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  1.  Hmm I suppose i should provide a concrete of example of what i'm asking about. Ok the people involved are the chaos space marines Talks-in-Theater  and Puppy-kicker. Opposed to them is the Salamander Devastator, Bob the Builder.

    The two chaos space marines are standing two meters apart. Bob spots the evil-doers and opens up with his heavy bolter loaded with metal storm rounds. He scores 6 degress of success, and so gets all 6 of his hits. now he decides to dived the shots 50/50 between the two villians, for 3 on each.


    My Question is what happens now?

  2. Some of the special talents can probably be converted to normal talents. Likely high  tier. Pure faith i would have be  t3 talent, wich each power costing a flat sum of xp depending on the power of the faith power in question. Black Crusade might be worth consulting as several talents that were limited certain alternate ranks were made into general talents along some talents that were originally introduced in deathwatch but are usable in black crusade by humans.Never Die from black crusade for example IS Duty until Death.

    Machinaratory array was reprinted in rogue trader and death watch as a talent purchaseable by explorators and tech-marines respectivly.

  3.  In the dark heresy adventure book, space marine bolters were 2d10. In death watch they were 2d10+5. After the errata and and in black crusade they were 1d10+9. They were most likely changed because they were insanely powerful. As in more dangerous then astartes plasma weapons. With none of the drawbacks.

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