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  1. Well folks, we have really made it. Join us on the Slack Channel! Send an email to
  2. I know what you're thinking. No, this episode doesn't feature Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus plotting the downfall of the Roman Republic. IT'S EVEN BETTER! In this episode, JK, Steven, and Kenny each discuss a deployment card. They are eSentries (JK), Clawdites (Steven), and Ahsoka (Kenny, duh). They discuss the strengths of the unit(s), their weaknesses, and good command card and listbuilding combinations. We're going to do more episodes like this in order to highlight figures that are good--but not OP--in the hopes of helping new and experienced players shake up their local metas. TOLD YOU THAT I WAS BETTER THAN CAESAR. Leave us a five star review on iTunes! Join us on the Slack by sending an email to Check out Brett Kelly's Twitch, it is amazing:
  3. Friends. Compatriots. I know someone knows someone who knows someone in the know at FFG. That someone needs to tell the other someone to tell the someone in the know to get us some news for the next wave. You know, just so we know.
  4. Worlds: IA is now a Wednesday-slotted game

    I don't think it's an anti-IA decision. I think it's a pro-Destiny decision. X-Wing is just going to dominate Worlds for the foreseeable future, but I think that FFG's decision is rooted in its motivation to promote Destiny. Just my casual, genius opinion of course.
  5. They're not actually twins! But the Sieber brothers (Todd and Shane) occasionally demonstrate an eery ability to read the minds of each other and their opponents--thus ensuring their victory! In this episode, Todd and Shane Sieber share their regionals reports from the Utah Regional. Both player did well. Shane was running an IG Hunter list; Todd was running an AT-DP Palp list. Todd made the cut but had to take off early. They talk about their matchups, the strengths and weaknesses of their lists, where they think the meta is going, and how they can improve their play. It is awesome! Please give us reviews on iTunes! We love all the feedback! Join us on the Slack Channel so you can witness the genius of the Siebers firsthand! Send an email to
  6. THAT'S RIGHT I MISSPELLED A WORD TO SUSTAIN THE ALLITERATION! WHATCHAGONNADOABOUTIT?! In this episode, Scott and Kenny break down the two (maybe three if you're a weirdo who runs Rebel stun or spies) components of successful listbuilding. They focus on (1) dealing and taking damage, (2) control through card manipulation and conditions (for the weirdos who run Rebel stun and spies), and (3) objective control and denial. Specifically, Scott discusses how you need to think about how your list is going to deal damage to the opposing player and put pressure on your opponent by removing their figures and keeping yours alive. Kenny then discusses how spies and conditions can be used to throw your opponent off balance so you can go for the win! Scott concludes with a discussion as to how to use your figures so that you can at least break even on the objective game.
  7. In this episode, Craig from Phoenix tells us how he did at the recent Utah Regionals. Craig discusses his list, its strengths and weaknesses, his matchups, and where he thinks the meta will go and how he plans to adapt (in short: run more Vader and eJets). Craig braved the winter storms, his sunshine was much appreciated, and his perceptive take on his round-by-rounds is really helpful for knowing how to play similar lists (AT-DP and Troopers) in the current meta. CRAIG IS AMAZING. Please give us reviews on iTunes! We love all the feedback! Join us on the Slack Channel so you can tell Craig how awesome he is and how you wish it was as warm where you are as it is in Phoenix (it's currently 70° in Phoenix. At 11 PM. In January. Think about that.). Send an email to Please check out all the other IA podcasts! The Tauntaun Riders! Optimal Bombardment!
  8. @ryanjamal we do! I refuse to play Vader, however, out of principle! But Scott is on and I'm sure he'd be very game to play you.
  9. VADER CONQUERS ALL! In this episode, Kenny and Scott give their regionals reports from the regional tournament held at Blakfyre Games in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Both went 4-0 in Swiss, although Kenny was defeated by Daniel (again) and his FOUR DODGES IN A ROW in Top 8. Scott, however, went on to absolutely crush those who dared to oppose the might of the Empire! They give quick summaries of their matches and then give concluding thoughts on the tournaments and what players need to do in order to overcome Vader. Want to talk about how overpowered Vader is? Want to hear Kenny elucidate the merits of Rebel control? Then join us on the Slack channel! Send an email to and we will get you an invite. Please give us five star reviews on iTunes! Check out the new IA podcast, Optimal Bombardment:
  10. Zion's Finest - Episode 011 - The Vader Invasion!

    No, @ryanjamal, you are dead on. Because of the timing conflict, it is definitely based on initiative. That was another reason why Scott ended up not taking Unshakeable--he wasn't even going to be able to use it unless I had initiative. And I agree with you on IG. That guy is a beast. An absolute beast.
  11. Zion's Finest - Episode 011 - The Vader Invasion!

    @defkhan1 your write-up was awesome! It deserves many shout-outs!
  12. Vader is invading Zion, as only the domineering Lord of the Sith can! In this episode, Scott and Kenny discuss Vader's anticipated arrival at the Utah Regional Tournament on January 20th. Scott talks about his matchups, what he expects to see from the opposition, and how he expects to crush and defeat his enemies. We focus on Vader vs. (Archetype), including mirror matches, IG-88 (and Scum Hunters), Rebel damage dealers (Han, Chewie, and Luke), and those insane off-the-wall lists like Kenny's beloved BOX. Are you worried about crushing Vader in upcoming tournaments? Do you think there is no hope for the meta? Well, Scott thinks that Vader is the greatest, which is why he's running Vader! But maybe you can find a ***** his armor! MAYBE! Thank you for listening! Please leave us a five star review on iTunes (or any constructive feedback). Join us on the Slack! Send an email to for an invitation!\
  13. I am a big fan of @ThatJakeGuy's list. Very solid. A bit melee focused, but Rebels don't have too many great ranged units (Han and Rangers are the best).
  14. 2017-18 Regionals Lists