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    Xealous got a reaction from Haimei in Fanmade cards while we speculate   
    Another random card, I really only wanted to see some of the old art styles (This ones Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) matched up with the new template. Maybe not everyone's taste but I love the more artistic styles for events and spells. 

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    Xealous reacted to ElSuave in More Card Spoilers   
    Compilation of new spoilers.

    The following images were captured from the World Championship 2017 Livestream. The sizes are very irregular so here's a direct link instead:
    Scorpion - Sake House Confident: https://imgur.com/45OTKdy
    Lion - A Legion of One: https://imgur.com/lOQoqT4
    Dragon - Itinerant Philosopher: https://imgur.com/fWxPSfv
    Crane - Doji Shizue: https://imgur.com/g4q2Aac
    Neutral Province - Before the Throne: https://imgur.com/Ft34AJ6
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    Xealous reacted to DarkHorse in The Fate of Flames - 2017 World Champion Story Choice (Lion vs. Crane)   
    Tsuko doesn't know the meaning of duty or justice.  She does not respect or obey her champion, she seeks out petty revenge for death caused in battle, she lets her heart rule her head when she should be thinking about what is best for her Clan.  Let the Crane use her for more target practice if she isn't clever enough to seek out who is manipulating her in such an obvious ploy.
    The Crab know only duty and not even in death does duty end.  Duty is not to throw away the lives of your subordinates but to seek out those that would subvert and corrupt your Clan's security.  If you are too stubborn or stupid to realise that Tsuko perhaps the Emperor should remove the burden of leadership from you and task all your Family holdings and provisions to the Hida so that we may protect you from yourself.  Indulge your grief, wallow in your self pity, seek luxury in revenge.  We shall be on The Wall, we shall be ever vigilant.  We that have no time for grief, no opportunity for pity, we that have no luxury least of all for revenge.  So go flutter your banners, cry to the Heavens, seek your false justice; adults acting as petulant children.  While you play soldier, our children stand guard as proud, dutiful men and women so that you may indulge petty squabbles and wounded pride.
    Get your house in order Matsu-san, find out who holds your leash and is manipulating your path.  Pray it leads you to wisdom and clarity.  We shall be on our Wall, protecting you, our purpose clear and unfailing.  What is your purpose?
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    Xealous reacted to Spector1331 in Kill the Seeker and Keeper World prize   
    It actually encourages more deckbuilding variety than it inhibits. Forces clans to change how they build decks and provinces used at times. Otherwise you would just find the best role and always run it. 
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    Xealous got a reaction from twincast in Fantasy Flight Interactive - Rokugan Meets Digital?   
    "Fantasy Flight Games will continue to develop hybrid digital board games, while Fantasy Flight Interactive focuses on more expansive video game projects. Fans can anticipate richly strategic experiences with easy-to-understand UI, built from the ground up for Steam. "
    I.e , no digital ports. I'm still a turn based fan for video games, so we shall hope and wait and see. 
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    Xealous got a reaction from LordBlunt in Fantasy Flight Interactive - Rokugan Meets Digital?   
    "Fantasy Flight Games will continue to develop hybrid digital board games, while Fantasy Flight Interactive focuses on more expansive video game projects. Fans can anticipate richly strategic experiences with easy-to-understand UI, built from the ground up for Steam. "
    I.e , no digital ports. I'm still a turn based fan for video games, so we shall hope and wait and see. 
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    Xealous reacted to Ser Nakata in Six Packs In Six Weeks   
    That would leave room for a Deluxe box for Christmas!
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    Xealous got a reaction from Quadratus3 in Dice to Keep Track?   
    I now imagine a beautifully themed score tracking app you just tap including score threshold sounds effects, including Katana shwinks and a subtle but indignant clearing of the throat when adding political strength.
    There is probably already plenty of applicable life total tracking apps.
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    Xealous got a reaction from Togashi Gao Shan in Dice to Keep Track?   
    I now imagine a beautifully themed score tracking app you just tap including score threshold sounds effects, including Katana shwinks and a subtle but indignant clearing of the throat when adding political strength.
    There is probably already plenty of applicable life total tracking apps.
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    Xealous reacted to Manchu in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    A late but very strong entry in the Dumbest Things I've Read This Week contest.
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    Xealous reacted to Tashiro in Introduction! Hello, everyone!   
    Greetings!  It seems the L5R bug has bitten me once again, and I find myself preparing to run the RPG for some friends on Discord.  I'm looking forward to picking up the LCG when my local game store gets it, and delving into the lore once more.
    Back when it came out (some 23 years ago, ouch!) I gathered as much lore as I could for when I ran the game, wrote fiction, and joined the e-mail lists.  There, I was Bayushi Tashiro, the Scorpion Clan Archer.  (In fact, if you look at the 2nd printing of the 'Way of the Clans' books, you'll see me there (I believe as Foxtrot).  During this time I joined a group called the Annoying Bushi Clan, and we would tell stories, goof off, and just have a great time online.  Among our illustrious members was Rich Wulf, who wrote such things as Rokugan 90210, The Hidden Chicken, and Rokugan 2000 - until he got picked up as an official writer for L5R.  Props to him!  I became a playtester for 3rd Edition, but it was about that time I stepped back from the game as my group had dissolved due to other responsibilities.  Still, I got to take part in the first play-by-post of the Winter Court (as Bayushi Kwanchai), and even made it into TV Tropes due to my RP there.
    With the new LCG coming out, and hopefully the RPG seeing a 5th edition, I'm very excited to get into this once more.   I'm happy they're starting - I think - Pre-Coup, because I'm quite curious to see how things will play out and what will be done with the game.  Thanks for having me here, and I hope to get the chance to have some deep discussions with the other people who love Rokugan as much as I do.
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    Xealous reacted to Mirumoto Kuroniten in Card Ruling Wanted!   
