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  1. I'm looking for a listing of all cards that come in a single core, specifically the numbers of each card. I cannot find it *anywhere*. Help appreciated!
  2. Super keen to see this thing up and running with all the Expan books.
  3. Black Crusade pg148. Says "Some weapons create a deafening blast or shock wave when they hit. When target is struck by a Concussive weapon, must take a Toughness Test with a penalty equal to 10 times the number in parenthesis (X). For example a weapon with Concussive (2) would impose a –20 on Toughness Tests, and Concussive (0) would be a Test with no penalty. If he fails, target is stunned for 1 round per Degree of Failure. Additionally, if the target takes Damage greater than his Strength Bonus, the target is knocked Prone." My question is on that final line. Is that Additionally, as in, when the opponent fails the toughness test. Or, is it additionally, as in, a separate mechanic to the stun effect? tl;dr: Stun and Knockdown on concussive rule. One or two individual effects?
  4. Any chance an admin or someone could sticky this thread so folks can find the sheet easier?
  5. Hey all, I'm looking to start up a game online using this tool: http://www.rptools.net/index.php?page=maptool Looks pretty awesome. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. Gah, wrong section! Please Ignore.
  7. Hey all, I'm looking to start up a game online using this tool: http://www.rptools.net/index.php?page=maptool Looks pretty awesome. Let me know if you're interested.
  8. I feel so sexified right now. This is awesome.
  9. I think your player is correct. Roleplaying is important, but some people are just better at convincing people in real life than others. If he is playing a super charming, deceiver of Slaanesh and has huge skills, he should be able to convince the players as well. Realistically, they should already be roleplaying liking and trusting his PC.
  10. Can you buy the Resistance trait more than once for a given type? For example, can you purchase "Resistance: Heat" 3 times, to give +30 bonus against heat effects?
  11. If you're wearing Terminator Armor, and gain the mutation Corpulent Immensity (Nurgle reward), what size are you? Corpulent Immensity makes you Enormous. Terminator Armour increases size by 1 category. Does this mean that you're Massive, Size 7, (Battle Tank/Greater Daemon). This is assuming that your armour also changes to accommodate your new mutations. Which I think makes sense, given how many gifts/rewards alter the body in huge ways.
  12. The two cases you mention are clearly just a wording problem. It's a technicality. It is *clearly* intended to be used a certain way, and using them int he manner you've described is lame at best, and at worst, it's straight up cheating.
  13. Another Question Answered: Rule Question: Terminator Armour gives the wearer a -20 to agility when worn. It is entirely possible that this might bring a character to 0 or less agility. This, according to page 256 renders the character paralysed and unable to act. This seems silly, as wearing the armour renders the wearer paralysed even though it makes them stronger. Is this penalty supposed to be a -20 to Agility *tests*, or is there some other rule I've missed. Perhaps the penalty does not count for the purposes of characteristic damage? FFG Answer: The dropping Agility to zero and being paralyzed is only from Characteristic damage, not temporary penalties. Although it could drop one's Speed to zero (although this should be partially offset by one being Hulking) it does not paralyze them. Remember, Tests can apply all sorts of penalties or benefits, and this is just one more penalty to apply to any Agility Test. If the Test was normally easy (+30), you'd still be making it at a +10.
  14. Keep in mind that there are a tonne of corruption increasing effects in the book. They're just spread out. Character Creation items (eg, Disgraces, Sorcerer/Psyker) Page 143: Surviving Possession Page 165: Zealous hatred with a Fang Dagger Page 182: Using various drugs. Blue Fire/D-Dust etc. Page 210: Various Psychic Phenomena. Page 214: Being struck with certain psychic powers. (Host of Fiends, Bolt of Change) Page 272: Completing *or* Failing a compact. Page 289: Killing a hero of the imperium in one on one combat Participating in a Ritual Defiling a sacred location of Imperial Creed (also +Infamy) Being *present* at the summoning of a Greater Daemon. Sowing doubt in a large number of the Emperors followers. Embracing Chaos actions (specific to a god). (3 different types each). Page 290: Failing a compact's primary objective. Being defeated in combat by a hero of the Imperium Failing the chaos powers (specific to a god) Page 298: Failing a 'Warp Eater" roll. Page 308: Preventing death by spending Infamy. There are others, but this list took me only a few minutes to compile.
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