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  1. Thanks to everyone for their support, and please share this on your social media to get any IA players that aren't active on the forums or the Slack.
  2. Episode 099! https://zionsfinestia.podbean.com/e/episode-099-again-we-gather-round-the-board/
  3. OH MY HEAVENS PLEASE CAN WE GET A BOBA FIX?!?!?!?! This is awesome. It would be awesome if we could get some kind of "state of the game" article from FFG, but I'm glad that that we have new content to look forward to.
  4. Zion's Finest Vassal Regional recap. Not swiss reports, just a general meta discussion. https://zionsfinestia.podbean.com/e/episode-098-they-came-to-zion/
  5. DT's back! https://zionsfinestia.podbean.com/e/episode-097-courting-counsel-contra-challengers/
  6. When we opined that Doubt was going to really hamstring focus-dependent Rebel lists, we were operating in a world in which Spectre had not been spoiled. If Spectre had never entered the mix, you better believe that Doubt would be something that we'd still be griping about. Doubt isn't an issue because Spectre is so insanely powerful, not because it isn't a strong card in its own right. Lots of the strong European Spectre players have been running Doubt instead of Motivation. You can say that we overreact, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find examples other than Doubt--which was overshadowed by the arrival of Spectre. Unlike lots of players wanting nerfs to On The Lam, hunter cards, Zillo, Vader, etc., I have long been on the "let the meta settle" train, which is why I was so particularly disheartened by what Spectre Blitz represents. @Averagejo3gam3r, if you think I'm overreacting, I want you to play against Janway running Blitz on Spectre and see if you can win one game out of five. Just one. If you can, I will qualify my claim. But I played Han Rangers and the Box against Matt who had never run Spectre before that night and got absolutely crushed in the first or second round every game. JK fared no better with Scum Hunters. That's me playing one of the strongest lists in the meta and another list that I created and have honed for almost two years and not standing a chance at all. All the Spectre player needs to do is approach the opponent's deployment zone, collapsing off all routes of escape, and then going for a big removal play at the top of round one or start of round two. As long as they don't hold back they should do totally fine. Was it an overreaction to say that Ugs had almost an auto-win on Raining Freight? Why not? Because it was clear that they had a strong advantage in being able to quickly soak up points off the board and put their opponent in the unenviable position of overexposing to get crates or shoot into the Ugs' deployment zone. Similarly, Spectre has an incredible advantage on Blitz because the mission compensates for Spectre's major weaknesses--card draw and a perilous approach. Spectre is able to start right outside their opponent's deployment zone, and they are also able to deny their opponent's card draw due to their ability to put pressure on the terminal. Spectre can be attacking their focus-dependent and card-dependent opponents before they are able to get properly set up, so now the Han Ranger player has to decide whether to take suboptimal unfocused and un-carded shots with Rangers or to hope that they can survive long enough to add some firepower with focus and card draw, which a good Spectre player is not going to allow them to do. Pointing this out isn't overreacting; it's where we are at. Spectre won sixty percent of Regionals before the arrival of Blitz. Even then, I remained optimistic that other lists could find some play in the joints in order to make things happen. I won the Utah Regional after having defeated some incredibly strong Spectre players, and there are other players like @seef1033, @GottaBadFeelingAboutThis, and @ryanjamal who continued to have success with things besides Spectre. Before Blitz, I was hopeful that there would several strong answers to Spectre in the lead-up to Worlds. After Blitz, I think that non-Specter players need to think real hard about how they are going to win their five other missions at Worlds. By all means, test it. Have your opponent run Spectre, have them just run at you, and see if you can win a game with a focus-dependent list like Han Rangers or Scum Hunters. Scott thinks that Vader might have a chance, but I remain skeptical, although that is something that we are actually going to need to put through the paces more.
