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  1. Good. I got my Squadron together but the revolted to fly only space missions, so we will have some short imtermezzi. Like going on the ground to find the dealer for the information on the sensor network, or recruiting that rebel commando to storm the base. For the Ground Info I will take the module from Onslaught on Arda 1 where the are on the Sith Planet and put in a meeting of some imperial Aces in the Casino. Well and I bought a set of these Babies. Everyone would like to play a round of Pazaak with Baron Soontir Fell.
  2. For the FFG Miniatures Game there was made a fanwork Co-Op Campaign. Named "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster" where the NPCs got some kind of a AI chart what they would do and fight. http://dockingbay416.com/campaign/ And 1-6 Players could play the different Missions who were linked and also on cards, so could end up a random Mission Order. Also there was some kind of each Mission Encounterchart with turns when fighters show up, and what number and types of fighters show up depending on the number of Players and their skill level. So I'm planning to put everything I gather currently in my word document for it to run that mini campaign. Each mission will get an Age of Rebellion Treatment with range bands, environmental issues and tests to achieve stuff. By reading of several threads on the forum I have already striked some points out who other have made mistakes. Like restrict all to Pilot Careers, or fly the ships as they come out of the book. The document is in german. If anyone is interested please write here something and I will share it. I need to make some tests. Especially on the spawned enemies and their lethality. And if I put them in Minion groups for easier bookworking. As for the Map I will go with a standard X-wing map, and will use Range Band markers I used with great efficiency in Warhammer 3rd Edition. So in a Nutshell what I want to add/change: Either Players have the chance to convert 50% of Damage into System Strain, or the simply get an R7 Astromech, or simply double Hull points on PC ships. Change Y-Wing Ion turret to be shot in 360° as in the X-Wing game and Battlefront 2. New Action: Wingman Support - To put defence dice on a supported target for 2 Turns. Especially needed in some escort missions. Put some Markers on the Player charts. A blue dice for current speed. Shield markers to show where the current shield energy is ie. Front or Rear. AoR Breakdown of each Mission with Turns, Enviroment challenges, Tests, Victory conditions. Put in some NPCs so setup a better roleplay surrounding. Play myself as a PCGM in the ingame role of the Squadorn Leader. Just to set the tone and throw in some citations. Mission Planning, and Screentime is for the PCs. Glue the cockpit killmarkers from Heores of the Aturi Cluster Ship chart onto the hero document. So Players can mark their kills.
  3. 1. Use small wound markers for the NPC Minis on the field. We used small thick paper counter with numbers on them to represent remaining wounds. 2. Don't roll on the Criticial Chart for NPCs, make them dead on zero wounds. Speeds up game a lot. Use Critical Charts for important NPCs. 3. Make yourself a chart on modifiers for different weapons the NPCs use. Because for us counting the modifiers takes usually most of the time. Lasgun: 50m Single Fire, with half aim +30 Lasgun: 50m Short Burst, with half aim +20 4. If you want to have larger number battles have a look a the Star Wars Minions, or Henchman in WFRP 3rd Edition. Several NPCs are bind together with their wounds combined. They then act as one entity. If you have four Gardsmen and the group suffers 10 wounds one of them dies. If this full group attacks, each member adds +10 for a test like shooting. So once the group gets smaller their attacks become less and less dangerous.
  4. We are currently big involved in changing the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Rules to be used for Only War. Some kind if the other way round.
  5. Here my first set of Severan Dominate Troops. More Pics and info after the link. Translation tool mandatory. http://ohrhammer.online/figuren-der-drehwaertigen-front-tabletop-minis-fuer-das-40k-rollenspiel/
  6. Old website has been hacked and deleted. I will rework the document soon and see to put it online again.
  7. Hi, In several of my rpg's I use prop Money to represent ingame money. For Star wars there are several monopoly versions for paper credits to use. Has anybody knowledge of some pdf files with credit pictures which can ne easily printed and cut? Any help apreciated.
  8. No good war movie without some cigarettes. Have a look at my custom made lho sticks. And how to build them: http://www.soehne-sigmars.de/2015/02/glorians-bastelstube-foodhandouts-iv-warhammer-40-000-lho-sticks/
  9. Have a Look here: Vermintide.com It is left 4dead Warhammer style. And I have asked the defs If they used FFG stuff and they Said: Hi, We can't talk too much about it yet but we have for sure looked at Edge of the Night when we decided to set the game in Ubersreik.
  10. To increase the in Character feeling, some 40k-ed MREs. Quick and dirty version: http://www.soehne-sigmars.de/2015/01/glorians-bastelstube-foodhandouts-iii-warhammer-40-000-imperiale-standardrationen/
  11. The letter is simply great. Too much text for a handout, but could still be salvaged and used.
  12. Made for my Only War group, Departmento delivered Writing Pads. Only in german but you get the idea. Pics and instructions after the link: http://www.soehne-sigmars.de/2015/01/glorians-bastelstube-warhammer-40-000-imperialer-meldeblock/
  13. Great Stuff so far! Before you complete the Leman Russ Variants you might want to beef up the enemies of the imperium. Some Heretic Tanks. The Gaunt Ghosts books where full of them. "Honour Guard" was also with the best 40k Tank Battles I have read. Vanquishers, Laser Destroyers, Leman Russ and a lot of heretic build other tanks. The other three Big are of course: Eldar : Fast Antigrav Tanks with more holofield and technoheresy stuff than real armour Tau: Fast Antigrav Tanks with horrifieing Armour Penetration. Imperial Battle Tanks vs Battle Suits. Orks: Ramshakled Buggies like there are, but also Battle Fortresses as Boss enemies.
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