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  1. There are numerous examples through history of forces with inferior technology making progress against those with superior weapons. Zulus killed lots of British for example. One Rogue Trader ship simply does not have the manpower to occupy an entire planet so if the locals resisted at all the only thing the RT can really do is glass bits of the planet, which wastes resources and when he leaves that threat goes away.
  2. They might have to rely on something like a GPS system, set up by the Navy when arriving on planet.
  3. Heh yeah the double negative was in error. Regardless I think we both agree that the talent in question refers to combat where you are using WS checks to hit each other no matter what implement you use to roll damage.
  4. Sorry but I don't see it as semantics. I have NEVER seen hand-to-hand not used as a technical term for unarmed combat only and it is wrong to do so in all forms. I also don't think that "hand-to-hand" is ever used in FFG games to mean unarmed combat, so they have been consistent. That was my point, sorry if it wasn't clear.
  5. Coming from that chapter I'd have thought he would be thoroughly tested before being allowed to go anywhere. After that I don't think any chapter would be able to take him in so it would be Deathwatch for him. Not sure about black shield or not but I just can't see an actual chapter wanting a marine that hasn't done their particular brand of ritual and doesn't have (more importantly) their geneseed.
  6. I wouldn't stat it like vehicle. It's just plain too big and powerful to be considered like that. Decide what it requires for them to get on board and treat the interior as a location that they move through complete with badguys etc. So for example: Awareness to spot a suitable boarding point. Climb/acrobatics to actually grab on. Climb to get to an entrance Security to break in
  7. "Hand-to-hand combat (sometimes abbreviated as HTH or H2H) is a lethal or nonlethal physical confrontation between two or more persons at very short range (grappling distance) that does not involve the use of firearms or other distance weapons.[1] While the phrase "hand-to-hand" appears to refer to unarmed combat, the term is generic and may include use of striking weapons used at grappling distance such as knives, sticks, batons, or improvised weapons such as entrenching tools.[1] While the term hand-to-hand combat originally referred principally to engagements by military personnel on the battlefield, it can also refer to any personal physical engagement by two or more combatants, including police officers and civilians." This is only from wikipedia but is referenced. I would never consider 'hand-to-hand' to only refer to unarmed combat. Not sure I've ever seen a set of rules (wargaming or RPG) that used the phrase exclusively for unarmed combat, but I'm prepared to believe there are - they are just wrong :-).
  8. Well partly because the rules do not give it to them. Given that they come from a variety of worlds it is by no means certain that this is the case on every world. They are also described as incredibly stupid, who's to say that every Ogryn is *capable* of learning, by fighting in his homeworld society, how to use a club effectively and some don't just swing wildy in a hyper aggressive manner? An ogryn's view of 'knowing how to use a weapon' might be "you hit him with it and he gets hurt". This is very different from training.
  9. As Jargal says, but remember that a character is supposed to go into Interrogator before Inquisitor, and there are certain classes that make more sense. I would argue, for example, that a guardsman or most assassins probably won't have the skills to make a good Inquisitor as the careers focus too much on fighting and not enough on interrogation/interaction. But if you know you are aiming for it you can probably work towards it more effectively.
  10. That's brilliant. He deserves everything he gets for that little stunt!
  11. I disagree that any ogryn should know how to use low tech weapons. Being able to swing a sword/warhammer is not the same as being able to actually hit somenone (thing) that is fighting back and moving!
  12. Yeah exactly, knives the ideal as the force as stabbing someone is essentially the same and they aren't unwieldy. I think increasing the grenade radius would be appropriate. I might be tempted to say that all explosions ignore armour as well as it is the concussive force doing the damage, with all explosives doing impact damage. I think harpoon as SP/exotic is a judgement call. Given it is basically the only really appropriate underwater weapon I would say it depends on what you want to happen; do you want everyone to grab harpoon guns asap and start attacking each other or do you want the guy with *the* harpoon gun to be a major danger? IIRC correctly Eldar and Dark Eldar weapons still fire projectiles (razor disks and shards of crystal?) so would suffer the same as human SP weapons. However again if you want the Eldar to be super dangerous could say that the Dark Eldar weapons can fire 'harpoon-like' shards for underater operations...