    1. Well, by a strict reading of the words, I would say no, Ide Trader can not activate its ability if it is the character moving. The condition is "After 1 or more characters move to a conflict in which this character is participating", meaning that Ide Trader is participating in a conflict and then one or more characters are moved to this conflict; therefore Ide Trader needs to be already participating in a conflict where another or several other characters are moved. 
    (on a side note, I do not think it wise to look at Old5R rules as a reference, as they are from two different types of games)
    2. Born in a War provides an extremely short +5 Mil bonus, just before the first conflict is declared. However, as soon as a conflict is declared, it loses potency. That is because the way conflicts are declared: by taking a Ring from the unclaimed Rings pool (therefore removing its unclaimed status) and placing it on the attacked province, with the type of the declared conflict showing up (therefore putting said Ring in a contested state).
    Rules Reference page 14.
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    Xealous got a reaction from Brekekekiwi in OCTGN   
    OCTGN up and running seems glorious so far, kudos and TYVM! 
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    Xealous got a reaction from OsramTaleka in OCTGN   
    OCTGN up and running seems glorious so far, kudos and TYVM! 
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    Xealous got a reaction from shosuko in OCTGN   
    OCTGN up and running seems glorious so far, kudos and TYVM! 
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    Xealous reacted to Intolerance in OCTGN   
    I've been working on an OCTGN plugin for the new L5R and wanted to share a few preliminary screenshots today, as well as create a thread for future updates. The plugin is still a ways from release, but I'll be prioritizing getting something minimally playable complete before working on polish.
    The two screenshots attached are of the deck builder and beginnings of a new game (with only one player). Thanks to help from editors at l5r.gamepedia.com I've been able to import card data from the site, and can include newly spoiled cards easily. The proxy generation is currently faked, I've just imported cropped images for the two cards shown. There are various other inaccuracies as it's still a work in progress, but this seemed like a good occasion for a preview since a valid crane deck can almost be created.
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    Xealous reacted to Ishi Tonu in Keeper/Seeker only. Mistep?   
    I find your lack of faith disturbing...
    /makes pinchy motion with fingers

    I must consult with Master Tay Tay the Swift and have her help me shake this off.
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    Xealous reacted to Reiga in GenCon Player-Run Events   
    Hello everyone! At the conclusion of our survey Friday and Saturday  were virtually tied in # of votes! So we're going to run events BOTH nights!
    Player Get Together
    When: Friday, Aug 18 at 11 PM
    Where: ICC gaming tables near Hall E
    Format: Casual get together and play. BRING YOUR OWN CORE
    Prizes: Hopefully a couple random door/participation prizes
    When: Saturday, Aug 19th at 10 pm
    Where: ICC gaming tables near Hall E
    Format: Single Elimination. Same 30/30 construction rules as all other GenCon tournaments. BRING YOUR OWN CORE
    Prizes: Token sets, dice bags, Old5R dice confirmed.
    Perhaps bards reenacting your victory and a playmat among other things (to be confirmed)
    Please note: Space may be limited. Tournament participation will require a sign up upon arrival at the tournament.
    News and updates about these events will be tweeted from @L5Reiga and likely reposted to FB.
    If you're interested in helping run the tournament or furnish prizes please contact me via PM either here or on Discord.
    Looking forward to two nights of L5R goodness! 
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    Xealous reacted to The Jade Throne Podcast in The Jade Throne Podcast   
    Episode 18: Sleepless at Gen Con   This week Shey and Ryan are sleep deprived and late recording due to being at the epicenter of nerdom that is Gen Con. We give a talk about our experience at the con and plans moving forward in to the brave new world of a fully released L5R.   http://thejadethronepodcast.libsyn.com/episode-18-sleepless-at-gen-con
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    Xealous reacted to Matrim in Horrific gaming realisation   
    'Seriously' - indeed. The fact your mileage differs does not invalidate my own opinion.  That is what an opinion is and other peoples naturally may differ.
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    Xealous got a reaction from Coyote Walks in Gencon Broken Egg Custom Token Set.   
    I'm a sucker for pimping out any game, L5R could take that to a new level. Has anyone any experience of Broken egg acrylic token quality, they look pretty sweet from videos.
    Would it be sensible to ask if anyone would care to co-ordinate these pickups and ship outside the states?  For the appropriate costs and handling fee, and ofc honor for your clan.  
    (Before the ebay scalpers make their move)
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    Xealous reacted to Tonbo Karasu in Imperial Census (Spoilers for Kyotei Castle)   
    So, there were so many people mentioned in the recent fiction, that I think we need to start a list of who's who, and who's what. The RPG rulebook introduced a large number of bit characters, meaning that I have decided to make this slightly less complete on here. There's also @Manchu 's thread about the fiction here
    The below is an excerpt from the complete census which is on this spreadsheet, along with some charts showing family relationships.
    This list includes all modern characters that have appeared in fiction and those presented in factual parts of RPG books, but not ancestral characters or ones merely mentioned in RPG backstories or fluff paragraphs.
