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  1. I'm pretty sure the melee focused people are Ogryns and Commissars.
  2. Actually i would argue that storm troopers are pretty much the parallel of modern day special forces. Still they are not melee specialists.
  3. Frigates are always a solid choice.
  4. As Pure combat ships, raiders are very powerful. The issue is power and space issues.
  5. I think it's not that Librarian don't have good things. They start out with force weapons and psyker abilities can replace a large amount of different ranged weapons. It's rather that most astartes weaponry doesn't interest them. They are weak at ballasitic skill and quite frankly they have no melee upgrades they can get. Other then psychic hoods any there isn't really any thing exiciting they can get. Not including artificer armor. Everyone likes artificer armor. except wolf scouts. That said if the team needs somethings, the Librarian is the one that suffers the least to provide the req for it.
  6. Skills would need to to be modified slightly due too differences in the skill list.
  7. I believe for all rule purposes the Wolf skull helm is considered sealed with the exception of allowing a space wolf your use his solo mode.
  8. Wait as in roll randomly for the regiment? Why?
  9. That seems to be a viable idea. For rogue trader i was thinking regimental/ Ordo bonus could be replaced by ship roles bonus.
  10. I would imagine that Micro beads given out to a sqaud would only comunicate with the squad they are given to.
  11. The list of Specialities look good. For the Arbitrator i wouldn't give them a riot shield starting out honestly. They can aquire it later if they wish. For rogue trader level of play give everyone + 5 to all characteristics, and around 3000 xp with some spending limits attached.
  12. Honestly for rogue trader.. hmm.. The Exploritor is really just the rogue trader version of the tech priest. Rogue Trader is closer to Black Crusade in rough XP value. Black Crusade is in between rogue trader and death watch but closer to rogue trader.
  13. Ordo Sicarius Operative is in Demon Hunter.
  14. That does seem like a reasonable idea. Although most alternate ranks really dont need representation.
  15. I could see Biomancy being uses to regenerate it.
  16. That fine for you to think so, but I maintain it's easily possible to over do it.
  17. I dont think there needs to be alternate advances in an OW based game.
  18. There are some fights that can be overcome through tactical thinking. Then there are fights that players have virtually no chance of winning except through GM fiat.
  19. You could probably run a dark heresy game by just straight up using the WoD system.
  20. Dispite what AK-47 said, there is such such thing as to many enemies. 8 Lictors are in the same fight vs a low level party is going to be too much. A single greatly demon vs a low level party is going to be too much. Also if your not sure if a fight is too hard or too easy go with too easy, you can also add reinforcements latter. As for as XP goes, looks at the cost of advancements.. I would say 1000 as a starting point. More for good roleplaying, tactics your didn't see, or out of the box thinking. On too psykers, yes they are powerful. I also would limit the sqaud to one. Not solely for power reasons but also because they take longer to run. Powerwise, the biggest culprit is smite. Counting Psykers is tricky. It's hard to only mildly nerf them. If a devastator, you can make sure there is plenetly of cover, he can still shoot through it, but it will soak of some of his damage. Here is the thing if tamping down on one player(as opposed to a hard fight all around), make sure it's not crippling(dont use slannar warmarchines, unless your going to allow some real creaative use of powers), and or make sure there is something else the player in question can do.
  21. Sqaud Mode is as Death Watch groups Trump card. It's also what makes a tacitical marine probably the best commond character in all of the published WH40k rp systems.
  22. I'm ok with the Stormbolter being straight up better then a normal bolter. It's pretty much the upgraded version of the bolter.
  23. One excecption i can think is the Ciaphas Cain Novels. I remember Cain noting that he disliked working with local PDF forces because they tend to suffer from communication issues brought on by the lack of Microbeads.
  24. Perhaps, i could also see Peer abilities. Also with regards to Ordo's having some knowledge of what your suppose to be looking for, investigating or fighting might be a good idea.
  25. Thats actually not that supprising, given thank they are they have the XP equivalent of rank 3 space marines. By rank 7 they most likely have acess to a large amount of fire power. Such as melta weapons.. Now admitely, they are likely to be highly squishy.
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