  7. https://zionsfinestia.podbean.com/e/episode-093-the-darkest-hour/ We are in the preliminary stage of one of the greatest battles in history.... So said Winston Churchill at a time when it actually mattered and before England would again pour itself out in the defense of its ancient kingdom and liberties. *** I wanted to make a lot of clever comparisons between Lothal Blitz and the air campaign waged in the defense of Britain, but fortunately came to my senses and decided instead to merely quote the eminent statesmen and include a selection of music from Oldman's masterwork. On to the real bit. Friends, Spectre on Lothal Blitz is one hundred percent broken. In a non-mirror match, where the opposing list needs at least one turn to gin up in terms of focusing, drawing command cards, etc., Spectre will win approximately ninety percent of the time. I am sure that some of you will think I am being hyperbolic (I am not), that more testing is necessary (it isn't), and that we can crack this nut before Worlds (we won't). Spectre is in their opponent's deployment zone in round one. As Matt and I discuss, in his first activation in the majority of his games as Spectre on Lothal Blitz, he was able to deal approximately fifteen damage (killing Onar, two Rangers, etc.). His first activation. I even attempted to deploy my forces at the very back of my deployment zone. It did not matter, except to briefly delay the end. There is no way to stop Spectre when you have no time to power up your attacks, and on Blitz you will get no time. I wish there was a bit of shine I could put on the problem, but it just isn't there. When Ugnaughts appeared and briefly dominated the meta, there was at least hope for support from FFG in the form of an errata or future product. While new product may be in the pipeline, it will not arrive before Worlds and there is a vanishingly small chance of an errata to Spectre prior to Worlds. Let's talk about this more on the Slack. We have played it enough that we feel comfortable making these kind of stark claims. We have a lot of fun talking about the existential crisis that we think we are facing, but we keep on target enough to make our reasons clear (especially Matt, for all the obvious reasons). I have spent all my fan-capital with Todd and FFG, but if anyone has a line to someone in a position of authority, as Obi-Wan says, "Now is the time."
  8. Whew, what a long title. On March 9, we are going to have a "regional" Vassal tournament. What we're going to do is have four (or possibly five) rounds of swiss played live on Vassal in normal timed games like you would have at a local store. We will be running everything through the Slack Channel (and possibly Challonge or some other tournament software). In order to accommodate the Europeans, we are going to start pretty early in the morning for those living in the states (probably around 7 or 8 AM Mountain Time), play four (or five) swiss rounds of 70 minutes each, then break for the day. All players who go X-1 will make the "cut" which will be played over the next week, with the finals being played thereafter. I am currently trying to decide on a special prize for those who make the cut. It will be awesome I promise. If you cannot make March 9 work, we are also going to have a "dry run" kind of tournament on March 2, which will follow a similar pattern (probably with three or four rounds of swiss) and will be managed by @FrogTrigger and @Masterchiefspiff. Players who go X-1 in the March 2 tournament will not make it into the cut for the main event. If you want to make the cut for the main tournament, you will need to play in it. The tournament is going to be a lot of fun and will be a great opportunity for Worlds prep, or for people who weren't able to make a big tournament. If you want to join, you will need to get on the Slack. Just send an email to zionsfinestia@gmail.com. Details will be provided there in the next week or so. P.S. In addition, players who complete all of their swiss rounds will receive this sweet beauty, which will never be sold and will only be available for people who play in the tournament (this is a low-res image, the final design is perfectly sharp and ready for printing):
  9. Episodes 091 and 092 are up! It's a North Carolina Regionals report. Also, I am hosting Episode 12 of the Fully Armed and Operational podcast. They sent me the file, I recorded an intro, and they are ready to go! https://zionsfinestia.podbean.com
  10. Episode 090 is up! https://zionsfinestia.podbean.com/e/episode-090-huckleberry-talks-postmodern/
  11. Episodes 088 and 089 are up! https://zionsfinestia.podbean.com
  12. Thanks @Derbes and @Isnigu, I have updated the doc with everything I have thus far.
  13. MASTERCHIEFSPIFF IS DADGUM MAD. Yeah, it's dumb, but FFG isn't going to fix it. So I have embraced the nihilism of the position and am just trying to figure out how many people are actually on the waitlist so we can determine what everyone's chances are.
  14. @theChony you have to get on through Adepticon.
  15. Thanks for letting me know. I am just trying to get any information I can get on the Waitlist so that, hopefully, we can get more people to attend. I think a lot of people are feeling burned by the process.
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