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  1. I was debating this cards efficiencies and benefits in action...until playing Captain Marvel. Its just too **** groovy with her Rechannel ability, Basically turning three cards into energy resources with Enhanced Reflexes allows you to benefit from card draw over subsequent turns. Giving you guaranteed energy resource, healing, and bonus card draw. At that point you only wish you could have pumped more into it. Like Dr Pepper, its worth trying.
  2. http://pressreleases.triplepointpr.com/2017/10/24/fantasy-flight-interactive-studio-formed-to-bring-fantasy-flights-tabletop-properties-to-the-digital-realm/ "Fantasy Flight Games will continue to develop hybrid digital board games, while Fantasy Flight Interactive focuses on more expansive video game projects. Fans can anticipate richly strategic experiences with easy-to-understand UI, built from the ground up for Steam. " I.e , no digital ports. I'm still a turn based fan for video games, so we shall hope and wait and see.
  3. I now imagine a beautifully themed score tracking app you just tap including score threshold sounds effects, including Katana shwinks and a subtle but indignant clearing of the throat when adding political strength. There is probably already plenty of applicable life total tracking apps.
  4. OCTGN up and running seems glorious so far, kudos and TYVM!
  5. Its so fluffy! I mean, its thematic, it follows the fluff for the clan?
  6. @_@ cools, I'll hit up the facebook group. I may already know of these peeps lol. :/ missing the London event, was already tied up with another general gaming convention here.
  7. http://www.brokenegggames.com/l5r-core-set.html I'm a sucker for pimping out any game, L5R could take that to a new level. Has anyone any experience of Broken egg acrylic token quality, they look pretty sweet from videos. Would it be sensible to ask if anyone would care to co-ordinate these pickups and ship outside the states? For the appropriate costs and handling fee, and ofc honor for your clan. (Before the ebay scalpers make their move)
  8. My templates still need work, but card bugged me. Your attaching an item not a character o.0 Daft thematic disconnect, but it pains me. And for the honor of the Artist! Not those profiting from them. Not that I'm super serious about these things, this version just works better for me
  9. Mantis economy OP!! We must prevent them from arising.
  10. Another random card, I really only wanted to see some of the old art styles (This ones Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) matched up with the new template. Maybe not everyone's taste but I love the more artistic styles for events and spells.
  11. May have missed this, and suspect its not possible. But given the potential of characters from hand, has it been made clear if can you claim a ring/declare a conflict without any assigned attackers or eligible attackers on board? I can imagine the value of potentially claiming fate on a ring, denying a ring effect, and having your opponent defend and bow compared to the possibility of a claimed ring in defense. On second thoughts this would also entirely negate the danger of scouting provinces and be even less unlikely. But my curiosity remains, presumably you need to have and assign at least one eligible attacker to claim/declare.
  12. Now that the podcasts are coming out, I keep hearing "Bonsai!". Maybe just my ears @_@
  13. Agreed, just some far flung brainstorming for the future. I only hope it feels correctly thematic and Dragony.
  14. I cant go another week without crazy new cards, so time to start spitballing hodge podged templates and entirely random ideas. I'm sure there's loop holes and imbalances, I just like brainstorming themes and design space. Have not yet templated other strength bonuses yet, should probably be higher. Beware the length of time they remain hidden, for should they find cause to strike out, you will feel the weight of that time. Other considerations I had for this defensively; Strength bonus equal to the fate on it. Monks do not bow when defending at this province. Bow monks to add fate.
  15. As folks are saying this will inevitably occur over time. The jargon that gets established can be helpful for a frame of reference or touching stone. Though all the podcast/forum discussions about the new game in terms of the old games' archetypes is a little beyond new folks like me. Can ingrained archetypes lead to derogatory discussion or approach to the game? Dependent on the individual I suspect. What fascinates me is the potential dynamic nature of these mechanics. So many ways to play and interact regardless of core strategy, deck build, or cards drawn. This could make archetypes more a temple to explore than a pillar to be stood on. "If the reason you give was provided by another, have you given a reason at all?"
  16. Hmm if there was an entirely new unannounced card type what could you imagine it being.
  17. Day after tomorrow for more. A conflict phase example sounds a lil dull though when we already get the jist of conflict. Hand full of new cards, maybe a nifty duel, spells? So ready for some FFG canon lore, and character run down for a sense of Nu5R. Clan articles, general Rokugan article, and how many Dynasty packs will be announced before release, how many before Gencon
  18. The characters participating will generally differ. The triggered events and abilities will generally differ. Not very concerning. Unlike AGOT your military victory will more thematically break a province, not result in the random death of a workman somewhere. Great game, just a comparison If the conflicts play out slightly different but the ultimate victory result is the same, broken province, it could at least differ in appearance. Imagine looking down to see the opposing clans banners displayed in the depiction of your province.
  19. Love the article, perfect for us new guys! Did you miss a 'be' in the Crab overview "looks like they will at their strongest on the defence" This might put FFG's attempt to shame if they release something similar Though they will show off with more new art.
  20. Its looking encouraging I have dabbled with cardgames my entire life and moved to several countries, but rarely found a welcoming outlet for all the games I would of played. I was surprised to immediately find an ardent bastion of veteran players in my area for L5R (Well theres a SakeBrawlHouse one town over). Couple these long standing dedicated pockets with the meteoric rise of tabletop gaming and FFG's increasing organised play and visibility. You have a fine recipe for success. I can imagine even without any veterans in a given area, interested players could be far more receptive in this age of gaming with frameworks in place to play. I am constantly hearing glowing praise for L5R as a community, if even a portion of this carries over to new player base we're in for good times ahead.
  21. A valiant attempt Nickcuifi. Maybe reverse psychology would work "please complain in this thread" My hyperbolics; Phenomenal art direction, hugely dynamic and engaging game mechanics, FFG's excellent production values and organised play support. /sold
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