    Imperial Families
    Hantei Family
    Hantei XXXVIII (Jodan) (m) - Emperor - existing character - WE, BA, CG, TBFotWG, HotG, AST, TSHP, CotE, TM, VotF, BtET Hantei Daisetsu (m) - prince - modified character - TSwT, HotG, TSHP, CotE, BtET Hantei (?) Hochiahime (f) - Empress - modified character - TSwT Hantei Sotorii (m) - Crown Prince - existing character - WE, SF, TSwT, WaDT, AST, TSHP, CotE, VotF, BtET Miya Family
    Miya Boshin (m) - EE Miya Bunji (m) - TSoTB Miya Chinatsu - Imperial Scribe - EE Miya Kotsumi (f) - Emerald Magistrate  - ItPotEC Miya Satoshi (m) - Daimyo, Imperial Herald - Existing character - WE, TSoTB, FCS, TBFotWG, BtET Miya Tetsua (m) - Governor of Toshi Kaeru - EE Otomo Family
    Otomo (Bayushi) Mikuru (f) - Bayushi Yojiro's sister  - WE, HLD, TBFotWG Otomo Hiroshige (m) - Saneda's son  - DT Otomo Koryusai (m) - Otomo Mikuru's husband - WE Otomo Saneda (m) - Hiroshige's father  -DT Otomo Seno (m) - Ryoko Owari Emerald Magistrate  - WoSaS Otomo Sorai (m) - Daimyo - existing character- WE, BA, FCS Otomo Utoshi (m)  - AST Seppun Family
    Seppun Hirohide (m) - Emerald Magistrate  - ARP Seppun Hokuto (m) - Emerald Magistrate  - ItPotEC Seppun Ishikawa (m) - Captain of the Honour Guard - existing character - card, SF, AMST, F, BtET Seppun Masayo - BtET Seppun Michiko - VotF Seppun Motome (f) - Royoko Owari Emerald Yoriki  - WoSaS Seppun Sanosuke (m) - Daisetsu's yojimbo  - HotG Crab Clan
    Hida Family
    Hida Amoro (m) - existing character - card Hida Goroharu ()  - TTC Hida Etsuji(m) - Watchtower of the Iron Hammer Commander - S Hida Hachiro (m) - Taisa- MotO Hida Hiromichi (m) - 3rd Tower Commander  - ARP Hida Kayo (m) - deceased  - ARP Hida Keinosuke (m) - former ronin  - ARP Hida Kisada (m) - Champion - existing character - card, DHoH, TWaS, BBB, GiD, ACtI, VotF Hida Kiyosue (f) - S Hida Kotoe (f) - S Hida Kurumi (m) - MotO, KT Hida Masuo (m) - Gunso - S Hida Mikoro () - Shiro Yogasha representative  - ItPotEC Hida Nanako (f) - Taisa - S Hida O-Ushi (f) - Champion's child - existing character - DHoH Hida Sukune (m) - Champion's child - existing character - DHoH Hida Tomonatsu (f) - deceased  - card, ARP DHoH Hida Tsukiko (f)  - ARP Hida Tsuru (m) - Cavalry Master - existing character - card, BbC Hida Yakamo (m) - Champion's heir - existing character - card, DHoH, ADoL Hiruma Family
    Hiruma Gakuto (m) - S Hiruma Kagehiro ()  - TTC Hiruma Kenjiro (m) - Shizuyo's son, dead  - BbC Hiruma Kogoe (f) -Scout  - card and TtS, A Hiruma Izumi (m) - S Hiruma Motoko (m) - S Hiruma Shigeki (m) - Emerald Magistrate  - ItPotEC Hiruma Shizuyo (f)  - BbC Hiruma Yoshino (f) - Daimyo - modified character? - DHoH Hiruma Yukito (m)  - ARP Kaiu Family
    Kaiu Masae (f)  - ARP Kaiu Riko (f) - MotO Kaiu Shihobu (f) - Daimyo  - DHoH Kaiu Shuichi (m) - Engineer  - card, TtS, A Kaiu Suzue (f) - S Kenru vassal Family
    Kuni Family
    Kuni Ayame (f)  - GiD Kuni Daigo (m) - existing character? - GiD Kuni Haruna (f) - Witch-hunter - EE Kuni Hatsu (m) - Witch-hunter - S Kuni Heki (m) - shugenja  - TtS, A Kuni Kayo (m) - EE Kuni Ritsuko (f)  - card, S Kuni Takeko (f) - MotO Kuni Terumi (f)  - ARP Kuni Turiko (f) - S Kuni Utagu (m) - existing character - GiD Kuni Yori (m) - Daimyo - existing character - card and DHoH, GiD, ACtI Takumi vassal Family
    Ugawari vassal Family
    Yasuki Family
    Yasuki Fuzake (m) - Shugenja, modified character - card Yasuki Hatsu (m)  - ARP Yasuki Hikaru (f) - deceased?  - KV Yasuki Ippei (m) - MotO Yasuki Jun (m)  - TTC Yasuki Keiji (m) - MotO Yasuki Narumi (f) - S Yasuki Nobuko (f) - EE Yasuki Oguri (m) - Daimyo's child - existing character - card, DHoH, ACtI, VotF Yasuki Suzaku (f) - deceased  - DT Yasuki Taka (m) - Daimyo - existing character - card, DHoH, ADoL, BBB, CG, ACtI, VotF Heimin
    Katsuo (m)  - KV Tomoko (f)  - KV Crane Clan
    Asahina Family
    Asahina Atsushi (m) - EE Asahina Ichikawa ()  - flavour text Asahina Maeko (f)  - TaT Asahina Tadane () - representative to Shiro Yogasha  - ItPotEC Asahina Takako (f)  - card, WE, TaT Asahina Takamori (m) - Daimyo  - card, WE Daidoji Family
