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  1. 10 years ago my friend's parents threw away his warhammer fantasy books because they were ultra christians. That was lame. Few years later during fantasy convention me and my friends meet older guy who was checking if his kids could play rpg and if it could damage them. After hour of talking we didn't manage to convince him that it could develop their imagination and take them away from vandalism and alcohol. But if some day I will be a parent I will introduce my kids to rpg because how awesome it is
  2. - when chaos navigator kills his captain because he stolen his kill - when you hunt inquisitors for fun - when you order one of your batalions to attack allies and you order your other batalions to atack "traitors" to divert attention from your iniltration of the hq - when Alpha marine kills storm troopers with bolt pistol... i mean throwning bolt pistol at them
  3. Hey guys Tomorrow my group (champion, psyker, apostate) will be fighting in Dark Eldar arena i need idea for big monster that can challenge them. They will be having all their equipment as they are guests not slaves. So far my ideas: - cronos parasite engine - some big tyranide I don't want to use grotesque because they have meet one few games before.
  4. Great work! I was doing same thing but on much smaller scale (.doc), but I was far from finishing. Thank you v. much
  5. In galaxy where everything want's to eat your soul or your flesh or maybe just enslave you some pitiful aliens that have metal bodies are not so scary
  6. I love my former PC. Slaanesh worshiping RT. Everybody loved him and he had best gear he could get thanks to commerce
  7. Thank god that we can ignore some of thoes stupid rules. My favorite from errata is that you can only make single attack after charge
  8. Well even If in eyes of their peers their action would be justified, remember that this Radical Inquisitor have more Radical friends. So they would be hunted by dead men acolytes and throne agents and his colleagues, other Inquisitors. As we know from Ascension, Throne Agents are totally overpowered .
  9. When my players kill SM they can take parts from their armour - 3 PA are needed to restore 1 sub system, as when they take it from dead bodies of their enemies those armores are quite devastated. Also they need to pass tech use
  10. If I remember correctly in RT navigator have special power which gives him ability to track other ships. I've always pictured warp as pink sea of madness, where you could travel for days and don't move at all if you hit "bad weather". I think that only psyker, navigator or tech-priest with arcane machinery can track other ship in the warp as it is other dimension where rules of physic don't work like in materium
  11. Guardsman can shoot 60 times on 1 mag, and he can take let say 5 clips. Bolter on the other hand have 24 shot in 1 mag. So lasgun 5*60=300 shots, bolter 5*24=120 shots. Lasgun - 4 kg and bolter - 7kg. In modern gun (M16) ammo weight is 17% of gun so in lasgun it weights 0,7 kg*5=3,5kg and bolt 1,2 kg*5=6kg. So we see that ammo for las gun is half of bolter ammo weight and have almost 3x more shots. Also you can recharge your las ammo by putting it in the sun, fire or i think the most common plugging it to any and all Imperial Guard vehicle. IG is force which use devastating firepower and if they had to conserve their ammo they would be less effective. When you shoot laser it's easier to hit that shooting ballistic weapon. You have no recoil. Weather and distance doesn't mater to you. So less able soldiers are better with such weapon than more advance.
  12. TehNuffster said: SC_Andy said: The thing is that they're playing Radicals, even the Grey Knight. Every PC seems to be having some issues withing, such as failing faith. Now, I don't have any issues with this but they just polished off a Herald of Slaanesh in one round - having 4 players with psychic abilities, as they are allowed to take Sorcery powers. Fortunately, I have something of a greater challenge (esp to the psykers) and I'm not sure to spring it on them in the next session. I had planned for them to come into the story when they have done sufficient investigation. Unfortunately, they happen to be a big fan of 'Tell us/do as we say or we torture you', even after they frighten the plebs with psychic powers. Any suggestions on how to make the fight last longer than just one or two rounds, short of flinging untouchable extra tough & high damaging titans. Thanks. Andy You're guy/girl is playing the Grey Knight radical? So, he's not doing what he's meant to be doing in killing everyone for even thinking about dabbling in sorcery? Grey Knights CANNOT. BE. RADICAL. it literally goes against everythingt hey are and everything they stand for. You must punish this player for his/her poor roleplaying skills by sending a squad of his order to murder everything in a 20 mile radius. If one of my players tried such cheek I'd ***** slap them so hard the handprint would never leave thier face. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Grey_knight Well If GK can kill Sororitas and bath in their blood I can say that they are quite radical, all right
  13. If you have problems with running big battles use squadron rules from BFK
  14. Well some time ago I had great idea to play as Ascension Thrones Agents. I can tell that I never had such horrible experience with RPG. Making enemies for group was not fun and we almost dropped WH RPG for good. Don't play Ascension as it is Forbidden Lore and it will corrupt your soul. I'm not kidding.
  15. Sounds Fun. I'm also thinking about big battle, so I can recommend you rules from Mark of Xenos or Jericho Reach which helps quicken fights of big groups of NPC. I prefer rules from Jericho. They are bit more complicate but they are better. Also the mechanic of Turning Points. During battle let players roll few times for their soldiers. But victory will be won by completing objectives. The easiest to think is to kill The main Shepard leading the kroots.
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