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  1. I've always assumed that will all the gene therapy, implants, and hormones, that space marines are probably shooting blanks so to speak. The parts are there, they might even still function, but reproduction is out of the question. Then coupled with hypno-therapy and what not and the desire is probably gone as well. 

  2.  I think it's i could balance to strike would be that sure they can kill the inquisitor, but first they need to get their facts straight. Maybe, the Watch-Captain "exiles" them but really sends them off on covert op with the intention of sending them away while the politics of the situation.

  3.  The line you need to tread is at a certain point after you have piled on all these penalties, the player might as well not play his character any more. Lose his power armor, squad and solo mode abilities? At this point he is so utterly gimped he could fit in with a early to mid level rogue trader game pretty much. He will be complete dead weight to the rest of the squad.

  4. Adeptus-B said:


    'Carte blanche' is boring. It's much more interesting from a storytelling perspective for PCs to have to carefully consider the consequences of their actions.



    I find my self in agreement with this. That said, there is difference between realistic consequence, fun consequence, and ******* GM consequence.

    In this case what would might be interesting would be Kill-Team to be gathering evidence before they make there move, and then presenting the information to their Watch-Captain. Either before the deed and get the Watch-Captains approval, or afterwards at an inquiry performed by the Deathwatch.


    The key here, is too neither allow playing to run wild as cowboy cop marines but at the same time encourage them to take an active interest in what NPCs do.

    Essentialy by playing smart and being prepared the players should be able to avoid most reprecussions for the act.

  5. True, but i don't think that Dark Eldar have some special powers that specifically need drawbacks. At least not compared to already existing Kroot and Ork Pcs(or Navigators with certain mutations).

    The differences between Craftworld Eldar and Dark Eldar seem to be cultural.

    That said the amount of pain required is probably highly dependent on age. A younger dark eldar(like a PC) probably can get by with brutal hunts for vermin in the lower decks.



  6. I can't say i'm in favor of this rule. Mostly because A: It's rather arbitrary, and B: It penalizes melee which is already struggling to compete with ranged.


    Edit: I saw you footnote so I figured i would amend my post somewhat.

    What is the purpose of your purposed rule?

    What do you believe it adds to the game?

    Are you actually trying to be realistic or are you just trying to ram Game of Thrones down your player's throats?


  7. Adeptus-B said:

    I hope they have actual rules for Slaanesh draining their souls if they don't create enough pain and suffering, rather than be presented with all of the advantages of being a DE without the major disadvantage…

    Eh, I would much prefer that to be more of a role-playing thing. Or perhaps loose guidelines. Because quite frankly, a dark eldar isn't any more special then craft world eldar. That said, I could see torture being a method of removing corruption points.

  8.  I think what someone needs to do if that want to make an Inquisitor career for Deathwatch is first decide what should the Inquisitor's role be. Is it that of a team leader? A tactical marine already does an excellent job at that. Most of marine carrers however, have difficultly with any social skills other then command and intimidate, so that seems a good avenue. N0-1_H3r3 is correct when he says that an Inquisitor can open up a lot of doors for a kill-team.

    Another thing to consider is gear. Requisiton helps a space marine aquire gear beyond there basic kit, which in the grand sceme of things is highly formitable. What is basic kit for an Inquisitor?



  9. First of all you need to decide what you want from ascension before you go about trying to find alternatives. If your simply wanting to continue your campaign from rank 8, i'm not really sure that ascension is salvagable if you want any sembilance of balance. If on the other hand you want a game where your players can succeed at tying their shoes on an average roll, can read and write at there first rank, and in general feel competence(not excellence, just basic competence) is the rule instead of the norm. Or perhaps your players want to be eisenhorn  and his retinue and not some nameless mooks who don't even get a name. 


    We have some options here. The first and easiest is to just use Rogue Trader. The starting power level leaves plenty of room to grow, while still having staring characters that are well rounded and quite competent. You might not want to give your players a ship automatically(or you might, depending on the type of game you want to run), and you might want disallow the naviagator career, and maybe make slight changes to the astropath carrer to change into a more normal psyker.

    The other option i see is using black crusade and making archetypes that are appropriate for an Inquistion game. This includes special abilities for each archetype(possibly looting from rogue trader, deathwatch, and ascension, and well as the existing archetypes in black crusade), figuring out how to treat aligment,(is everyone automatically stay unaligned, pick an anlignment at character creation, use normal black crusade alignment, maybe a system where you for puposed and advancement choose to be aligned to one god and apposed to a different god, like a death cult assassin alighned to khorne, opposed to nurgle and neutral with the other two, Or even reassigning alignments based on class or something),whether or not to use failings, whether to allow space marines, and other choices you might want to make such as how to handle sisters of battle, you handle limits on the psy rating and other choices. 

    This is clearly the most labor intensive choice, but also the one in my opinion makes for the best game.



  10.  If you were going to use the Seneschal as your career path, I would go with Unnatrual Agility, Heightened Senses(Sight,Hearing, Smell) Speak Langugue Low Gothic and Eldar. Exotic weapon training in the more basic Eldar weapons I.E shuriken weapons. Stats starting at 25 across before die roll. A few Lore skills and this seems to be a good starting point.

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