    Daidoi Aki (m) - TSoTB Daidoji Chitose () - Clan Magistrate  - ACfD Daidoji Hideaki (m) - MotO Daidoji Nerishma (m)  - card, HFD Daidoji Netsu (m)  - ACTF Daidoji Uji (m) - Daimyo - existing character - RPG, TSoW, VotF Daidoji Utsugiri (m) - formerly married to Akodo Matoko - modified character - SaS Hiramichi Vassal Family
    Hiramichi no Daidoji Asahi (m) - CoS Doji Family
    Doji Chiyoe (f) - Proposed wife for Sotorii - WE, VotF Doi Hatsuhina (f) - assistant Seneschal of Kyudne Doi - WE Doji Hotaru (f) - Champion - modified character - card, WE, RPG:C, ASoW, HFD, TPoW, TWaS, AMST, TFoF, SaS, CG, TBFotWG, TSoW, ACTF, TSHP, TWaKC, AST, ACfD, VotF Doji Kumiki (f)  - card Doji Kuwanan (m) - Hotaru's brother - existing character - AEiT, ASoW, HFD, TFoF, TFoJ, CG, ACTF, AST, VotF Doji Kuzunobu (m) - Hotaru's husband, formerly Fox - modified character - ACTF, TWaKC, ACfD, TM, VotF Doi Miyuki (f) - CoS Doji Murashige ()  - TTC Doji Satsume (m) - Emerald Champion, deceased - existing character - CotE, TTC, ItPotEC, ASoW, HFD, TWaS, TFoF, ADoL, CG, WaDT, ACTF Doji Shigeru - (fluid) - new? character - card, RPG, WE Doji Shizue (f) - Hotaru’s adoptive sister - existing character - card, HFD, TSwT, ACTF Doji Takeaki (m) - bushi, deceased  - AEiT Doji (Kakita) Teinko (f) - Hotaru's mother, deceased - existing character - HFD, TSwT, CG, ACTF Tsume Vassal Family
    Tsume no Doji (Shiba) Itsuyo (f) - Daimyo - WAKC Tsume no Doji Kotonoha (m) - Guard Captain - WAKC Tsume no Doji Retsu (m) - deceased - existing character - WAKC Tsume no Doji Takashi (m) - deceased - existing character - WAKC Tsume no Doji Yemon (m) - Priest - WAKC Kakita Family
    Kakita Amano (m)  - DT Kakita Asami (f) - daughter of Yuri - existing character - card, ASoW, CG, ACTF, TM Kakita Kaetatsu (m) - Governor of Tsuma - TTC Kakita Kaezin (m) - card, ASoW, TM Kakita Naomori (?)  - TTC Kakita Riku (f)  - TTC Kakita Ryuko (f) - novellist - card, WE, TSoTB, EE, TM Kakita Sakura (f) - EE Kakita Shijin (m) - EE Kakita Sukenobu (m) - (Former) steward of Toshi Ranbo - RPG Kakita Toshimoko (m) - The Grey Crane, Hotaru’s uncle - existing character - WE, TTC, HFD, SaS, CG, TBFotWG Kakita Yoshi (m) - Daimyo, Imperial Chancellor, Hotaru’s uncle - existing character - card, HFD, TWaS, ADoL, CG, TSHP, BtET Kakita Yuri (m) - existing character - card, ASoW, CG, HLD, VotF Iwasaki Vassal family
    (Daidoji) Hirotaka - Tea farmer - EE Kotomi - Tea Farmer - EE Noriko - Tea Farmer - EE Dragon Clan
    Agasha Family
    Agasha Kaito () - card Agasha Kiori (f) - EE Agasha Saigen () - Shoji Master  - FCS Agasha Shunsen (m) - modified character? - card Agasha Sumiko (f) - Ruby Champion  - SF, ItPotEC, TBFotWG, WaDT, TSoW, VotF, BtET Agasha Susumu (m) - EE Seiya vassal Family
    Agasha no Seiya Fukuai (f) - LSotW Kitsuki Family
    Kitsuki Daisaku (m) - Governor - CoS Kitsuki Jusai (m) - Daimyo - card, WoSaS Kitsuki (Matsu) Kagi (m) - Chief Emerald yoriki - Modified character - ItPotEC, TSoW Kitsuki Obo (m) - deceased  - WoSaS Kitsuki Shomon (f) - in Ryoko Owari - Modified character - card, ItGoL, LSotW Kitsuki Taiki - deceased - TSoTB Kitsuki Ti Yu ()  - TTC Kitsuki Tomo (m) - deceased - Emerald Yoriki  - ItPotEC Kitsuki Tomoyo (f) - Jusai's youngest daughter - TSoTB Kitsuki Yaruma (m) - in Imperial court - Existing character - card, flavour text, TRW, SF, WaDT, TSoW, VotF Kitsuki Yuikimi (f) - Topaz Champion  - card, TTC, BtET Mirumoto Family
    Mirumoto Akitake (m)  - BTL Mirumoto Chiaki (f)  - ARP Mirumoto Hinata ()  - TTC Mirumoto Hitomi (f) - Daimyo’s hatamoto - existing character - card, TRW, BTL, ACtW, VotF Mirumoto Hyogin (m) - LSotW Mirumoto Kazuya (m) - TSoTB Mirumoto Masashige (m) - Daimyo - TRW, SnaSu Mirumoto Raitsugu (m)  - card Mirumoto Tanetsu () - representative to Shiro Yogasha  - ItPotEC Kobori vassal Family
    Kobori no Mirumoto Sozan () - Masashige's clerk  - TRW Zurui vassal Family
    Zurui no Mirumoto Chikako (f) - EE Togashi Family
    Togashi Gaijutsu (m) - Tatooist - existing character - TRW Togashi Kazue (f)  - card, TRW Togashi Mitsu (m) - selected heir - existing character - TRW, BTL, ACtW, VotF Togashi Tadakatsu (m) - heretic  - card, TTC Togashi Umu (f) - EE Togashi Yokuni (m) - Champion - existing character - card, TRW, VotF Heimin
