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  1. Hmm. I got a copy at my local store yesterday. When I came in a HUGE shipment arrived from all sorts of game companies (Memorial Day threw things off, I guess), and he was unpacking a pile of Infiltration at that very moment. Of course, I snagged a copy :-)
  2. Vyron said: it would be interesting to see a "sleep" mechanic... the balorg doesn't resurface until XYXYX (threat, or whatever stage of quest) but THEN, the heroes have to flee back and run from him... imagine they fight the balrog - and win - storywise impossible, see the movies... etc... Scenario: Don't Wake Daddy! Satisfying Condition: Heroes take turn running up to the sleeping Balrog and poking him. With each poke, add 1 card to the staging area. When players draw the "Cranky Grandpa" condition, the Balrog wakes up and yells at them to get off his lawn.
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