1:00 PM. I posted under Community Events. Let me know if you are interested in attending.
  5. EDITED: Date 11-12-16 not 2017 I don't know how to change the date in the title. Hello all Bay Area Lord of the Rings fans! I have spoken with Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA and they have agreed to host a Fellowship Event on November 12, 2017. The target time is 1:00 PM. If you have an interest in joining us, please let me know. There will be a cost to cover the purchase of the play kits. Each attendee will be walk away with an encounter deck, alternate art card and playmat. Space will be limited. Let me know! Ron
  6. For my solo attempts, I actually read it this way from the beginning, that I had to control all 14 locations. I used the West Gate as my selected first unique location and then used its Action text. Once I put it in my victory display, I would use its Action when I could and then make it the active location again to fulfill all the Action requirements. The only issues were when I had Ruined Tower in my Victory Display because when I placed West Gate back as the active location, Ruined Tower went back to the staging area. This was not necessarily a problem as I just worked it out so that they were the last three. The West Gate allowed me to control pretty well what I was dealing with location wise. All that is a moot point because it appears from everything I have been reading, my interpretation of that requirement on the Quest card was incorrect. So, I will relegate this to multi-player mode only.
  7. How do I find out if a game store in the SF Bay Area will be participating?
  8. I have enjoyed both. When playing solo one-handed I tend to play modified easy mode where I take the two resources per hero in the opening round but leave all encounter cards in. I have been doing deck building for a while so it does not take long to build a solo, one-handed deck. Using modified easy mode, I have been successful on all quests through the Dwarrowdelf cycle except for Dol Guldor. If not the first time, then the second time through. I am looking at more two-handed solo now though so I can experience the newer deck archetypes that are coming out. Whatever way works for you - the primary purpose is to have fun! So I encourage you to try different ways!!!
  9. I have been buying the cards since their introduction and have remained a consistent purchaser of the cards as they have been coming out. None of my friends play the game and so it has seen only solitaire play. I only wish I had been as consistent a player as I had a purchaser. I recently took the game upstairs to my game room and found myself more frustrated than happy to sit down with it. Since I have other solitaire games that I can play that do not require deck building I feel I would have to invest for the game to be enjoyable to me, I have made the diffuclt decision to try to sell the entirety of the collection. Let me first state that the cards have been extremely well cared for. While they have not been sleeved, they have not been played that much at all; primarily the core set encounters and the Hunt for Gollum. The remaining encounter decks have not been touched except to look at them. I have only the core set box. None of the remaining packaging for any of the other decks or expansions have been saved. I have organized the cards into Deck Boxes and all the boxes fit in the core game box, though lifting the lid a bit once the rules are added. The rule sheets for the expansions have been hole punched as I used to have them in a binder. Here is a listing of the cards I have: 2 of the Core Set (first printing) 1 each Mirkwood Cycle AP 1 Khazad-Dum expansion 1 of each Dwarrowdelf AP Both Hobbit expansions - Under Hill Over Hill and On the Doorstep 1 Heirs of Numenor expansion Massing at Osgiliath - print on demand I would like to get $275 for the complete collection, though I will listen to offers. Shipping and handling will be extra. My zipcode for those purposes is 94509.
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