    Sanjiro (m) - Tall Pines Headman  - TRW Yuki (f) - Sanjiro's wife  - TRW Hinin
    Kanbei (m) - merchant, Perfect Land heretic  - SuaSn Lion Clan
    Akodo Family
    Akodo Arasou (m) - Toturi's brother, deceased - existing charater - WE, TPoW, TFoF, TFoJ, SaS, CG, TSoW, ACtL, VotF Akodo Daio (m) - Arasou and Toturi's father, deceased - existing character - flavour text Akodo Eiko ()  - TTC Akodo Gendo ()  - flavour text Akodo (Isawa) Kaede (f) - daughter of Ujina, married to Toturi, Spiritual Advisor to Hantei XXXVIII - existing character - card, SF, AMST, SaS, TBFotWG, F, TSoW, TSHP, ACtL, ACfU, VotF, BtET Akodo Kage (m) - existing character - card, SaS, TM Akodo Kozue (f) - Arasou and Toturi's grandmother, deceased  - flavour text Akodo Maeda (f) - born Damasu  - TWaKC Akodo Matoko (f) - retired sensei, formerly married to Daidoji Utsugiri - existing character - card, SaS Akodo Mikiu (f) - Akodo Matoko and Daidoji Utsugiri's daughter, just passed gempukku  - SaS Akodo Minami (f) - ruler of Lion quarter of Kaeru Toshi - EE Akodo Toshiro (m) ? - card Akodo Toturi (m) -  Champion, Emerald Champion, married to Isawa Kaede - existing character - card, TPoW, TFoF, TFoJ, SaS, TBFotWG, F, TSoW, ACTF, TSHP, AST, ACtL, VotF, BtET Akodo Yokutsune (?) - Arasou and Toturi's great-grandparent, deceased  - flavour text Damasu vassal Family
    Ikoma Family
    Ikoma (Asako) Akari (f) - wife of Ikoma Anakazu  - CB Ikoma Anakazu (m) - daimyo - existing character - card, CB, FCS, TBFotWG, TSHP, VotF, AtBS Ikoma Eiji (m)  - card, ASoW, TM, BtET Ikoma Ikehata (m)  - flavour text, card, TTC Ikoma Rumiko (f) - WE Ikoma Tsanuri (f) - existing character - card, BtL, ACtL Ikoma Ujiaki (m) - Imperial Ambassador - existing character - card, WE, AMST, SaS, CG, TBFotWG, VotF, BtET Hosokawa vassl Family
    Hosokawa no Ikoma Tesshu (m)  - ASE, TSHP Kitsu Family
    Kitsu Chiemi - Commander of the Imperial Legions - VotF Kitsu Motso (m) - existing character - flavour text, TPoW, TFoF, TFoJ Kitsu Sokori (f)  - DT, MotO, KT Kitsu Tsubasa (m)  - TTC Kitsu Tsuguri (m) - representative to Shiro Yogasha  - ItPotEC Matsu Family
    Matsu Agetoki (m) - existing character - TPoW, TFoJ Matsu Beiona (f)  - card, ASoW Matsu Gohei (m) - existing character - TPoW, ASW, AtBS Matsu Mitsuko (f) - deceased?  - FD, TBFotWG, ASE,  Matsu Nioko (f) - EE Matsu Seishin (m) - TM, VotF Matsu Tsuko (f) - Daimyo - existing character - TPoW, TFoF, TFoJ, SaS, TBFotWG, TSoW, TSHP, ACtL, VotF Goseki vassal Family
    Reiha - Brewmaster - EE Phoenix Clan
    Asako Family
    Asako Azunami (f) - Master of Water  - card, RftF, TSaTS Asako Haruki (f) - Togama's cousin - TSoTB Asako Hayate (m?) - modified character? - Flavour text Asako Himeya (?)  - TTC Asako Kokka (f) - EE Asako Maezawa (m)  - card, TSaTS, O, TWaKC, ACfU, VotF Asako Taishi (f) - EE Asako Takahiro (m) - Inquisitor - EE Asako Togama (m) - family daimyo - existing character - RDNCF Asako Tsuki (f)  - former Imperial Ambassador - card, VotF Chukan vassal family
    Chukan Nobue (f) - card Isawa Family
    Isawa Atsuko (f)  - card, SF Isawa Eju (m) - Master of Air - existing character - RftF, TSaTS Isawa Iwahaki (f) - deceased  - TSaTS Isawa Kaito (f) - ancestral  - TSaTS, O Isawa Masahiro (m)  - card Isawa (Doji) Ninube (f) - deceased - 1st wife of Ujina - existing character - SF, DoS Isawa Nobu () - Void apprentice  - SF Isawa Tadaka (m) - son of Ujina, Master of Earth - existing character - card, RftF, F, RDNCF, O, ACfU, VotF Isawa Tsuke (m) - Master of Fire - existing character - RftF, TSaTS Isawa Ujina (m)- Master of Void - existing character - RftF, SF, SaS, F, TSaTS, RDNCF, DoS, TSHP, ACfU Isawa Uona (f) - existing character - card Isawa Yoshiko (f) - TSoTB Kaito Family
    Kaito Hinowa (f) - EE Kaito Kosori (f) - Daimyo  - card, TSaTS, O Kaito no Isawa Nobukai (m) - deceased  - card, TSaTS Kaito Uwazuru (m)  - TSaTS Shiba Family
    Shiba Itsuyo (f)  - TWaKC Shiba Miku (f) - Deceased - TSoTB Shiba Sono () - Emerald Ambassador  - ItPotEC Shiba Sukazu (m) - Hatamoto of Shiba Castle  - RftF Shiba Tetsu (m) - existing character - card, RftF, TSaTS, RDNCF, O Shiba Toya (m)  - TTC Shiba Tsukune (f) - Champion - existing character - card, RftF, SaS, TSaTS, RDNCF, O, TWaKC, ACtU, VotF Shiba Ujimitsu (m) - Deceased Champion- existing character - RftF Nasu vassal Family
