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  1.  Also, Plushy, if it seems like i'm nagging and nit-picking, it's because I like your doing and I hope it's the best you can make it.

    Making it all upsides means that the player is looking solely at the bonuses(and what image he has for his character, but taste isn't something you can balance around) as opposed to both the bonuses, and the often rather nasty circumstantial penalities. This can lead to unorthodox concepts.

  2.  The homeworlds probably shouldn't give corruption unless they are really weird. Like from Dusk or something. My suggestion would be to go with cicumstantial penalities. Also, I would give the arbitrator an article of clothing.


    On to being more specific. Schola, still seems to have no draw backs.  For voidborn, i don't think the corruption should be 1d10 it should be 1d5. Penal colony also seems pretty high on the upsides vs down sides as it has no sitational penalities. 


    That said, Homeworlds could be all upsides.While it would be a(rather mild) power boost, it makes things simpler(less conditional modifers to keep track of), and also encourage variety so you don't have the i'm playing the void born so i better not invest in fellowship since i suck at it.


    Either way is a valid plan IMHO.

  3.  It very well might depend on the CO of the unit is question. I could see some officers(or commissars) ruthlessly punishing though render themselves in any way unfit for front line duty. I could see others giving what amounts to a slap on the wrist in the case of pregnancy and likely transfering the woman in question to non-front line duties.


    It depends how you want to potray the Guard. Are guardsmen at even greater risk from their own superiors then the enemies they were sent to fight? Are their CO's aloof and uncaring? Or do they actually care for the lives on their men? Giving the order for a costly with great regret? Wishing there was a less costly alternative?

  4.  Techincally no… You don't have to have those two, while you need the DMG the MM to play.


    That said… the stuff in MoX and RoB are really really nice. Including Vehicles rules, alternate ranks, the ability to use requistion to get assistant from other imperial forces, and also a large ammount monster varity.

  5.  The Imperium also embodies gross incompetence. You could have a piece of kit should would greatly increase troop performance and have requests for it denied because it's not in the proper index for gear that may be requestioned.

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