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  1. I was debating this cards efficiencies and benefits in action...until playing Captain Marvel. Its just too **** groovy with her Rechannel ability, Basically turning three cards into energy resources with Enhanced Reflexes allows you to benefit from card draw over subsequent turns. Giving you guaranteed energy resource, healing, and bonus card draw. At that point you only wish you could have pumped more into it. Like Dr Pepper, its worth trying.
  2. http://pressreleases.triplepointpr.com/2017/10/24/fantasy-flight-interactive-studio-formed-to-bring-fantasy-flights-tabletop-properties-to-the-digital-realm/ "Fantasy Flight Games will continue to develop hybrid digital board games, while Fantasy Flight Interactive focuses on more expansive video game projects. Fans can anticipate richly strategic experiences with easy-to-understand UI, built from the ground up for Steam. " I.e , no digital ports. I'm still a turn based fan for video games, so we shall hope and wait and see.
  3. I now imagine a beautifully themed score tracking app you just tap including score threshold sounds effects, including Katana shwinks and a subtle but indignant clearing of the throat when adding political strength. There is probably already plenty of applicable life total tracking apps.
  4. OCTGN up and running seems glorious so far, kudos and TYVM!
  5. Its so fluffy! I mean, its thematic, it follows the fluff for the clan?
  6. @_@ cools, I'll hit up the facebook group. I may already know of these peeps lol. :/ missing the London event, was already tied up with another general gaming convention here.
  7. http://www.brokenegggames.com/l5r-core-set.html I'm a sucker for pimping out any game, L5R could take that to a new level. Has anyone any experience of Broken egg acrylic token quality, they look pretty sweet from videos. Would it be sensible to ask if anyone would care to co-ordinate these pickups and ship outside the states? For the appropriate costs and handling fee, and ofc honor for your clan. (Before the ebay scalpers make their move)
  8. My templates still need work, but card bugged me. Your attaching an item not a character o.0 Daft thematic disconnect, but it pains me. And for the honor of the Artist! Not those profiting from them. Not that I'm super serious about these things, this version just works better for me
  9. Mantis economy OP!! We must prevent them from arising.
  10. Another random card, I really only wanted to see some of the old art styles (This ones Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) matched up with the new template. Maybe not everyone's taste but I love the more artistic styles for events and spells.
  11. May have missed this, and suspect its not possible. But given the potential of characters from hand, has it been made clear if can you claim a ring/declare a conflict without any assigned attackers or eligible attackers on board? I can imagine the value of potentially claiming fate on a ring, denying a ring effect, and having your opponent defend and bow compared to the possibility of a claimed ring in defense. On second thoughts this would also entirely negate the danger of scouting provinces and be even less unlikely. But my curiosity remains, presumably you need to have and assign at least one eligible attacker to claim/declare.
  12. Now that the podcasts are coming out, I keep hearing "Bonsai!". Maybe just my ears @_@
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