    Nasu no Shiba Shizuma (m) - General - WAKC Sesai Vassal Family
    Sesai no Shiba Yasuhide (m) - Yojimbo to Tadaka - RDNCF Scorpion Clan
    Nagori (?) - sensei  - Flavour Text Bayushi Family
    Bayushi Ago (m) - Emerald Magistrate  - ItPotEC Bayushi Aramoro (m) - Champion's brother - existing character - card, HLD, TBFotWG, ACTF, AST, TSHP, WoSaS, BtET Bayushi Dairu (m) - Champion's son - modified character - card, TWaS, CotE Bayushi Gensato (m) - duellist  - ItGoL Bayushi Goshiu (m) - existing character Bayushi Iwane (m) - TM (Shosuro) Bayushi Kachiko (f) - Champion’s wife - existing character - WE, TSoTB, RPG:C, HFD, TWaS, ItPotEC, BA, CG, HLD, TBFotWG, ACTF, TSHP, AST, WoSaS, VotF, BtET Bayushi Kiriko ()  - TTC Bayushi Masanao (m)  - ItGoL Bayushi Mei Lin (f)  - TTC Bayushi Moriko ()  - TTC Bayushi Naizu (m) - junshin  - DT Bayushi Negi () - representative to Shiro Yogasha  - ItPotEC Bayushi Shoju (m) - Champion - existing character - TWAS, CG, HLD, TBFotWG, TSHP, AST, WoSaS, ACtD, CotE, VotF, BtET Bayushi Shunzo ()  - Flavour Text Bayushi Sugai (m) - existing character - TTC Bayushi Tsubasa (m) - MotO Bayushi Yojiro (m) - Emerald Magistrate of Toshi Ranbo - existing character - card, HLD, TBFotWG, AST, WoSaS, ACtL, ACfD, ACtD, ACtI, TM, VotF, BtET Bayushi Yunako (f) - commander of Bayushi Guard  - card, TWaS, BtET Aotora vassal Family
    Aotora no Bayushi Akira (m) - EE Shosuro Family
    Shosuro Denmaru (m) - Commander of Thunder Guard - modified character - WoSaS Shosuro Hametsu (m) - Daimyo, Champion’s brother-in-law - existing character - HFD, ItPotEC, ACTF, DoS Shosuro Hatsuko (f) - Kachiko's favourite geisha spy - modified character - SaS, HLD Shosuro Hyobu (f) - Governor of Ryoko Owari - existing character - card, ItGoL, WoSaS Shosuro Jocho (m) - Hyobu’s son - existing character - EE Shosuro Koharu (f) - Magistrate  - ItPotEC Shosuro Miyako (f)  - card, ItGoL, SnaSu Shoruro Sanae (f) - Go Master - EE Shosuro Takao (m)  - card, WoSaS Shosuro Takeru (m) - Kachiko's retainer  - CotE, BA Shosuro Tomoe ()  - TTC Shosuro Sadako (f) - character - card, DoS Soshi Family
    Soshi Aoi (f) - deceased?  - card, WoSaS Soshi Ezo (m) - deceased  - WoSaS Soshi Ozuro ()  - TWaKC Soshi Shiori (f) - Daimyo  - TWaS Yogo Family
    Yogo Asami (f) - Aramoro's wife - existing character - AST, BtET Yogo Hiroue (m)  - card, ItGoL, SnaSu Yogo Junzo (m) - Daimyo - existing character - TWaS Yogo Kikuyu (f)  - card Unicorn Clan
    Ide Family
    Ide Nominari ()  - ACtS Ide Riku (m) - CoS Ide Ryoma (m) - AtBS Ide Tadaji (m) - Daimyo, Ambassador to Imperial court - existing character - AMST, CG, FCS Iuchi Family
    Iuchi Daiyu (m) - Daimyo, father of Altansarnai's children - existing character - card, CB, AMST, FD, FCS, HotG, VotF Iuchi Rimei (f) - Shinomen Wayfinder, shugenja  - TtS, A, ACtS Iuchi Shahai (f) - Daughter of Daiyu, Imperial hostage - existing character - card, AMST, FD, HotG, ACtS, VotF, BtET Iuchi Shichiro (m) - ruler of Unicorn quarter of Kaeru Toshi Iuchi Takeya (m) - shugenja - modified character? - O Moto Family
    Moto Altani (f) - RfH Moto Ariq (m) - Scarlet Banner - RfH Moto Batbayar (f)  - TTC Moto Chagatai (m) - Noyan of the White Guard, Khan's heir - RfH, AtBS Moto Guyuk (m) - White Guard - RfH Moto Juro (m)  - Governor of Hisu Mori Mura - card, flavour text, VotF Moto Khojin (f) - Khan's daughter - RfH Moto Nergui (f)  - card Moto Ogodei (m) - Khan  - EE, RfH, AtBS Moto Rurame (f) - Noyan of the Scarlet Banners - EE, RfH, AtBS Moto Sorghaghtani (f) - Scarlet Banner - RfH Ujin vassal Family
    Moto no Ujin Hogelun (f) - Khojin's Mother, witch of the Lords of Death - RfH Shinjo Family
    Shinjo Akiba () - representative to Shiro Yogasha  - ItPotEC Shinjo Altansarnai (f) - Champion  - card, CB, FD, FCS, TBFotWG, HotG, ASE, TSHP, ACtS, ACtL, RfH, VotF, AtBS Shinjo Haruko (f) - Champion's 2nd child - modified character - CB, FD, HotG, AtBS Shinjo Kazue () - EE Shinjo Shono (m) - Champion's youngest and heir - modified character - card, CB, FD, HotG, ASE, ACtS, RfH, AtBS Shinjo Tatsuo (m) - Shinomen Wayfinder  - card, TtS, A Shinjo Yasamura (m) - Champion's 1st child - modified character - flavour text, CB, FD, HotG, AtBS Bokudo vassal Family
