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  1. So out of curiosity, has anyone worked out how to share numbers around to make up their own investigators at all? I am VERY close to figuring out some aspects of it, yet others are painfully elusive. If anyone out there has any experience with making their own investigators, or know of any good formulas for this, or even know what the basic number of points to be pooled and shared out between attributes would be, that would be utterly spectacular. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  2. Well I'm thinking more like somethign akin to a tradional RPG style gaming screen where I have all my map tiles and cards hidden away from my investigators, and lay out tiles one at a time as they explore, while having rule reminders on the back of the screen for me to have easily available at my disposal…
  3. So I was doing some prep work for a game recently and a thought occured to me. I like to try and keep as much of each mansion as secret as possible from my players and only reveal each room and all corresponding things as they advance so as to heighten the suprise when they suddenly run across an unexpected hidden room or some such delight. To that end, I was wondering has anyone ever used or found a decent keeper's/gamemaster/dungeonmaster/whateveryou wanttocallit screen online for something like this? I've been doing a fair bit of looking around, and as yet, I don't have anything to show for it, and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to wind up creating something or not. If anyone has ever run across anything like this any helpful pointing in a good direction would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Trololo, I did some digging, and couldn't run across it unfortunately. Can you tell me if you used a pool of points to distribute to create their stats, and if so how many did you start with? I'm not so much concerned with coming up with starting equipment cards or the like at this point (me and my friends are old hands at making up such things via photoshop for other games...), just more about how you generated the stats for the characters is all right now.
  5. So here's an interesting one for everyone to ponder over. While I have had some good to moderate success at getting some of my gamer friends to hop on the cuthulian monster train we all lovingly know as MoM here, I have some hold outs against playing it for only one reason. You can't create your own investigators. Most gamers I play with are MOSTLY of the role-playing orientation, and would prefer to make their own unique investigators. While I have tried to dissuade them from this for obvious reasons (I.E. body count/debilitating madness...), they refuse to relent... So my question to all of you is, have any of you attempted to create your own investigators before, having used the trait and starting equipment cards from other investigators? Any thoughts on this, or should I just stop trying to bring them on board you think? Thanks in advance for any ideas, advice, or experience you may give!
  6. Don't feel bad tellerium. The wording on that one made me stumble a little bit too when I first read the rules of play book.
  7. So here's my dilemma. I'm trying to promote more of a role-playing atmosphere to get my players to more fully invest in performing less as a generic boardgame and more getting to actually get into the spirit of M.o.M. Has anyone ever experimented with any ideas along these lines, and if so, how did you go about doing it? Thus far, I'm mostly trying to use the prologues of each adventure as a time to try and promote some interaction between the investigators. Any other ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance as always!
  8. Neighbour Trololo, Any chance you could slip a link to that on here? I'm having trouble running across that solo guide on BGG... Thanks in advance!
  9. Oh, also in the vein of period era appropriate (yet in this case a bit comically timed music) I fully reccomend the track "White Ghost Shivers" by New Orleans Owls. A vaguely creepy prohibition dixieland jazz tune that works moderately well I think... If your team of investigators happens to have someone who plays one of them with a wry/dry humor bend like my group does this is a kind of fun track to have in the playlist for them. Besides, the irony of having such a fun and lightly macabre tune playing while they're being confronted by dire horrors of a terrible nature is just ironic enough to be worthy I think.
  10. Tony Rocky Horror, You just wrecked my brain in the good kinda way both with the station links, AND with your vintage equipment! Holy. Freakin'. Crap. Me wanty!
  11. Okay, now THAT is a severely appropriate choice!
  12. So I was just wondering if anyone out there enjoyed the idea of adding a certain level of musical additions to their games just to enhance the level of fun and/or dread to be experienced with the players. I know I definately have my own playlist to enhance things, and was curious if anyone else had some other tracks of their own they would like to share. Myself, I use the following... Overture from Diablo III Theme from Hellraiser Resurection Waltz (also from Hellraiser) Saturn - The Bringer of Old Age from Holst's "The Planets" Neptune - The Mystic, once again from "The Planets" End Titles, from The Black Hole Evil Doers, from Hellboy Anyone else have any other tracks they would enjoy sharing?
  13. Hello everyone, first time posting with bit of a unique or not so unique question. Has anyone here ever tried to expand the number of players in a MoM game past the usual five? My usual gaming group has recently expanded in numbers and while MoM is a favorite game, (the combination of board as well as semi-roleplaying elements goes down well with most of them...) I don't want to unbalance the game to the point where it becomes an event that would be potentially defined as a cakewalk in only the loosest of definitions of what constitutes a cakewalk. So any thoughts? Add more traumas? More monsters? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone!
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