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  1. Do you actually use miniatures for combat in Deathwatch, or does your group rely more on visual descriptions? I want to start using them, but I'm a bit concerned about scenarios in both enclosed spaces and wide-open ones that might necessitate lots of scenery. Also, how do you represent a horde? In addition, some weapons have such long range that a huge battlemat would be required, while the Dev with the lascannon trades shots with a Broadside far fae away and everyone else just jogs and tries to find something to do.
  2. There are many good hooks you could use, both to integrate different CSM ans marines and humans. -The Chaos marine was cast out of his old warband by a rival, and sees the new group as his ticket to form a warband of his own. A Chaos Lord needs enginseers, sorcerer advisors and auxiliaries! -The character received a vision from his patron deity (Tzenntch would work well) telling him to leave his old ways behind and look for power where others do not.. -Alternatively, he is not an outcast or truly severed from his legion/warband. He could be the right hand of a chaos lord/daemon prince, told to start building an infiltrator network or cult somewhere. It could lead to some great tension as he wonders if his buddy will keep his word...or if he won't feel tempted to use his resources to topple his boss!
  3. If a character with the Two-Weapon fighting uses an unwieldly wepon in one hand and a balanced one in the other, can he still make two attacks? Can he make a Lightning attack with the balanced weapon for extra hits and still hit once with the unwieldly one? Finally, can he still use unwieldly weapons to hit an engaged target moving away who did not disengage? In addition, I find the power axe being unbalanced (and Unbalanced weapons in general) and not being able to benefit from the multi-hit talents quite odd. It's not like axes haxe such a better statline that they need balancing. And it makes the fluff weird: apparently Kharn the Betrayer and all the axe-swining whirlwinds of gore of his legion put of less attacks than your average penal legionnaire with a knife and a laspistol....
  4. According to the latest Black Crusade rules, Unwieldly weapons can't be used for lightning strike and thus don't get bonus attacks. However, can a character dual-wield two melee weapons, the unwieldly one and (say) a chainsword and still get extra attacks off?
  5. I'm starting out first Deathwatch game here with my group, and I drew the short straw as a GM. I promises to be a lot of fun now that the weapon stats have been ammended and whatnot, but I still have one big question: Can an Assault Marine (or any other melee character) really 'tank' enemies in Deathwatch? Since you can only engage an enemy at a time, it feels easy for most of the mooks to just swarm around the AM and go for the Devastator/Tactical. What other ways can a melee fighter use to monopolize the attention of as many enemies as possible? Thanks in advance.
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