    Shinjo no Bokudo Naosuke (m) - AtBS Shinjo no Bokudo Naotaka (m) - AtBS Ganzu vassal Family
    Ganzu Hama (f) - khutun of the Hidden Valley Utaku Family
    Utaku Kamoko (f) - modified character - CB, FCS, ACtS, VotF Utaku Hisako (f) - deceased  - FD Utaku Oichi ()  - TTC Utaku Sabuteki (m) - EE Utaku Takeku (f) - EE Utaku Tetsuko (f) - existing character - card Utaku Yumino (f)  - card, FD, AtBS Minor Clans
    Badger Clan (Ichiro)
    Bat Clan
    Boar Clan (Heichi)
    Cat Clan (Nekoma)
    Centipede Clan (Moshi)
    Deer Clan (Shika)
    Shika Hisatsugu (m) - CoS Shika Yuki (f) - TSoTB Dragonfly Clan (Tonbo)
    Tonbo Kuma (?) - ruler of Dragon quarter of Kaeru Toshi - EE  Falcon Clan (Toritaka)
    Toritaka Dairoku (m) - S Toritaka Hatsue (f) - Daimyo - S Fox Clan (Kitsune)
    Kitsune Gohei (m) - Champion, existing character -TM Kitsune Itsuki (m) - TM Hare Clan (Usagi)
    Mantis Clan
    Takarabako no Aguri (f) - Seer - EE Takarabako no Byakko (m) - Captain - EE Fuu ()  - TaT Susano-o no Hitoshi (m) - unknown son of Toshimoko  - TTC Susano-o no Izen (m) - Captain - WE Shimakage no Kai (m) - navigator - RPG:M Koharu (f) - mercenary - EE Tsuraikaze no Kudaka (f)  - card, BBB, TaT Hurricane no Kuzo - WE Magami (f) - Yoritomo's niece, potential wife for Sotorii - WE Uranaishi no Manami (f) - EE Kinushima no Miaka - RPG:M Shimakage no Shio (f) - captain - RPG:M Tokigogachu no Toya- RPG:M Umi ()  - TaT Yoritomo (m) - Champion - existing character - WE, RPG:M, HFD, ADoL, BBB, TaT Moth Clan (Kaikoga)
    Snake Clan
    Sparrow Clan (Suzume)
    Suzume Hinagiku (f)  Tortoise Clan (Kasuga)
    Kasuga Michiko (f)  - DT Kasuga Mikoto (f) - Clan Magistrate of Slow Tide Village  - DT Kasuga Mugatsu (m) - Governor of Slow Tide Village  - DT Kasuga Nagato (m) - Harbourmaster of Slow Tide Village  - DT Kasuga Toru (m)  - DT Kasuga Yumiko (f)  - DT Wasp Clan
     Tsuruchi (m) - Core Ronin
    (Mirumoto) Akihiro (m) - on Warrior's Pilgrimage, Akodo Kage's yoimbo - TM Fubato (m)  - DT Gaku (m)  - DT Hade (m)  - DT Hatsuichi (?)  - TTC Michiru (f) - Maho-tsukai - new charcter - ARP (Mirumoto) Ichiro (m) - child of Masashige, Perfect Land heretic  - SnaSu, LSotW Kujira (m) - Leader of Warriors of the Boar, Dead  - TFoF Masao (m) - AST (Utaku) Morito (m) - existing character - flavour text (Isawa) Rujo (m) - former Master of Earth Satto (f) - Perfect Land heretic  - ItGoL, SnaSu, LSotW (Iuchi) Shoan (f) - expelled by Shono - AtBS Shibito (Kaiu Tsuneko) (f) - Possessed? - EE (Utaku) Tokei (m) - existing character - flavour text (Crab) Uchida (m) - EE Brotherhood
    Aiko (f) - priestess of Inari  - flavour text Dai (f) - chief monk of Plains Wind monastery - EE Dori (f) - Grand Master of the Four Temples - EE (Hida) Gakuto (m) - retired  - ARP Hige (m) - Perfect Land heretic  - SnaSu, LSotW Hinoki (m) - Chief Priest of the Shrine of the Ki-Rin - EE Jun (f) - Monk of West Temple (Four Temples) - EE (Isawa) Kaiyoko (f) - former Master of Water, retired - existing character - TSaTS Kawana (m) Assistant Priest of Benten Seido - EE Kichi () - lay priest  - O (Lion) Kusuburu (m) - Master Sensei of Shinden Kasai Murata Hisao (m) - Priest of Shrine of Four Gifts - EE Ojo (m) - chief priest of Jikoju in Slow Tide Harbour - DT Seijin (m) - disgraced Fortunist and Perfect Land heretic  - SnaSu (Kitsu) Shizuka (f) - Chief Monk of Temple of Listening Ghosts -EE Shu (m) - Monk at temple of Listening Ghosts (Crab) Takeshi (m) - Sohei of Osano-wo Tsubaki (f) - Chief Priest of Benten Seido Yoji (m) - EE Yoshi (m) - Head Monk of Western Temple Gaijin
    Qamarist Caliphate
    Azif (m) - Smuggler - DT Hamid (m) - Spy - RfH Haroun al-Hakim (m) - Caliph - ft, AtBS Izad (f) - Captain of the Caliph's guard - AtBS Mandana (f) - sheikha - AtBS Nestor (m) - Father - AtBS Rashid (m) - sheikh - AtBS Sogdan
    Abdul Rahim (m) - Emir of Mozedu, AtBS Saadiyah Rahim (f) - daughter of Abdul, AtBS ??