  13. Water is much less compressible than air, so any explosion at all is transmitted with much greater force than in air. Grenades wouldn't damage with shrapnel underwater as any fragments wouldn't travel very far at all, but the shockwave would be much more devastating. Have a look at how depth charges used to attack submarines are supposed to work, that sort of info might have a good explanation. I can't remember where I heard/read it but I believe normal bullets fired into water really only penetrate with any force up to 6-12 inches, to give you some idea of just how useless SP weapons would be underwater. Bolt weapons same principle, the round wouldn't travel far towards the target, though if they exploded might be damaging that way. Las/plasma/melta weapons would also be less effective, the water would dissipate a lot of the energy that is supposed to be transferred to the target, and might also refract the beam of things like las weapons. If you think that they are basically designed to flash heat the target they would instead be heating all the water between weapon and target. Flame weapons would be fantastic on the surface if they spray a thick enough mix to sit on the surface and burn, otherwise would be useless (and obviously useless underwater ;-). Any melee weapons involving power would, I think, need to be modified to be waterproof, otherwise the water would mess with the electrics/motor. Even so I think power weapons would spend too much time constantly heating the water. Chain weapons would probably be the weapon of choice as once you get contact with someone they will still cut them without the wielder having to apply too much force.
  14. http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9780786416561?redirected=true&gclid=COqk6dOAlLkCFUbHtAodiEcABQ Eye of the Tiger by John Edmund Delezen is a fantastic view of a Recon Marine in Vietnam. Covers how he was affected by stress/awful conditions/combat etc. Also really well written. It isn't a 'story' as such though so if you are looking for plot info perhaps not so useful - but for conditions that your players might encounter to get them in the right mood it could work.
  15. As for your Latin question it is more like 'Church Latin' than real Latin IMO and is represented by the SL:High Gothic skill. Much like Church Latin it is used to keep the unwashed masses largely ignorant of what is going on in services and to name special things.
  16. The obvious solution to me would be to have to trap it back in its ready made prison. An interesting part here could be what the players have to use to lure it back in... Another option is if they can lure it to a more built up area where it becomes weaker due to the lack of 'nature'. Then it becomes killable/banishable.
  17. When I played the space hulk based DH adventure from Purge the Unclean it had lots of bits where there was no atmosphere. I think it is more a case of some areas have air but lots don't. Certainly when I run the adventure it will be something the players have to consider each time the open a door!
  18. Well underwater virtually all weapons that aren't designed for it (i.e all SP/Bolt etc) wouldn't work. In terms of melee I would do some things like halve str bonus additions to damage and make all WS tests harder. Probably make swim checks to make movement actions.
  19. We are lucky in that the group has three people that want to GM some of the time. We go through periods with a main GM and periods like this where we mix and match. Like you say, Saldre, it probably wouldn't work if you suddenly just stuck someone else in the chair unless they have expressed interest in doing it before. Also I think a key part was not giving the other GM lots of details - just the really pertinent ones and then letting him take it in a natural direction for him. That made it seem more convincing. The part that felt the least successful to me was the interrogation. He had to stick quite closely to what I had given him there which meant there was less room for his own improvisation - that meant it nearly fell down a bit there. Glad to provide a little inspiration - fair enough Gurkhal, I was very nervous that it just wouldn't work beforehand. It might just be the rare situation of my group where it did!
  20. I've never had any problem with it, like in most RPGs. Seems natural for people in such a grimdark setting to want a little romance. Hasn't really come up in most of my games. I have one pair of PCs getting together in one of my games but they delibrately keep all 'romancing' for off-mission time as they recognise that it could be awkward in some of their missions. I plan to test it at some point, one has to choose between the other and another important person in danger for example. Think it is all good as long as handled in a grown up manner and doesn't make anyone round the table uncomfortable.
  21. And the final part.... In killing himself Solomon broke the dream and they all woke up gradually tied to metal slabs in the balck ship. The backup teams had taken any paraphanalia for inducing the dream away so Solomon had no idea what was going on. The others were still in their polymorphed state so they continued to act like the characters. Everyone tried to escape their restraints but Klightus was the only one that managed it using contortion not lockpicking. He then 'failed' to help anyone else out. He went to explore where they were and came back claiming it was a mockup of a black ship. I was hoping the others would start trying to get the information out of him but they didn't really try so I did asking him what it was the dream seemed to be after, and trying to get him to tell us so that if we didn't all escape we could report back to the Inquisition properly. But he continued to stay tight-lipped and then said that the fact Klightus was asking meant he wasn't sure this wasn't still a dream (which was exactly what I was looking for). Then the NPC that was Duquesne in the dream came in looking like our Inquisitor and said it was ok, he had passed the test. Now he could reveal to the group what it was all about. Fortunately he didn't fall for this final trick, then everyone took the antidote and reverted to their proper look, nodded respectfully and then left him to be escorted back down to Sibellus. There he met the Inquisitor, confirmed his identity and was rewarded for passing his test. The best thing about all this is that the player told me he only properly suspected at about the point that he walked in on the ritual. Before that all his exclamations were genuine reactions to the slightly confusing and odd situation. He was convinced that it was the other guy's session! He didn't notice me messaging directions to the other GM and he really enjoyed the extra paranoia that the scenes gave. I think I defintely could have thought up a slightly tighter dream sequence, and maybe briefed the other players a bit more - but I wanted them to have some unknowns to RP through too and on the whole it was good fun for everyone.