    Kanidoko Itte - EE Non-Humans
    Ha Iwa - RPG Naga
    the Apieshu - deceased  - A the Ishikibal - deceased  - A the Shushual  - A Nezumi
    Iht-zyk - RPG Ningyo
    Airi (f)  - ItPotEC Sojobo (m) Troll
    Kasai - RPG Zokujin
    Baku - Dream Spirit Fushicho - phoenix - card Hadakayama - specific volcano - ACtD Jann (Gaiyuki) - type of djinn - O Kami - Guardian and Unleashed - card Kami of Hoseki Pond - O Lady Mazoku - S Ma'aruf - Ifrit, type of dinn - AtBS Mujina - trickster spirit from sakaku Nodeppo - blood-drinking bat spirit - TM Tsukumogami - spirit of an item - card Ukabarenai - lost souls - SM Fortunes
    Air Dragon - RPG Amaterasu - Sun - RPG Benjo - King of **** - RPG Benten - Romantic Love - RPG Bishamon - Strength - RPG Byodo - King of **** - RPG Daikoku - Wealth - RPG Earth Dragon - RPG Ebisu - Honest Work - RPG Ekibyogami - Pestilence - RPG Emma-O - Death - RPG, SM Fire Dragon - RPG Fukurokujin - Wisdom and Mercy - RPG Gokan - King of **** - RPG Hachiman - Warfare - RPG Hamanari - Fish and Generous Meals - RPG Hofukushu - Vengeance - RPG Hotei - Contentment - RPG Inari - Grain - RPG Isora - Shore - RPG Jade Dragon - RPG Jikoju - East Wind - RPG Jiro - RPG Jizo - Mercy - RPG Jotei - Morning Dew - RPG Jurojin - Longevity - RPG Kagutsuchi - Ceramics and Meatallurgy - RPG Kamashi-Okara - Sorrow - RPG Kan-o - Sakura trees - RPG Kaze-no-Kami - Wind - RPG Kenro-Ji-Jin - Soil - RPG Kirako - Torture - RPG Kisshoten - Happiness and Fertility - RPG Komoku - West Wind - RPG Koshin - Roads - RPG Kuroshin - Agriculture - RPG Kyofuki - Earthquakes - RPG Megumi - Heroic Guidance - RPG Miyuki - Snow - WE Mujoki - Ghost of Impermanence, ruler of Toshigoku - RPG Musubi - Bonds - RPG Nagameru - Sakura trees - RPG Onnotangu - Moon - RPG Osano-Wo - Storm - RPG P'an Ku - RPG Sadahako - Geisha and Artists - RPG Sarutahiko - Strength and Purity - RPG Sengen - Mt Sengen - RPG Shinko - King of **** - RPG Soko - King of **** - RPG Sotai - King of **** - RPG Suijin - Sea - RPG Taisen - King of **** - RPG Tamon - North Wind - RPG Tenjin - Stories and Secrets - RPG Tenrin - King of **** - RPG Thunder Dragon - RPG Toshi - King of **** - RPG Uzume - Dancing - RPG Void Dragon - RPG Water Dragon - RPG Xing Guo - Steel - RPG Yama-no-Kami - Stone - RPG Yamakaze - Mountain Wind - TSoTB Zocho - South Wind - RPG Shadowlands
    Moto Tsume The Obsidian Flower - Demon Bride of Fu Leng Oni
    Atsumari's Daikutsu no Majo of Desire of Feathers Hajimeno Tatakai's Kabuto Kazanagan Kanu's Neiru's Obsidian Bone Parasitic Renjiro's Shadow Skull-cleaving The First Oni The Maw The Watcher (of Daylight Castle) Spirits
    The Siren The Wounded Bushi Key
    A - Awakening ACfD - A Call for Diplomacy (2018 Crane Letter) ACfU - A Call for Unity (2018 Phoenix Letter) ACTF - A Crane Takes Flight ACtD - A Call to Duty (2018 Scorpion Letter) ACtI - A Call to Investigate (2018 Crab Letter) ACtL - A Call to Leadership (2018 Lion Letter) ACtS - A Call to Stewardship (2018 Unicorn Letter) ACtW - A Call to Witness (2018 Dragon Letter) ADoL - A Difference of Lanterns AEiT - An Empire in Turmoil AMST - A Most Suitable Teacher ARP - A Ronin's Path (RPG Beta Scenario) ASE - A Swift End ASoW - A Season of War AST - A Simple Test AtBS - Across the Burning Sands BA - Blind Ambition BBB - Beneath, Below, Beyond BtbC - Better to be Certain BtET - Behind the Empty Throne BtL - Between the Lines CB - Curved Blades CG - Court Game CotE - Children of the Empire DHoH - Dark Hands of Heaven DoS - Dreams of Shadow DT - Dark Tides (RPG GM Pack Scenario) F - Fireflies FCS - Flying Chariot, Standing FD - Family Duty GiD - Gazing into Darkness HFD - Her Father's Daughter HLD - Honour, Loyalty, Duty HotG - Heart of the Garden ItGoL - In the Garden of Lies ItPotEC - In the Palace of the Emerald Champion (RPG DLC Scenario) KT - Knotted Tails (RPG DCL Scenario) KV - Kurosunai Village LSotW - Like Seeds on the Wind MotO - Mask of the Oni (RPG Scenario) O - Outsiders RDNCF - Repentance does not come First RfH - Rule from Horseback RFtF - Risen from the Flames RPG:C - RPG Core intro fiction RPG:M - RPG Mantis DLC intro fiction S - Shadowlands Sourcebook SaS - Service and Sacrifice SF - Smokeless Fire SM - Small Mercies SnaSu - Snow and Sun TaT - Tempests and Tides TBFotWG - The Bright Flame of the World's Glory TFoF - The Fate of Flames TM - Tactical Maneouvers TPoW - The Price of War TRW - The Rising Wave TSaTS - The Sword and The Spirits TSHP - Tiger Stalks His Prey TSoTB - The Scroll or the Blade (RPG DLC Scenario) TSoW - The Spectres of War TSWT - The Stories We Tell TTC - The Topaz Championship (RPG Beginner Box Scenario) TtS - To the South TWaKC - The Wedding at Kyotei Castle (RPG Convention Scenario) TWaS - The World a Stage VotF - Visions of the Future (May 2019 Clan Letters) WaDT - Wildcats and Dragon Teeth WE - Winter's Embrace (RPG Scenario) WoSaS - Whispers of Shadow and Steel  
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