  22. I'd have thought that if one called for assistance and the other was nearby they would answer. They are all warriors of the emperor after all. It's not like a DW kill team would completely ignore demons (provided it didn't completely clash with their objectives) and the same for GKs and Xenos. An actual planned joint mission would have to involve more careful background though I think.
  23. I'm glad it isn't just me! I was specifically thinking of *******SPOILERS********* The second mission option in Chapter III. The rogue psyker and his mutant army would surely attract warpy attention... I suppose I can get behing the death cult assassin managing to hide her tiny warp presence and avoid demons like she presumably does genestealers. For the Orks I would reckon on them putting Big Teef up like they do on their ships. Their 'gellar fields' don't need power just waaagh. Also while I'm at it I'm not sure about the transition from chapter II to III. The gellar field fails but everyone miraculously survives... I think I would probably change that.
  24. I dont want to go into too many details so as not to spoiler people but I have been reading the adventure and it seems to me that there are an awful lot of 'people' surviving on this space hulk without their souls getting eaten/tormented for eternity every time it goes into the warp. It specifically states that one individual has survived alone on the hulk for 'several weeks' and we know from the adventure that the hulk has been in the warp on at least 2 separate occasions in that time! There can't be lots of functioning gellar field pockets all over the place (I'm sure the book would have mentioned that) so is there another explanation for this? Or is it just a plot hole?
  25. Part 3! When they hear that Klightus and Brutus are 'following' Duquesne into the vault the other three are not overly concerned and Solomon spent a bit of time wondering wtf just happened with the servant. Then over their com-beads they heard Brutus exclaim that Duquesne had just ambushed him and stabbed him with a dagger. He was now paralysed. Klightus reported that he could see she had inscribed something on the floor. Klightus normally goes out of his way to avoid contact with any actual heretical practices/writings/artefacts etc. He is jsut a hive scum that helps get the experts where they need to go and helps to handle politics etc. So it was another clue that he immediately went "&%$£ it I'm going in." The others hustle to their friends' aid. I told the other GM that regardless how quickly they move the situation is the same when they arrive, as it is a setup to get Solomon to use the ritual and therefore give away how it is done. So when they burst in they could see Klightus in the centre of ritual circle with blood running from his eyes, mouth ears and nose. They could see Brutus with a clearly slaaneshi dagger (that they have seen in relation to Duquesne before) stuck in his shoulder, with some sort of dark shadow creeping up on him. Duquesne was stood behind Klightus clearly (to those with the right knowledge performing a ritual to summon a slaaneshi demon into Klightus. I delibrately went "Can I describe it please?" to the other GM and then said what was happening to Klightus with him adding a "nice extra details!" as a slight clue. The three of them of course began trying to disrupt the ritual: Cortez charged towards it but was held back as though running through treacle. Flare moved to help Brutus and started fighting the shadow. Solomon tried to shoot Duquesne - but the bullet veered wide, then he tried to use his sorcery to get next to her - but was blocked just like other psykic powers. This was delibrate GM flange to come up with some way to stop whatever they tried from working. I hasten to add this is not good practice normally IMO but in this case I really wanted him to have no choice - after all that was the whole point of the dream. After a few rounds of this cortez gave up and went to help Brutus. He pulled the dagger out freeing Brutus but was then posessed by the demon on the dagger. This was another clue that it wasn't real as Cortez's identity is almost wholely based around the fact that he is the guy to deal with that sort of thing. He started fighting Flare whilst Brutus forced his way into the circle (continuing to make it look like he is being the focus of the story) draws various weapons that continually start to float away from him. It was at this point that Solomon's character starting saying things like, "This makes no sense, I can't do any powers and yet her sorcery works," and "There is nothing we can do!" I, still sitting in a player seat, started passing him notes about how he did know a way to stop this. He pointed out that if his sorcery didn't work then a ritual shouldn't either but I assured him that if her ritual was working then it was logical that his could too. This was the point at which he finally twigged and I swapped to sitting behind the GM screen, to much hilarity from the players in general. Whilst the others continued to mess around failing to stop things coming to a head and the other GM's character Devi ran in persued by the now alerted staff Solomon stayed untouched wondering what to do. He actually considered doing the ritual to save Klightus. He made a willpower check to realise that he could will the components for the ritual into being and that was when he knew for sure that it was not real. He then paused a while to try and determine if any of the others were actually their characters but decided that regardless he had to get out without revealing anything, and promptly shot himsel in the head with a cry of "Death FIrst!"
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